Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Results Update

581 Reporting
Lamont 123k
Lieberman 109k

Gov Update
81% Reporting

Update from the Ballroom
80% Reporting
Lamont 117,000
Lieberman 103,000

Update from WTIC
50% Reporting
Lamont 52,000
Lieberman 48,0000

45% Reporting

Lamont 76k
Lieberman 66k

WTIC: SecState on the radio complaining that out of state hits crashed the website.

Most Absetee ballots have already arrived and are being counted now...

Lamont Dog...

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myelectionanalysis.com said...

Well what the hell did they expect would be going on? That only CT voters were interested in this race?

GMR said...

Man, it seems neither Lieberman nor the SoS can run a decent website.

Anonymous said...

wait until the Gov's race comes down to the military absentee ballots

Anonymous said...

Weicker starting I's for Lamont... that should give Lieberman 8%.

GMR said...

My dog is also a Democrat.

She's unemployed, sleeps most of the day, demands handouts constantly, and doesn't even have the most basic understanding of economics. She also thinks the world revolves around her.