Monday, August 21, 2006

Lieberman Decries "Purge"

Just toss this one on the pile with the rest of the bizarre things that have happened in this campaign:
Critics asked a New Haven election official to remove Sen. Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Party on Monday, a request which could potentially lead to a hearing in which the longtime Democrat would have to argue that he still adheres to the principles of the party.

The group, whose members described themselves as peace activists, said Lieberman cannot belong to the Democrat Party while running for office under the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party banner. (AP)

It is kind of a tricky point, I suppose. If you're running a cutthroat campaign against the nominee of your own party, are you still in good standing? Here's Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown's response:
“The purge campaign launched today by Ned Lamont’s supporters is dirty political tricks at its worst, ranking up there with the outrageous tactics that Katherine Harris and the Republicans used in 2000 in Florida to stop all the votes from being counted.

“This kind of ridiculous, partisan game-playing is not going to provide anyone in Connecticut with better jobs, better health care, or better schools. All it’s going to do is deepen our divisions and add to voters frustration with our broken political system.

Okay, so it does kind of, sort of, maybe remind me of the frequent purging of the party rolls in Soviet Russia and other Communist countries. At times, the party rolls grew too large, and the leadership wanted to prune it down for various reasons. Some of those reasons were relatively benign, others far more sinister. But I remember reading of party members hauled before a committee and made to answer questions about Communist ideology and history. These men and women would stay up late poring over volumes of dense and incomprehensible Marxist thought, which they had probably never read in their lives, in the hopes of providing the correct answers and being allowed to stay a party member.

Maybe that's what's going to happen to Joe Lieberman. He'll be made to stand before a committee of low-level New Haven Democrats and answer questions about the ideology behind the Democratic Party's platform in 1988. If he can convince them that Michael Dukakis appearing in that tank helmet was somehow a victory for the proletariat, he'll be allowed to stay.

One thing I'm not reminded of is voting irregularities in Florida. Where did that come from?

In any event, the peace activists who are trying to get Lieberman kicked out of the party are technically correct. The rules say that "...being a candidate for office under the designation of another party or organization" is a no-no. And I'm sure they have good intentions. They want to help Ned Lamont and the Democratic Party, in the end.

That doesn't mean that this isn't a stupid move. It gives Joe Lieberman more ammunition, it makes Lamont supporters look like bullies, and, best of all from Lieberman's point of view, it means that Lamont will have to spend more time dealing with the independent actions of his supporters (who are an independent and action-minded bunch to begin with) rather than focusing on his campaign.

None of that helps Lamont. It will help even less if Lieberman is called before a hearing, because if that happens, he'll be able to say all of his campaign talking points in front of a ton of television cameras, all the while looking like the victim.

And, unlike the cowering, stammering Communists hauled before a purge committee in Soviet Russia, Joe Lieberman will win no matter what is decided.


"Lieberman's independent run questioned by Democrats." Associated Press 21 August, 2006.

"Lieberman Campaign Denounces Party Purge Effort by Lamont Supporters." Press Release. Friends of Joe Lieberman. 21 August, 2006.


cgg said...

Yikes. Did they so much as request his resignation first?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Genghis. Despite the fact that Joe is running against the Dem nominee, and his "base" is the CT Republican Party, Lieberman thinks he can still go around calling himself a "good Democrat."

Uh unh. Not only false advertising, but against the rules.

I know you argue that practically it helps Lieberman. It doesn't it. Joe is trying to game the system. If a trio of New Haveners slam the door on poor little Joe's fingers it isn't trivial. It just shows how far Lieberman has fallen.

Reality has it that Joe isn't a Democrat, but a third party candidate. The sooner Joe starts embracing his new status, the better.

(However, as you're an ex-Green with no stake in this election, I don't really expect you to understand how pissed we are at Joe's selfishness.)

Anonymous said...


Did you forget Joe LOST the Primary.

I'd love to see Susie Voight name a 5 member commision to question Joe Lieberman on his Dem bonafides.

A Burning at the stake on the New Haven Green would be a woderful way to spend Labor Day and Kick off JDS fall offensive.

