Friday, August 04, 2006

Shameless Attack Ad

For those of you who haven't seen Malloy's latest ad, their campaign has posted the video here.

I'll repeat my comments from this morning:
I saw the dress ad last night and was shocked. It was an attack on DeStefano's stance on women's issues, and his perceived masculinity. Note to the Malloy campaign: using the bodies of women as props to emasculate your opponent is NOT how you show you're strong on women's issues.

What the hell were they thinking?


turfgrrl said...

Brilliant ad. It's funny and hardly an attack. Would Destefano change his positions if he were a woman? Yup, and I think many of male politicians would change their positions on a whole range of issues were they women.

CTRevolution said...

Malloy's campaign has become ridiculously desperate in the last week. This ad is disgusting, it's a blatant lie, DeStefano covers all these things in his Universal Health Care plan. Using the term flip flopper makes me wonder if Malloy is taking his cues straight from Karl Rove. His campaign has really become quite a joke.

Shame on you, Mr. Malloy. I've been a DeStefano supporter for a while but I used to have respect for Malloy, not anymore, that's all gone. Dan Malloy is not only hurting the Democratic party, he is hurting their chances against Rell and bringing out the worst in politics that jades citizens against the process. He needs to pull this ad right away and apologize.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand. What's the difference between using women's bodies in political ads to make the point that Malloy is more sensitive to women's issues than DeStefano and using paper mache dummies kissing to make the point that Lieberman is, you know, getting it on with Bush? One may or may not be nsulting to women, the other may or may not be insulting to gays.

Anonymous said...

I didn't view it as an attack ad at all. Clever use of images.

On the other hand I think Lamont's cursing angry gas-guy ad is a bit over the top.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

turfgrrl said... "
Brilliant ad. It's funny and hardly an attack"

I agree with you.

It is funny; if I was a Dem I'd be voting him.

"..male politicians would change their positions on a whole range of issues were they women. "

I think it was Gloria Steinham that said something like `if men could give birth, abortion would be a sacrament'.

(Many in my own party hate it that I'm a pro-choice Rockefeller-Republican)

Wrath of Conn said...

How is this ad offensive in the least? What's offensive is John DeStefano proposing to cut mandates important to women's health, that Democrats in our legislature fought long and hard for, just to pay for his plan.

And don't be fooled, he came out the next day and defended the cuts (this isnt what he's saying, but it's documented). It wasnt until a week later when he came under enormous pressure that he changed his plan, and is now playing revisionist history. THAT is offensive.

As far as Malloy's ad goes, is it negative? Sure. Did DeStefano put out a negative attack mailer on Malloy first? Yes, he did. At least Malloy's is done in a creative way, and doesnt picture his opponent superimposed over someone in handcuffs (DeStefanos).

CTRevolution said...

I encourage everyone to email Malloy's campaign at and tell them to stop their push polling and disgraceful hate mail and attack ads. This ad has no truth in it and is just a bid to scare women into not voting.

Anonymous said...

'm trying to understand. What's the difference between using women's bodies in political ads to make the point that Malloy is more sensitive to women's issues than DeStefano and using paper mache dummies kissing to make the point that Lieberman is, you know, getting it on with Bush?

Yeah, right. I'm sure the same applies to pictures of Lieberman in blackface as well.

cgg said...

I don't disagree with the sentiment, but the execution. It was in very poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just watched. As a woman (who isnt supporting either candidate in this race), that was pretty damn funny. I'm also not sure he's trying to emasculate DeStefano... the whole gag is that DeStefano doesnt "get it" because he's not a woman, not that he is somehow feminine. Anyway, I've seen MUCH worse, I actually thought this was kind of cute.

Chris MC said...

DeStefano supporters I have spoken to are either pissed off or amused by the "dress" ad. What they have in common is they think the ad is effective.

DeStefano's polcy proposal on health care was anti-woman. He proposed eliminating compulsory insurance coverage for women's health care. He was forced to change the position because of the firestorm of criticism from women.

But don't take my word for it, DeStefatrolls (as if you might). State Representative Betsy Ritter said yesterday "I was there when DeStefano defended his plan, stating that he would have to cut women's health mandates in order to save money."

So once again, Disaster for Connecticut and John DeStefano are misrepresenting the facts. Derek Slap is putting out disinformation and John DeStefano is trying to rewrite history.

Not what the Party nor the State needs.

Wrath of Conn said...

