Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Report from the Lieberman Campaign: Part 1

I'm here.

It was hard to miss the place. News trucks lined up outside all down Pearl St., and around the corner next to the Goodwin. I parked a discreet distance away.

The Lieberman event itself is being held in the foyer of the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford. It is at once ostentatious and surprisingly cramped. The foyer itself is long and narrow. At the front is a large American flag, in front of which is a podium that says "Joe Lieberman: Fighting for Connecticut" on it. The media is confined in a little area behind the risers. If many more of us show up, it's going to get very tight. I can't actually see anything.

They moved this event several times. I don't quite know why.

I talked with a Hillary Clinton supporter who was here to both drum up support for Hillary in 2008, and to support Lieberman. He believed that a Lieberman loss would be devestating for Hillary. He told me of all the anti-Semitism beneath the surface of the Lamont campaign, and how only Lieberman--and possibly Hillary could deal with something like the current situation in the Middle East.

Staff are hard to find, right now. I also have the feeling that the big media personalities are all at the Lamont campaign.

But tonight, as there, history will take place. I'll keep you updated as the night unfolds.


Anonymous said...

is ANY CT TV station doing any exit polling???????

Anonymous said...

I heard there was also a gubernatorial primary going on too...anyone covering that?

Roland Dodds said...

Guberwatza? No one cares about that tonight!

Don Pesci said...

Hey GK, since you’re there and the Hillary supporter is there, don’t let her wander off just yet. The execrable Fox News ran a story tonight that is, well … troublesome. It appears that the same kind of folk who want to light a bonfire under Lieberman wouldn’t mind piling up the faggots around Hillary. And the breakdowns are the same, about 50% want to toss her out, pretty much for the same reason – insufficient enthusiasm for the anti war cause. Break the news to her gently.