Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three Pictures

Just a few more pictures from Lieberman HQ last night that I wanted to share.

This picture shows a crowd of Lieberman supporters looking visibly nervous as the reports got worse and worse for him. It illustrates the tense mood of the place pretty well.

Lieberman's "concession" speech, which was anything but conciliatory, started off as a somber moment, but morphed into a rally for a campaign that had been reborn. Here is where the crowd could finally release all that pent-up energy cheering their hero on.

As for Lieberman himself, he looks like he's aged a decade. I thought to myself more than once that this must be like torture for him. But maybe it wasn't. Maybe he's finally running the race he wants to run.


DeanFan84 said...

"The race he wants to run"?

What, as a moderate Republican against genuine Democrats?

Johnson, Shays and Simmons are dancing in the streets. Joe's Independent run is a dream come true for them, and the national GOP.

Clearly it's time for all good Democrats to do what's necessary. Bury Selfish Joe, fast and hard.

If he had any chance of winning, it would be one thing. But Lieberman is dreaming if he thinks Connecticut's unaffiliated will break his way. Not after he spent the primary season labelling Ned as a fiscal Republican, and not while he continues to be delusional about the Bush/Lieberman Iraq Occupation. On foreign policy they will vote for Ned, and on pocketbook issues too!

If CT Republicans are giddy about Joe's Indy run, it's not because they like Lieberman. Instead it's b/c they'll benefit from all of the destruction that Joe will cause.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Dean.

By the way, lousy pictures. Keep your day job, GC.

cgg said...

I love the first picture especially. Quite the contrast with the Lamont HQ.

Wolcottboy said...

Connecticut actually has a history of independents:

Tom Dunn, mayor of Wolcott
Mike Jarjura, mayor of Waterbury (name not even on the ballot!)

Lowell Wiecker, Governor, ACP

Anonymous said...

What about Lamont's victory speech with Sharpton and Jackson--Now that's a picture worth a thousand words!!!