"This ad has no truth in it and is just a bid to scare women into not voting"

Everything in that ad is 100% factual. John DeStefano DID propose cutting those mandates, and he did defend those cuts. I don't have web links, but I pulled the cites from a Malloy release on his website:


"Health Insurance Idea From DeStefano." Hilary Waldman. Hartford Courant, April 13, 2006

"DeStefano's plan worries some women." Ray Hackey. Norwich Bulletin, April 14, 2006

"Mandate relief vow withdrawn." Waterbury Republican-American, April 20, 2006

cgg said...

Again, it's not the facts that bother me. It's not even the point Malloy is trying to make. What gets under my skin is *how* they go about making it.

ProudCTDem said...

Speaking as a woman who recently gave birth to my first child and who not only appreciated but needed every minute of my mandated four day hospital stay, the only thing "shameless" or "offensive" is DeStefano's proposal to reduce or eliminate necessary healthcare mandates that protect women's health in order to pay for his universal health care plan. He may have retracted those cuts (which, oh by the way, now leaves his health care plan underfunded) after taking a rash of guff from women's rights groups and health care advocates, but it doesn't change the fact that when he sat down and came up with his plan, he put women's health on the chopping block. It's something that I will never forget and I hope that my fellow female Democrats don't forget next Tuesday. As far as I'm concerned, DeStefano can talk until he's blue in the face about equal pay and other women's issues, but where the rubber meets the road, he's already shown us that he's willing to sacrifce women's issues in order to get what he wants.

CTRevolution said...

Wrath of Conn, you are completely wrong, DeStefano's Health Care Plan covers all these mandates and it will when he becomes governor. To say otherwise, is completely misleading, shame on you.

Wrath of Conn said...


It does now, because he had to CHANGE it. The orginal plan proposed those cuts. My cites are listed above, and those are the FACTS. Sorry

turfgrrl said...

Authentic Connecticut Republican--

You should be proud to be a pro-choice Rockefeller-Republican. Political party stereotypes and litmus tests are just bad for Democracy.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CTRevolution said... "...
just a bid to scare women into not voting."

Oh they'll vote alright.

They'll vote for a woman

Anonymous said...

This ad isn't nearly as "shameless" as DeStefano's weak attack ad that tries to link Malloy to our hated President. Using available federal dollars to help fund a universal health care plan is a smart way to bring more of our tax dollars back home and it has nothing to do with Bush. I guess the unimaginative DeStefano people couldn't come up with anything legit, so they figured "when in doubt, throw in Bush" even when it doesn't make sense. At least the Malloy people were creative -- I thought John looked good as a pregnant woman.

disgruntled_republican said...


Did the original DeStefano plan cut out these mandates?

PLEASE, no spin, just a simple yes or no.

Chris MC said...

The shrill misrepresentations of both Malloy's ad and DeStefano's record and proposals are completely consistent with the amatuer hour performance of DeStefatrolls commenting on CTLP (CGG excluded) and were forecasted (by me) when DeStefano went negative.

Y'all are as predictable as can be. Whining about and trying to spin the Malloy ad is completely ineffective, because people can watch the ad and form their own opinions.

Malloy's ad is effective because it is factual and funny. The way political ads should be.

What you should really be upset about is how readily DeStefano will throw women, or any constituency really, under the train in order to get the nomination.

Like what he did to Audrey Blondin. What a sleezy maneuver.

Anonymous said...

CTRevolution has to be the most biased poster on this blog.

The only person who finds this ad offensive is you, who wants to attack Malloy for anything.

The ad is clever and effective. It gets the point across.

Anonymous said...

I was leaning towards Malloy but that attack ad was insulting and I will now vote for DeStefano. What a stupid move.

Goon Squad said...

Wrath of Conn - since you were only able to pull headlines, I thought I would help and give full disclosure of the valuable content from each of those articles. Since my school library has Lexis Nexis i was able to do some archive searching with the info you provided.

Health Insurance Idea From DeStefano - April 13 2006

"DeStefano said he would ask the General Assembly to waive several services now required by law, including pharmacy coverage for birth control pills, three-day hospital stays after a Caesarean delivery and at least an overnight stay after a mastectomy."

DeStefano's plan worries some women - Apr 14, 2006

"DeStefano defended the plan, saying such mandates may have to be repealed in order to keep the cost down in an effort to extend coverage to everyone in the state.