Hell,If They sold tickets to this at 10 bucks a head Destefano w would have a big enough war chest to beat Rell senseless (Oh Wait,She already is Senseless).

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm a Republican....

Given the potential shift in the US Senate -- and how tight it is either way, Lieberman could be a critical swing vote. Could mean the diffreence of GOP or Dem majority...

I think the timing of this is bad for the Dems....

Remember, when Weicker started ACP... SOme GOP Registars threatened to remove some voters, but I don't think that ever happened,

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

I retract a retraction for what I said to Bruce a few weeks ago. These are Stalinist-era tactics. Bloodless, yes.

This is a publicity stunt. A political trick that reminds me of the stupid games we used to play in the Yale Political Union. When I was a sophomore in college, in more ways than one.

Could they be playing any more into Joe's message about partisanship? Did Joe pay them to do this, or was this a stroke of good luck?

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Perhaps the New Haven petitioners could borrow the services of the membership committee of Round Hill. They seem to have cornered the market on who should be in the club.

Nothing goes better with a purge than a pint of Guinness!

peter said...

I disagree. The New Haven Democrats are right to go for the jugular. Make it clear that your side understands the law and expects everyone to play by the same rules. You think Lieberman's side wouldn't do exactly the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot?

Frank Krasicki said...

You seem to think Joe wins no matter what. I am not convinced.

First, if Lieberman cannot abide by the results of the Democratic majority in the primary then he cannot continue to pretend he honors the party. Nobody should have to point this out to Joe. This is the equivalent of Democrats genuflecting to Joe's divine right of incumbants to decide what the party will honor and what it will not honor.

Secondly, D'oh!, Joe is running a renegade party that is pornographically [see James Joyce] embraced by Republicans while pretending he is a Democrat.

The entire Lieberman gambit is embarassingly absurd.

But to address the idea that Joe will win anyway let me suggest the idea that Joe has lost, will lose, and will tarnish his stature in this state forevermore.

I, for one, cannot fathom why Connecticut Republicans will flock to the polls to vote for Joe. What would be the motivation - to blindly continue a war that is killing our neighbors? To poke Democrats in the eye while re-empowering Bush to salt the Connecticut earth? What would Joe represent that's desirable to anyone?

Maybe to return even fewer tax dollars to Connecticut. We could work on being state 50. Or maybe his wife will help write drug legislation to make prescriptions even more expensive than conservatives desire.

Joe has no future in Connecticut.


Anonymous said...

WTNH at 11pm....

Another shooting in CT -- teen age boy....

Three guesses to figure out which city this happened in....

N-E-W H-A-V-E-N....

I have lived all across Connecticut.... Ridgefield, Naugatuck, Bloomfield, New London, Woodbridge....

WHY would I want to elect DeStefano 'Mayor-of-the-state'???

He needs to start paying attention at home, for crying out loud. Get his house in order, then run for Governor if he wants.

Where is the outrage?? We need to get our cities under control --JD - please pay attention to Chapel Street before you look at Capitol Avenue.

justavoter said...

Interesting story I don't think Liberman should have the right to be listed as a Democrat if he is running under his own party Connecticut For Lieberman.

It won't hurt Lamont at all if anything it will expose the fact that Lieberman wants compete control in this November election.

Its all about Lier Lieberman.

I hope good Democrats if they see this in there town will make them take his name off like they are requesting in New Haven Lieberman cannot have it both ways.

He already has his party of one.

So if technically its not legal then they should remove it.

The Lamont campaign will do just fine and I know that we are close to labor day in a few days.

I think Lamont will start to surge in the next few weeks as many voters get back from vacations and there kids go back to school.

Even Lier Lieberman is not going by his lead in the polls because he knows that he could lose anyway.

In the next few days the press nationwide and here in Connecticut have be critical of Liberman staying in the race from the Boston Globe to the Washington Post and others.

Lieberman cries should be the title because in the end he's a cry baby and never a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

Orchulli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris MC said...

This is a very delicate moment for the Lamont campaign and especially for Lamont himself. He is face to face with a classic problem.

