Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Open Forum

The final weekend of the primary campaign winds down with Malloy and Lieberman picking up endorsements from the Norwich Bulletin and The Day of New London. Both Lieberman and Malloy seem to be getting the majority of newspaper endorsements: Malloy's sweep of them is nearly total. There are dozens of other stories out there this morning about both the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate primaries. Meanwhile, a final Quinnipiac Poll is due out tomorrow.

Here are links to some recent stories on this site:

U.S. Senate


Chris MC said...

Malloy Endorsed by The Day & Norwich Bulletin

Papers Across the State Are Backing Dan

STAMFORD. Democratic Party Endorsed candidate for Governor Dan Malloy over the weekend added the Day of New London and the Norwich Bulletin to his near sweep of editorial endorsements. His opponent has been endorsed by only one newspaper -- his hometown paper.

The Day noted: "Mayor Malloy has an edge in conceiving of detailed solutions to complex problems. He has demonstrated a talent for innovation in Stamford and, though a Democrat, he has won the respect of the corporate community in Fairfield County based on the strength of his ideas. His housing programs, particularly public-private partnerships, are exemplary.”

The Bulletin wrote: “Malloy, mayor for 11 years, has articulated his message more clearly on jobs, health care and public safety. And he has spent much of his time in Eastern Connecticut. That is a big consideration; for too long, this region has gone overlooked or was taken for granted.”

Responding to the endorsements, Malloy said: “There are parts of Connecticut that are routinely ignored by the Governor and by my Democratic opponent. On my map, Eastern Connecticut is a vital part of our state. As your Governor, I’ll fight to make sure that every Connecticut citizen has a voice in Hartford starting with the Governor’s Office. My vision centers on jobs and economic development, tax reform, affordable housing, and universal heath care, as well as important local issues such as family farm protection.”

The Day endorsement stated that Malloy “…presides over one of the safest cities in America. He has held city tax increases to modest levels, about the rates of inflation. And he has made it possible for any Stamford child to get a pre-kindergarten education, a notable achievement. He has a record of setting goals for city progress and meeting them.”

The Bulletin also noted, “More than 4,000 housing units have been built [in Stamford]. No one knows better than Malloy transportation challenges; Interstate 95 is particularly overcrowded in Stamford…Malloy has overseen the creation of 5,000 jobs in Stamford as its downtown has come to life, and it's where more and more people work, shop and reside…What recently set Malloy apart is his support for year-round energy assistance for senior citizens and the poor, which he announced last week in Montville amid the record-setting heat wave.”

Malloy has also earned endorsements from the The New York Times, Hartford Courant, Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate/Greenwich Time, and the Connecticut Local Politics blog. Malloy is also supported by public officials throughout the state, including Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, State Comptroller Nancy Wyman, and State Treasurer Denise Nappier.

Source: Malloy Press release.

Chris MC said...

Spent the day at Malloy campaign headquarters in Hartford yesterday.

The energy of the staff and volume of volunteers was very impressive. It was really great to get out of my office and into the mix up there.

The capabilities of modern campaigns and the field operation Malloy's team is putting together using them are really astonishing, just looking at it from a productivity standpoint.

The kids working on the campaign aren't just enthusiastic, but talented and effective.

Really exciting to see.

Off I go...

Anonymous said...

The NH Register endorsed Lieberman today. Has Lamont garnered any endorsements from local media?

Anonymous said...

The real winner of the Governor's race will be the guy who loses. It should be a relatively close race, and the winner will be crushed by Rell. That will leave the second place finisher in place for 2010, and being able to say "[insert name] had his chance in '06; I told you he couldn't beat the Republican, now it's my turn." His contributors won't be tapped out twice for a losing cause. The loser will sit on his hands, hold back his money, and live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

"I'm John DeStefano. I approve this message because I hate George W. Bush more than Dan Malloy"

CTRevolution said...

The word I hear everywhere I go is that people are tied of Malloy's negativity and realize that DeStefano is the stronger choice to fight Rell. The only reason Malloy has got the endorsements of these newspapers is that DeStefano stands by labor and the working man. And big business' newspapers won't have any of that. So take your newspaper endorsements and DeStefano will take that of the hundreds of thousands of labor members and civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

We will see who wins Tuesday. DeStefano will have a far better organized ground campaign and I would expect him to win by 10-20 percent.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Malloy has gotten to the point where he will distort anything to win the election. Frankly, it's desperate, and it's pitiful. It's the kind of thing that will divide Democrats and hurt us in the fall. He ought to just stop it. He knows this is not true, and everyone else knows it's not true, and he's just trying to scare people."-DeStefano

Telling it as it is about Malloy's negative ads and hate mail. The voters don't appreciate that bs ad and mail Dannel and your wake up call will be Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing a lot of pride in Dan's voice when he says he's been endorsed by the Hartford Courant. Someone should remind him thats the newspaper that endorsed John Rowland three times. I don't think the voters of Connecticut want another episode like that.

Chris MC said...


What inane babble from the DeStefatrolls.

Off I go again....

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CTRevolution said...
DeStefano will have a far better organized ground campaign and I would expect him to win by 10-20 percent.

We certainly hope you're correct.

That should assure us of at least a 60% margin and might increase some coat tail affect.

Anonymous said...

There you have it: Republicans would rather face John DeStefano than Dan Malloy in November.

Chris MC said...

I can report from direct participation and observation that Malloy will have field on Tuesday.

Away to the clambake with the Democratic nominee for Governor, and the next Governor of the State of Connecticut, Dammel P. Malloy.

What a beautiful day to be out on the trail!

Anonymous said...

If DeStefano wins, the Rell people will continue to whisper around that New Haven is loaded with corruption. It's already started but where's the proof? The only thing I hev seen on this blog ever about it is some business dispute that a member of CT Republican State Central had there that he's tried to pass of as some kind of corruption. Unless they have Kevin O'Connor playing games and holding off on things, it's hard to see how they'd make it stick.

Anonymous said...

"And then he(Dan Malloy) declares that he made wealthy Stamford one of the 10 best cities in the nation. And it isn't just Malloy being boastful. If you look in the lower left corner of the screen, that lofty designation is attributed to "Self" magazine.

He wants Democrats to make their decisions based on "Self"? That's the monthly periodical that would not so long ago have been called a beauty magazine. The August edition, the cover announces, features stories on "30 Foods that Fight Fat," "Healthy Skin Secrets, Barely There Makeup" and "Make Sex Sizzle and Love Last."

-More of Malloy's great endorsements revealed

Chris MC said...

Revealed? Uh, OK.

The New York Times
The Hartford Courant
Connecticut Local Politics
The Stamford Advocate
The Norwich Bulletin
The Day of New London
Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General
Denise Nappier, State Treasurer
Nancy Wyman, State Comptroller
The Democratic Party of Connecticut

And on Tuesday, the most important endorsement of all.


And away I go again.....

Anonymous said...

Rosa DeLauro, John Larson, Jim Maloney, Sam Gejdenson, Jesse Jackson, every union in the state... Why don't we just whip 'em out already and see whose is bigger? Both candidates have gotten a lot of endorsements. We get it.