"I'm troubled by that," state Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford, told DeStefano during a question and answer period. "I know how hard we've had to work (in the legislature) to get that.""

Mandate relief vow withdrawn - April 20, 2006

"Just five days later, Mayor DeStefano was backtracking furiously.

"DeStefano supports all existing mandates and as governor would veto any health-care bill that does not include them," he said in a news release.

Just in case that wasn't clear enough to invoke sighs of relief from lobbyists and the legislators in their possession, he added: "All currently mandated services would be covered." The statement went on to explain that the mandates would be replaced by a "set of principles" -- all but acknowledging that this is a new name for same old thing.

Then he reiterated his support for "all services currently mandated by state law."

Admittedly, Mayor DeStefano seemed ambivalent on mandates right from the start, asserting last week that low-income workers and small businesses should have "the same level of coverage as elected officials."

That would be wholly incompatible with the mandate relief he promised elsewhere in the proposal."

WOW. Thats a flip-flop of epic proportions. Not only did it take him almost a week to completly change his position, but he actually "defended the plan"!

Other things that caught my eye -

"The statement went on to explain that the mandates would be replaced by a "set of principles" -- all but acknowledging that this is a new name for same old thing."

The best you can come up with to cover your butt is a "set of principles? WTF.

So it seems to me that the commercial is right on target. When costs needed to be trimmed, women's mandates were the first to go.

On this issue, Mayor DeStefano flip-flopped like a fish on deck of a boat.

Anonymous said...

The Malloy ad mocks tranvestites and that is sick for a Democrat to put together such an offensive ad. I would expect that from Karl Rove not Dan Malloy.

ProudCTDem said...

Anon 9:40,

You must be a man because the only stupid move in all of this was DeStefano proposing to cut women's health care coverage. If that doesn't alarm you, I'm assuming it's because his wrongheaded cuts would not have affected you.

ProLiabProf said...

Attack ad? I think the Malloy piece is more creative and light-hearted than most of the current fare in this area, including Mayor DeStefano's ads. Let's keep a sense of proportion here!

cgg said...

Wow, clearly I'm in the minority on this. I'm trying to see what you all see here, but it still just annoys the hell out of me. Interesting.

Chris MC said...

The real news, as I posted last night, is that the polling (which is going on constantly now) confirms that the gubernatorial race is a dead heat.

DeStefano's lead has evaporated in the August heat, and the trend is down, down, down.

Disaster for Connecticut is coming apart at the seams. Supporters are demoralized. JD is "bitchy", I believe the term was.

Malloy's campaign is firing on all cylinders by contrast. Malloy, Glassman, and Cathy Malloy are criss-crossing the state, and the money keeps rolling in.

Four days to go.

Anonymous said...

Look, the ad is NOT a negative ad, because Chris Cooney says so. And the professional Malloy campaign team would never run a negative ad. The negative piece my wife received in the mail with the scary red colors and attack on JDS must have been sent by someone else (even though it said paid for by Malloy).

And Malloy would never, ever flip-flop on an issue. When he told a partner of mine that he was against the estate tax and that he would repeal it, he had no idea that his spokesperson would then say that DM does NOT want to repeal the estate tax and that it is a "silly" idea. That's NOT a flip-flop, because Cooney says it's not.

Here's what's funny - who's Betsy Ritter?

I know that others like to refer to us DeStefatrolls - no problem. Use whatever name you like. But why don't you have the guts to address to issues: (1) Malloy's flip-flop on the estate tax; and (2) Malloy's negative mail/ ads/ polls that we were all told were out of character for a man of his integrity.

We await your response (although I doubt one will be forthcoming).

Goon Squad said...

ANON 10:11 - If you are going to make claims, the least you can do it back them up with sources that dont rely on heresay and "I heard him say this one time...".

Pleave provide documented evidence of Mayor Malloy saying he would repeal the estate tax, as well as documented evidence of Mayor Malloy saying he would not repeal the estate tax.

I provided clear, documented evidence in regards to Mayor DeStefano's flip-flop.

Can you do the same?

CTRevolution said...

I think you have to ask yourself a couple questions.

Does DeStefano's health care plan protect all mandates?


To answer the previous question, was their a mistake initially in saying it covered all mandates.


Does it cover them all now?


Does the Malloy ad mislead voters into thinking DeStefano's health care plan does not cover all mandates?