By way of background, this sort of procedural stuff is de rigueur for the activists that staff Lamont’s campaign. Witness the challenge to the Hartford delegation at this year’s convention. One of my favorite stories about this sort of thing is the time Toby Moffett tried to hijack the Newtown DTC in an effort to get himself into the Gubernatorial mix, by packing the caucus with - I sh*t thee not - shills he had recruited from the State Mental Hospital then located in town (and since closed).

Along with the procedural antics go the street theatre and thinly attended rallies that are staged primarily to generate free media. Look, the "Kiss Float" got statewide play! If it worked in the primary, it'll work in the general, no? But as GC points out, the “gotcha” event staged in the New Haven Registrar’s Office is serving as a foil for Lieberman's campaign to opine about the character and mind set of Lamont supporters – and by extension his campaign and Lamont himself.

Swan denies that the Campaign Organization had anything to do with this. No matter. There are plenty of outriders, not on the Campaign payroll, who do this sort of stuff week in, week out, all year 'round.

Emboldened by their spectacular success in the Primary, Ned Heads are understandably feeling the power and a sense of destinal imperative similar to, say, a different type of individual who may believe that God wants him to be President, y'know?

But they aren't playing against the B-squad anymore, and the Grapefruit League's season ended on August 8. The major leaguers they now facing have competed against Karl Rove and the cream of the Republican machine. To make matters worse for Lamont, if Lieberman's campaign wants to draw on the talents and resources of Bush's Brain, they have that too.

And, as a professional journalist pointed out to me today, Ned has pretty much dropped out of sight since the Primary. If the only time the general electorate gets a glimpse of him he is defending (what will be perceived as) some wacky or extreme activity of his supporters, he’ll start dropping in the polls. Case in point: Lamont arguing with callers on a local radio program in Waterbury last week, in defense of Swan’s ill considered remarks impugning the characters and reputations of everyone who hails from or works in Waterbury. It was alternately painful and hilarious to listen to.

Every revolution relies on a fanatical cadre to propel them until they can get into the mainstream – and then the “brownshirts” have to be dealt with. What do you do when the revolution is over? This is the classic problem faced by the idealists who realize their objectives and especially for those who dare to ride them into power.

Some say that Joe will self-destruct, and he is giving strong indications of doing just that. Like choosing to be right about his position when he appears on the Sunday morning yak fests, rather than accepting the reality of what is happening on the ground in Iraq and of public opinion here at home. But don't rule Ned & Tom, and their band of latter-day Merry Pranksters out just yet, either.

Bobby McGee said...

Lieberman is our senator. Questioning him will put our nation in peril.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sore Loserman rearing it's ugly head.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mc,
Why won't you own your man, Sore Loserguy? Honestly, it makes one wonder what is wrong, (with you).

Are you still hanging onto Joe b/c the Lamont camp wants no part of you? Or does Lieberman's hawkish strength appeal to your inner desires?

Genghis Conn said...


Nice analysis. A lot I agree with, there.

hartford_for_lamont said...

I don't see how these actions hurt lamont at all -

I believe that these actions to formally question joe's Dem party loyalties will put a spotlight on exactly that, joe's selfish disloyalty to the Dem party -

these actions create a forum and a means for airing joe's disloyalty to the Dem party that the MSM can then cover, and the local MSM have already jumped on this story; how is that bad for lamont? I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is not running as a Democrat. He isn't running as an Independent. In Connecticut, there is a minor party called the Independent party. In Connecticut, what most people think of as an independent campaign, would be called a petitioning candidate. That is a candidate running independently of a political party.

However, that is not what Sen. Lieberman is doing. He has created his own minor political party, called 'Connecticut for Lieberman'. The reason to set up a minor political party is that minor political parties get listed above petitioning candidates.

However, Prof. John Orman of Fairfield University is questioning the legitimacy of the Connecticut for Lieberman party. In a complaint filed with the Secretary of State's Office, Prof. Orman writes, "He is trying to undermine our state laws about the creation of legitimate third parties by forming this fraudulent association. He has no party rules. He nominated, seconded and accepted his own nomination. He has no third party platform so his association cannot be about any new ideas. He is just trying to contest and challenge the results of a fair election on August 8,2006 on the grounds that he lost."

