Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Small Towns

A lot of the small towns are coming in first--and they will probably go pretty heavily for Lamont. Some examples:

Bethlehem: 136 (Lieberman) 197 (Lamont)
Hampton: 72 (Lieberman) 158 (Lamont)
Middlefield: 215 (Lieberman) 300 (Lamont)

Not surprising. A lot of the smaller towns went for Lamont at the convention. Lieberman is stronger in the large cities, although at least one Hartford precinct did go for Lamont.


Anonymous said...

How perfectly typical is it that the Sec State site with live results shit the bed at 8:01pm

Anonymous said...

Well "Katherine" Bysiewicz is back at it...watch the optical scan machines go bonkers in November

Anonymous said...

You expect a poor little IIS server to handle election night duty in a hotly-contested race?

Anonymous said...

She just said on WTIC that they 'didn't anticipate' the site traffic.

Isn't that her job to anticipate things?

I just can't wait to see her in action with the new voting machines... CFIS should be an example of her ineptitude.