Yes, and that's why it is a disgraceful ad. All you Malloy spinners can say what you will but this is a shameless ad by a canidate about to lose by double digists. Let's leave flip flop terms to the Republicans, we are better then that. How many of us have changed a plan that we initially came up with? I think all of us. Shame on you Malloy supporters

Chris MC said...

The issue here is DeStefano's insensitivity to the health care concerns of women.

State Representative Betsy Ritter, of the Legislature's Public Health Committee debunks DeStefano's lies "I was there when DeStefano defended his plan, saying that he would have to cut women's health mandates in order to save money."

And here is the corroborating quote from the Norwick Bulletin:
"DeStefano defended the plan, saying such mandates may have to be repealed in order to keep the cost down in an effort to extend coverage to everyone in the state."

As usual, the DeStefatrolls and Disaster for Connecticut have nothing of substance, just lies and amatuer-hour spin.

The race is a statistical dead heat and the momentum is Malloy's. And we're not going to let you get away with your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Dear goon squad,

Fact # 1 On March 20, 2006 the Malloy camp issued a press release attacking the JDS campaign for misrepresenting his position on the estate tax. The release goes on to say that DM is against repeal. You can find the release on his site (but I bet you already know that).

Fact # 2 Several law partners of mine were at a fundraiser in Stamford when DM, in response to a question regarding the estate tax, criticized Gov. Rell for raising the estate tax, said he would not have done the same and that he thought it was unfair and would look to repeal it. They are all contributors of DM's and I will not give you their names. If you choose not to believe me, so be it. (You can bury your head in the sand and ignore things if you choose, but it did happen. That's why JDS criticized him on his position, because DM was running around Fairfield County raising money making this promise.

CTRevolution said...

Chris MC, statistical dead heat!?!? I'm looking forward to you eating those words in 4 days. DeStefano by 10 or more. His grassroots organization(labor baby!) is much larger then Malloy's. Malloys negative attacks are only turning off voters and it should be a lesson to his people not to pull such stunts in the future.

Malloy is simply trying to scare people. Scare them that DeStefano's plan won't protect all mandates, scare them that DeStefano will be a tax and spend liberal, scare them that New Haven is the most dangerous city. You can call me anything you want. But I for one believe that politicians should be about ideals and changing society for the better and not scaring people with a smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

There have been talk about DeStefano's 'feminine' mannerisms and whispers about is sexuality.

Who cares that he talks soft, uses his hands,,,,,

I am outraged. As a gay democrat, if Dannel wins, forget about it.

Besides, irregradless I may vote for Jodi anyway.

Bt the subtle message -- and not so subtle, with John is a dress -- is disturbing.

If he was closeted guy, or bi=sexual, (and I'm not making any acqusations) so what.

Chris MC said...

Here is a press account of a real leader talking about health care:

Malloy appeared at the Hill clinic to present what he called the "Connecticut Cancer Initiative," a plan to spend $60 million over two years to "harness the state's technology, research and healthcare resources to make Connecticut the national leader in the fight to prevent and cure cancer."

He said: "With the remarkable researchers and facilities we have in our state, we can make Connecticut a national state of excellence in cancer research and lead the nation in the fight to cure cancer," Malloy said. One part of his plan would "extend compulsory insurance coverage for the FDA-approved human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine." HPV is a leading cause of cervical cancers, he said.

Malloy, who was a member of the Connecticut Health Foundation's Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Policy Panel, also highlighted recent data that showed disparities in cancer rates and survival based on race and income. "It is unacceptable," he said, "that an African American woman is less likely to get breast cancer than a white woman - but more likely to die from it. And, that a black man in Connecticut is twice as likely to die of prostate cancer as a white man."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:41......

If you are going to make a "fact"ual claim, at least say you heard it yourself.

Saying other people heard in and told you about it makes you sound even more desperate.

Anonymous said...

Nice thread CGG, but you are clearly outnumbered. The horror that JDS expresses at being attacked by a negative ad just seems silly since he has gone negative early and often.

Anonymous said...


MightyMouse1 said...

Malloy is now anti-gay? Give it a rest, in fact he walks the walk. He has supported same sex marriage, has performed civil unions and has the endorsement of CT's most prominent gay leaders.

So JDS is soft, who cares? Now that is a political issue?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:56 - You're right. A handful of people who I have worked with and known for almost 2 decades all tell me the exact same thing and it must be that they are all stupid, all liers or a conspiracy. Give me a break! They were upset at Rell over the estate tax and one of them specifically asked DM the question. He said it to a lot of people. Instead of attacking the source, why don't you have the GUTS to address his flip-flop on the issue.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the way you can be sure that DM was telling people he was against the estate tax, is the fact that chris mc has yet to respond to these comments denying them!

bluecoat said...