If Sen. Lieberman were committed to a new politics of unity, then perhaps he should have formed a real 'unity' party, or other real third parties like the 'reform' party or the 'A Connecticut Party'.

No, by all appearances, Sen. Lieberman is simply trying to game the system in his own self-interest and not in the interest of the citizens of Connecticut.

Will the effort be effective? I guess this depends on your perspective. Whether or not Sen. Lieberman gets stripped of his party membership probably doesn't matter that much. What does matter is that people start looking at Sen. Lieberman's record and seeing what sort of leadership he has provided. Has he led on any important issues of the day, or simply on trying to preserve his own seat.

The closer people look, the more they will realize it is the later.

Anonymous said...

Where's DeStefano on all this. Is he in favor of a Stalinist purge or is he too wimpy to say anything about this?

It is his home city, which ala 1988 Massachusetts under Dukakis isn;t looking all that miraculous of late

Anonymous said...

Joe needs to be beaten at his own game. He's making all the rules of play. So, it's not going to be over UNTIL Joe says it's over.

Anonymous said...

Sick of hearing Joe complain. He is no longer a Democrat. Every State leader should sign on to a resolution asking Joe to leave.

I keep hearing that a number of our general assembly State Reps and Senators are going to avoid taking a position unless backed into the corner. NO COURAGE! As long as they keep whispering in Joe's ear..." I'm really with you Joe" he will keep pretending to be a Democrat. Let's get them on the record. Who's with Jim Amann and who's with the Democratic party?

Anonymous said...

"In the next few days the press nationwide and here in Connecticut have be critical of Liberman staying in the race from the Boston Globe to the Washington Post and others."

The Washington Post already endorsed Liebermna's third party bid

Anonymous said...

There is a nugget in the post that went largely unresponded to, except for ChrisMc. All of this nonsense (and its nonsense in terms of actually achieving anything other than the ideological purity of the handful of people who actually care) is taking Lamont's time away from other activities.

This is a major problem! I truly believe that Lamont will likely win - I think Joe has alienated too many of the people who voted for HIM two weeks ago - if he loses half of them I don't think he can recover.

That said: in order for Lamont to win he needs to put some of his "people" on a leash. Yes Yes I realize that they don't actually work for the campaign. Not the point - no one cares and he will get blamed when they do something stupid. For example: the blackface blog picture - not a campaign worker who did it but not the point. It was a moronically stupid thing to do and in a general election it could lose him votes.

Lamont needs to expand his campaign - its not just a grass roots appeal to Democrats now - and in order to expand the campaign he can't change himself but he does need to make sure that the image of his campaign isn't a wacko supporter doing something trivial and insignificant in terms of garnering votes: which frankly is the ONLY thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

Wethersfield Democrats still support Joe Lieberman. He is still a devoted Democrat and always will be.

cgg said...

Tim Tagaris has written about this at the official Lamont Blog.

Quote from Tim: I will say one thing … she finished with a flourish. Right back to the standard talking points about a broken political system. No kidding. A system that Joe Lieberman has been a part of, and presided over, for almost 18 years now.

When the people of CT voted for Ned Lamont last week, they voted for change. Joe Lieberman is part of the problem. Ned Lamont is running to be part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:56 The Washinton Post endorsed Lieberman's third party bid? That's news to me. Can you provide a link to the endorsement, or at least a date and details of the endorsement?

Anonymous said...

Don Pesci said...

It's really simple. The Democratic Party is not composed of electors who appoint the Democratic Party nominee to the senate. That is done by voters in a general election. Lieberman, electred by the general public in a general election, will serve as senator until his he leaves ofic of his own accord or he is defeated in a general election. Until that time, he will serve as the Democrat senator from Connecticut. If the Democrt Party wishes to produce another nomineee to represent it i he senate, that is it's affair. It has neither the suthority nor the power to veto the will of the people.

Derby Conservative said...

