Friday, August 11, 2006

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Map

This map has a definite geographical theme. Dan Malloy was very strong in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties, while John DeStefano had patchy but consistent support across the rest of the state. DeStefano did best in the Naugatuck Valley, Greater New Haven and parts of Tolland and Windham Counties. The Naugatuck Valley support shows the impact of the unions. Without it, and them, he would have lost.

There's one more map I'll make for this election: the Lt. Governor vote. Either late today or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Another great map GC. No great surprises here. Molloy did very well in the more Republican areas of the 4th and 5th CD because of his name ID from Stamford and because he was the more moderate sounding of the two candidates. With the exception of Bridgeport, I expect all of those Malloy towns will go to Rell.

Bobby McGee said...

DeStefano did very well in the more liberal and working class areas. I think this is going to translate poorly well into the general election. And by well I mean he might only lose by 15%.