And nobody seems to remember that when asked to comment on the ad, JDS said he thinks he has better looking legs than what is in the ad. Malloy is the DISTORTER, plain and simple.

Chris MC said...

The problem with DeStefano is more fundamental than any one of the many issues he is either wrong on, vague on, or has flip-flopped on. The problem is one of integrity and gravitas, and his campaign represents him well in that respect.

The ham-handed attempts at hatcheting Malloy keep blowing up in his face. I guess that should not come as a surprise considering he is facing his first real political contest.

JD's ill-concieved and underdeveloped policy proposals leave him open to the kinds of legitimate criticisms that the Malloy ad levels, and his flip-flopping "I said I was for it after I said I was against it" argument is iconically incompetent.

His treatment of key supporters like Audrey Blondin, whom he blatantly lied to and manipulated in a cynical ploy to remain viable at the state convention, and his reflexive pandering to African Americans by embracing Al Sharpton, demonstrate deep character faults.

Finally, you know and everbody else does that DeStefano can't win in November. For all these reasons DeStefano is a bad choice for the Party and for the State.

Anonymous said...

And nobody seems to remember that when asked to comment on the ad, JDS said he thinks he has better looking legs than what is in the ad. Malloy is the DISTORTER, plain and simple.

At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Anon. 11:16. The part about the legs was funny!

Anonymous said...

The ad is great. Got all of you talking so nice job once again to the Malloy team. Nowhere is the ad intended to be anti-gay. You guys will find anything keep a thread going.

Anonymous said...

Chris MC,

Can you post a link to the poll that shows the race being in a dead heat? In two years of following this race, I have never seen a poll that has had the two mayors in a dead heat.

Chris MC said...

A12:08 -
Sorry, I can't reveal anything about my sources. But I assure you that this isn't spin.

bluecoat said...

Chris doesn't have to post polls to back up his assertions - just take his word for it.

Anonymous said...


So is it a Malloy internal poll? Because anything less than that cannot be relied on. To get a poll costs big bucks, which makes it extrememly difficult for them to fly under the radar. Without any proof, how can we possibly take you seriously? I mean, I can say that the Senate race is in a dead heat too.

Chris MC said...

pssst, bluecoat [wink, nudge] ... golf.

CTRevolution said...

I'm sure Chris MC comes up with his own numbers, it's called the ChrisMC poll and Malloy's been up all yr. Malloy also has integrity in this poll and his hate mail and attacks are funny and cute, not disgraceful.

Now back in reality, DeStefano is up by 10 and poised to win by more with his newest endorsements(food workers union, police union, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, New Haven Register) and with the tidal wave of organizing support that is labor. Get ready to spin this one guys, DeStefano wins by big (10-20%) August 8th.

Chris MC said...

Malloy 52 - 48 on Tuesday.

That much I've said consistently.

Malloy has been beating DeStefano at every financial milepost and at the convention. That is a matter of record.

The race is a dead heat as of yesterday. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right Malloy's ad is viscious but Destefano's ad trying to link Malloy to BUsh isn't. And by the way how do those numbers work out on JD's health care plan?

Anonymous said...

Latest poll has DeStefano at + 23 points....I can't tell you where I got this just have to trust me.

Anonymous said...

Acutally Chris, as a matter of record you are wrong. DeStefano and Slifka outraised Malloy and Glassman in the past reporting period by about $40,000. Plus, they have outraised Malloy as far as total dollars raised, which allowed them to buy 3 more weeks of TV than Dan. These are actual facts that you can find at But please, keep making stuff up as you go. It's the only reason I come to this site.

On a different note, what are people going to talk about on this site after the primary? I assume it will focus mostly on the senate race, but what if Joe does decide to drop out? I can't imagine BRubenstein and Chris MC ever being on the same team.

Chris MC said...

You don't have to trust me. Go contact whomever you want to try and confirm it. People talk to me because they know I won't tell stories out of school or reveal my sources. You're wasting your time trying to bait or embarass me kids, it just isn't going to work.

Light arms sniping at me demonstrates that Disaster for Connecticut has nothing going on.

And it just keeps getting worse.

Anonymous said...