I was listening to Imus this morning and he was talking to Paul Begala. Begala said that he has jumped off the Joementum Train and onto the Lamont Bandwagon. Imus asked him why and he stated that he thinks that Joe is a great guy, but that Lamont will do a more effective job in standing up to President Bush. Imus then pointed out that the job of a US Senator is not about standing up to the President, it’s about representing the interests of the people of the state, in our case, Connecticut, and that these “spineless boobs like Begala and that fat phony Sharpton” (Imus’s words) should stay out of it.

Although I think Imus could have been more eloquent, I think he hit the nail on the head here. In spite of what the socialist Kosmonauts on this blog would have you believe, the majority of Nutmeggers care more about other issues than the War in Iraq…issues like taxes, gas prices, jobs, homeland security, etc. Joe Lieberman has been strong on these issues and the people recognize this. He represents the interests of all Nutmeggers, not just the fringe leftists. This is why he has wide-spread support.

Because of Joe’s across-the-spectrum support, Ned is pretty much done. He can’t win the general because he already ran too far to the left to win the primary to appeal to the broad range of Connecticut voters. You can’t be a Progressive on August 8th and a Moderate on August 9th. Besides, Joe is already viewed as Moderate (even though he’s liberal) and given the choice between two Moderates, the average voter will vote for who they know. And anyone here who says that Joe’s a Neo-Con, maybe compared to you and Marx he is, but take it from a true Neo-Con…he’s not.

Anyway, remove Joe from the Party rolls in New Haven...keep pushing him out of the party. Just don't boo-hoo about it here when he decides to caucus with the Republican Majority come January.

Anonymous said...


Rove offers help, then a small group of dems petition to get Lieberman off the dem's rolls. Lieberman, in a shocking turn benefits by these "independent minded 'Lamont supporters'" actions.

Call me sinical but isn't this a bit too convenient for Lieberman? He gets to bring his case to Dems now that the elephants have unified behind him?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post GC and, I must admit, some fine, albeit lengthy, analysis by chris mc.

The bottom line: this kind of activity helps Joe Lieberman.

I do not expect the Lamont supporters to agree with my analysis that this helps Joe. To be honest, I want them to think I am dead wrong because they will continue to act like this and bring their candidate down in the process.

In my opinion, trying to kick Lieberman out of the Democratic party will engender sympathy for him among Us, Rs and, most importantly, Ds. With respect to the ladder, I think a lot of the Ds who voted for Joe on Aug. 8 believe that he is a Democrat and will be offended by the attempts to purge him from the party. Maybe they're next, because - gasp! - they had a Lieberman bumper sticker on their car.

You can just see it, can't you? Two Democrats (looking like they are going to a '60s reunion) knock on the door of an unsuspecting Democrat, the Lieberman lawn sign visible in the background and they demand resignation from the party and lead the person from their home. But to where, siberia? )(Perhaps we can make a video and put it on U Tube.)

To those that claim the Lamont camp has nothing to do with this action, think again? Have you been listening to Lamont's (and his spokesperson's) criticisms of Joe lately. Ever since the primary, they keep refering to Joe's 18 years in the Senate, and how he has been this way for 18 years. Wow! Has Joe been a bad Senator for 18 years? Quite frankly, this is overkill isn't it? Most Ds were happy when he won in '88 & '94 & '00 when he ran for VP, right? I thought the argument against Joe was that he has lost his way during the last 2-4 years, not that he was never a good Democrat. Well, atleast that is the rhetoric I seem to be hearing from the Lamont camp and, in my opinion, it is consistent with attempts to purge him from the party.

So to all Lamont supporters I say this: please kick Joe out of the Democratic party; but don't stop there, because there are a lot of Liebercrats that you should go after as well!

Hopewellian_Magi said...

If the state law says that Lieberman has violated being a Democrat, then Lieberman, like any registered party member, must face the consequences of their actions. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it and Lieberman is not above the law.

This action by New Haven peace activists does not hurt Lamont but it highlights how Lieberman has been gaming the election system to suit his needs. This action by real citizen activists will continue to put Liar Lieberman in bad light.

Derby Conservative said...

Here is the statute that outlines this process:

Sec. 9-60. Discretionary erasure or exclusion from enrollment list for lack of good-faith party affiliation; citation and hearing.
Whenever the registrar of voters of any political party, or any deputy registrar thereof in cases where it is provided by law that the deputy registrar shall act in the place and stead of the registrar, is of the opinion that any person on the enrollment list, or any person applying to be placed upon the enrollment list, of the political party which such registrar or deputy registrar represents is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, that political party and does not intend to support its principles or candidates, such registrar or deputy registrar, as the case may be, shall cite such person to appear before him and the chairman of the town committee of such political party, or before him and the chairman of the same party committee of the ward or voting district, if in a town divided into wards or voting districts; or, where there is no such chairman, or in the absence or disability of such chairman, before him and any enrolled member of the same political party chosen by such registrar or deputy registrar, to show cause why his name should not be erased or excluded from such enrollment list…

The GOP in Derby removed several members for running as unaffiliated candidates for office in the early 90’s. The RTC in Derby has still not fully recovered from the loss of valuable people who were “purged” from the rolls and those who left of their own volition as a result of the “purge”.

bluecoat said...

Professor Orman didn't have the cajones or the ability to challenge Lieberman. Now, he;s trying to get him kicked out of the Democratic Party, which is certainly his right, but it's significant that Lamont does not support this initiative.

Anonymous said...

Here is the critical language from the statute: "is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, that political party and does not intend to support its principles or candidates...."

Not to get all of the lawyers going, but there is an "and" in the statute that saves Lieberman. As I read it, to kick him off the rolls one would have to demonstrate that he "does not intend to support its principles and candidates." Well, clearly Joe is supported Democratic party candidates; that is indipsputable. I guess the question is: what principle(s) of the Democratic party is he not supporting? Can someone explain that for me? Don't give me the old: he can't have 2 bites at the apple. Is there any rule in the Democratic party that expressly forbids a candidate who is unsuccessful at winning the Democratic party's nomination from running as a petitioning candidate. I don't think so. By the way, if you want to look for a precedent, here's one: Mayor Mike Jarjura, Democrat.

Quite frankly, as a legal matter, this does not have legs; moreover, it is a loser politically.

justavoter said...

Derby Conservative speaking of to far its the Consevative right wing which has gone to far.

If you think Paul Belaga went to far aslwell deciding to support Lamont and he was in the Clinton admin.

Lamont is as far left as Cobert is a real Conservative.

Give me a break you are the fringe of the Democratic party and ned represents the working people of this state.

As of today its a dead heat according to the newest Amercian Reseach Group Poll.

Wake up Derby Conservative your Lieberman is a Closet Republican.

If anyone thinks Lamont is not out campaigning just go to his website and see some of the event he will be at.

Derby Conservative your time has come and gone there is a change in the air and we are goning to elect a true progressive Democrat in November at that will be ned Lamont.

Anonymous said...

you can kick joe out of the party..but you cant kick the party out of joe..

Anonymous said...

GC and others...Chris Mc..has no experience in campaigns so we take his "spin" for what it is...

Anonymous said...

Why dont you Lamont Supporters cut the BS already. Your guy won the Primary and is the Democratic Endorsed Candidate.

You People who support Ned are just looking for publicity to keep your boy's name in the headlines Because Joe is grabbing a lot of positive headlines lately compared to your Left Wing Wingnut who has no base except you wackos who are friends of Cindy Sheehan and other Liberal Comrades who are out to destroy this state and this country with nothing but venom and hatred.

your boy Ned Cant win with just you Anti American Wackos waving your pink flags around.He needs Conservative Support which he will not get,Republicans would never ever in a billion lifetimes support Ned.

Ned Lamont needs to change his message and be a little more outgoing to The Conservatives and others or he isnt going to win and at this point his one issue Campaign with the Iraq war isnt going anywhere and The President has indirectly shut Ned Lamont down with his statement that we will finish the mission.