It is a great ad really shows the true colors of DeStefano. Maybe they should of included Slifka in the ad too.

New Haven will be Happy on Wednesday knowing that their Mayor will be able to return to his job full time

West Hartford will still have their Ribbon Cutting Mayor and all is right with the world.

As for Lamont....Life goes on and so does Lieberman as Independent who will wipe the floor with Lamont in the General Election.

So Mayor Johnny and Scotty too Hotty go home on Wednesday and Malloy/Glassman move on to The Big Show in November.

Janet said...

The only people who could possibly be offended by this ad are DeStefano supporters, who are mad because it's all true!

The purpose of this ad is to show that JDS is ignoring the needs of women's health, and that if he has to walk in a woman's shoes, perhaps he would think differently.

It's an effective ad if you ask me.

CTRevolution said...

Yes, Janet, I'm sure Rosa DeLauro endorsed John DeStefano because he "is ignoring the needs of women's health". Give me a break, you know that's untrue, the health care plan protects all mandates.

cgg said...

The purpose of this ad is to show that JDS is ignoring the needs of women's health, and that if he has to walk in a woman's shoes, perhaps he would think differently.

Dan Malloy isn't a woman either, and like most elected officials he can't walk in a woman's shoes. Maybe that's part of what bothers me. I'm not sure how I would feel if this was an ad for say Jodi Rell.

Wrath of Conn said...

CTRevolution, you said "To answer the previous question, was their a mistake initially in saying it covered all mandates. Yes"

The fact is that this was not a mistake. It was a purposeful, premeditated decision to cut the mandates. Here's the quote again:

"DeStefano defended the plan, saying such mandates may have to be repealed in order to keep the cost down in an effort to extend coverage to everyone in the state.

So stop your lies, because no one is buying it.

Anonymous said...

CGG I just got this video forwarded to me from the Malloy Campaign. Even though Malloy is a man it doesnt mean that he isn't representing women who support him or are involved in his campaign.

bluecoat said...

Some of the 60 mandates do need to be repealed so anybody who wants to buy a basic insurance policy to protect their basic lfe and livelehood can do that;r and unfortunatley when JDS clarified he backed off completely saying he wouldn't push to repal any of them not just the critical mandates that became necessary for the legislature to mandate a number of years ago when sleaze companies like the doctor owned and operated Physician's Health Services tried to cut costs by compromising life safety.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Boy just keeps burying himself deeper and deeper no wonder Dan Malloy will win the Primary.

The fact is John DeStefano does what is right for him and his cronies.

He has that pretty boy mouthpiece maggot Derek Slap doing the talking as his press dude and half the time what comes out is crapola.

DeStefano and The Sorority Squad will not win on Tuesday Because DeStefano has made way too many mistakes. He should of picked Audrey Blondin as his running mate instead he picks Scotty too Hotty Slifka Because Kevin Sullivan and Maureen Magnan(West Hartford Town Chair)annoit their ceremonial mayor to be the chosen one and throws Blondin completely under the bus. Not smart I havent see any DeStefano signs in Litchfield County I guess he knows he has lost here and has decided he has no support here.

DeStefano just makes a lot of bad choices Because when you are surrounded by idiots this is what happens.

Dan Malloy wins on Tuesday and Destefano/Slifka are just a faded memory.

Anonymous said...

A weekend full of nasty ads and personal attacks oh what a privilege it is to live in Connecticut at Primary Time.

Remember Line A is for Awesome

line B is Bad for Connecticut

choose wisely....your life and future depend on it

CARRY ON!!!!!!!

CTRevolution said...

Can that last post be eliminated, it's completly politics of hate and shouldn't be allowed on this board. Malloy supporters should show a little more dignity. By the way I want to know if ChrisMC and some of the other Malloy supporters will support the winner of the democratic primary for governor? I would hope so.

Anonymous said...

Jodi will have either one of these guys for lunch.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt support DeStefano, Slifka or Lamont were they the winners Because they are all so lame especially Ned Lamont. The one Issue anti war left winger liberal who has no plan, no vision and has caused nothing but nastyness and sarcasm by galvanize a bunch of pablum puking Liberals (as Morton Downey Jr used to say on his show)who want to put in a guy who obviously has never served in the military and who was born with a silver spoon and still hasnt released his 5 years worth of income taxes or come clean about having stock in Halliburton and Walmart.

Have a nice weekend....

bluecoat said...

Liebrman has never served in the military either.