So Ned Lamont has two choices stay the course with his message that you Left Wing Wackos/Pinkos support or he needs to reach out and entice The Conservative Base which I dont see happening.Forget The GOP they are with Joe or Schlesinger.

So why dont you Liberals stop the Lieberman Smear Tactics and Campaign and let Ned, Joe and Alan have some debates and talk to the Voters of Connecticut.

This crap that happened in New Haven is just a diversionary tactic and it hurts Lamont and gives Lieberman more publicity and I am sure people are saying that Ned Lamont and his Wackos are at it again.

Stick to issues...not attacks...Your boy has been on the attack from day one with his pitbull from Why dont he go on Fox News or Sean Hannity and let people see him and talk with them. Because he is chicken.

justavoter said...

Anonymous the one that supports Lieberman.

Lamont people do not need advice from Lieberman supporters.

I can say this The Republican Party is always looking for some good people.

A vote for Lieberman is a vote for Bush its that simple.

Anonymous the Republican Party is calling you .

justavoter said...

name calling Lamont supporters with Red baiting langage is why Anonymous your last post with the use wingnuts and Anti American and how Ned needs the Conservatives to wing thats where your wrong the last thing he needs is Conservatives like you .

Go vote for and support the Bush Republican Conservative garbage.

I have said it before and I will say it again the Democratic Party does not need Closet Republicans in our Party we need Democrats.

If you don't like the fact that most Democrats are progressive thinking people then its time to wake up.

Its the Conservative Neo-Cons that within the Democratic Party have created the problems of the past and the present.

Your words Left wing wacko's is why we don't need nuts like you in the Democratic Party.

You must be one of those neo-Cons of the Republican Party.

So go vote for your man the party of one .

Ned does not need extreme Right wingers telling him or the voters who support him how to run his campaign.

Oh and don't forget to give your friend Bush a Kiss.

Anonymous said...

justavoter said: "A vote for Lieberman is a vote for Bush its that simple."

Sure, and following that logic: A vote for Lamont is a vote for the terrorists its that simple.


Anonymous said...

Just A Voter... Lieberman may be a Liar in your eyes but Lamont's first four in his name spells LAMO which is what your pal Ned Lamont is.

The Liberal(formerly Democratic)Party endorsed your pal Ned Lamont so get over yourself.He won the Primary and is the endorsed Candidate of The Liberal Party.

I will vote for the Only Real and True Democrat Joe Lieberman and not the one endorsed by The Liberal Party.

The Republican Party is looking much much better compared to The old Democratic Now Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

A Vote for Lamont is a Vote for Communism!!!!! and to let the terrorists blow up the world.

Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been spoken...

justavoter said...

your final comment about Republican Party is true that because they represent your Neo-Con views and the Democratic Party does not so what are you waiting for sign up with the Bush Cheney Rove Republicans now they need good Right Wing Conservatives like you.

Anonymous said...

Your boy won The Primary...Just A Voter Calm down go have a beer or smoke some doobie.

justavoter said...

I don't smoke its not good for your health nor is being a Right Wing Conservative Neo-Con.

Derby Conservative said...

Is it me, or does justavoter never make any sense? e said I was on the fring of the Democratic Party! I guess you could consider being a conservative Republican as on the fringe of the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Derby Conserv... Just a Voter i guess is being Just a Voter.

I am seriously going to consider switching to GOP..This year has made me see things a lot clearly than I have in previous years.

The Democratic Party I joined in October,1981 is now the Liberal Party and i cant subscribe to its ideology I was a Dtc Member for 24 years in a Litchfield County Town I resigned in Late July Because I grew tired of the Liberals and the anti-war stance I had a war of words with the DTC Secy in Letter to the Editor She is a Lamont Supporter and I am for Lieberman.
I was Vice Chair for 6 yrs and a few months prior to resigning.

I know I am voting for Rell not DeStefano Because he cant be trusted He says one thing and does the exact opposite his Lieutenant Governor Pick that lost(Slifka)when he promised it to someone else showed me his word isnt worth spit.

So after all the events of the last few months I will be voting a lot differently than in past elections a lot more ticket splitting this year.