Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dear Lieberman Campaign

Don't you have anything better to do than attack, as you put it, " 'Blackface' Jane Hamsher", who is a blogger only political geeks like us have ever actually heard of? Like, for example, digging your way out of a 13-point hole? Or talking about the issues? Maybe frequenting another diner? Just saying.

Genghis Conn


Anonymous said...

Yes, you should expect a press release shortly questioning whether or not the Union Bug on the Lamont mailers are authentic.

Anonymous said...

Ned ought to have Ms Hamsher produce another commercial for him.

BRubenstein said...

half the Lieberman staff have kiss buttons in their pockets..his campaign has no substance...and on candidacy

tj said...

Expect another low dirty diversionary trick to come out of the Lieberman campaign between now and Tues.

Anything to save Joe from talking about Iraq, fiscal responsibility, his vote on the Bush-Cheney disastrous energy bill, his all out open trade policy, his weak defense of emergency contraceptives, his Bush administration and Republican loving ways. It goes on and on.

Oh, but Mark Davis is going to get suckered in by Lieberman and his smear-mongering campaign.

turfgrrl said...

Anyone know if Lamont is using Union people on his television commercials?

TrueBlueCT said...


Well more than half. The guys I know just want this to be over, and soon. They are all completely miserable, --and just want to be back in the fold.


The Malloy/Lieberman campaigns are going into the final weekend, and they are worried about bugs, bloggers and yard signs? Pathetic. And as a Republican, why are you actively taking sides in our Primary. (and didn't Joe suggest Lamont is the real Republican?)

Outside of the war, what do you like about Joe?

tj said...


Your answer is right here: Lamont was endorsed by the SEUI today. He already had one of the local Unions on his side before today's additional endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I admire you Turfgirl, tough crowd here.

turfgrrl said...

GC -- You should've posted the press release though, let the vox populi debate the merits.

So here are snips worth floating:


Ned Lamont claimed yesterday that Jane Hamsher -- the creator of the doctored blackface photo of Joe Lieberman that was posted on the Huffington Post blog -- is "just a supporter."

That is a lie meant to duck responsibility for the actions of one of his campaign's main mouthpieces and most prominent activists.

FACT: Hamsher has helped raise over $58,000 for Lamont. page/blueamerica#9354

FACT: Hamsher moved to CT specifically to advocate for Lamont.

"I know for myself that win or lose, making the choice to come here and be a part of this is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I know it's something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

FACT: Hamsher travels with Lamont's campaign on an almost daily basis. She brags on her blog about how she drove Lamont and his campaign manager to his appearance on the Colbert report earlier this week.

"Key segments of the Lamont campaign migrated to my car for most of the afternoon and evening. I wish it was my sparkling wit and superb political acumen that earned me a spot on the road trip with campaign manager Tom Swan and ad empresario Bill Hillsman as we went to Manhattan to see Ned appear on the Stephen Colbert show, but mostly it was a willingness to shut up and drive while they went about the business of managing campaign chaos in its final days."

FACT: Hamsher was on the set of Lamont's commercial shoot.

"We also shot Ned's first video blog this morning on the set of his new Hillsman commercial"

FACT: Hamsher has been actively recruiting volunteers for the Lamont campaign.

"Also, I'm putting the call out for a volunteer to work with Tim Tagaris on the Lamont campaign." Tim is swamped and really, really needs someone who is either from the area or has their own place to stay here who wants to work like a fool from now until August 8. Tim is great, he's in charge of Internet Communications and beween maintaining the Lamont blog and coordinating the campaign's online efforts he's now doing the job of about five people.

Ned Lamont also claims he has no connection to the bloggers who are advocating for his campaign. When confronted with the news about Hamsher's disgusting photo, he brushed past reporters saying, ``I don't know anything about the blogs."

Again, that is another lie meant to duck responsibility for the vicious tactics of his "people-powered" campaign.

FACT: Kos was in his first television ad.

FACT: Lamont has a diary at Daily Kos - Lamont even has excerpts of his Kos diary on the official campaign blog.

FACT : Lamont said he is "with the netroots every step of the way." In an interview to celebrate Blogosphere Day, he also said, "I will be there any way I can, because you guys were there for me at the beginning."

FACT: The pro-Lamont blogs have raised more than $290,000 for his campaign.

FACT: Lamont admits he gets instantaneous feedback from his blog supporters.

"What I like about the internet and the netroots and the blogosphere, as you say, is it's unfiltered. It gives politicians - or budding politicians like myself - an opportunity to hear directly from people who care about issues. I get an awful lot of instantaneous feedback, and some of it's constructive and some of it is atmospheric. But I appreciate it. I think it is good for Democracy.

Anonymous said...

It is alright when the Lamont campaign attacks Joe and follows him around with that stupid float Hey Keith why dont you get a job or go volunteer on a campaign instead of being a publicity seeker.

I think it is about time Left Said Ned got his payback and it couldnt happen at a better time.

BRubenstein said...

Turfgrrl...blah blah blah..your post is much ado about one cares a whit about Jane Hamsher..who i might add..isnt a Lamont staffer...

What we do care about is Joementum's terrible positions on the issues that matter to us....and that is what is going to bring him down on Tuesday...

Will you be following him to his new 3rd party?

tj said...


Is that all you got? Blogs? Whatever happened to Lieberman's 18 year record in the senate? My, you sound so desperate.

I see the same in Camp Lieberman. Not surprised. Ha!

TrueBlueCT said...


I don't care what access Jane has had to the Lamont campaign, and what she has done in the role of grassroots advocate.

The fact is she is not staff. There is no money involved, and in no way should the Lamont campaign have to own her mistakes.

On the day that Clinton visited, I was at an event where someone on the Malloy team told me all sorts of bull-crap about DeStefano. He ended it by saying, "Do you want a governor who's father was a cop?" (This was incredible so I had him repeat it, not once, but twice.)

Now if I was to behave like you, I'd try to make the Malloy campaign wear that statement. But the kid involved might have been a payroll, but he wasn't an offical spokesman or anything like that. So I let it go.

Shame on you for trying to make a hullalaboo out of very little. How long have you been a Lieberman operative??

Anonymous said...

Avoiding Iraq at all costs, Lieberman's absence from the Senate Armed Services hearing today to continue a West Hartford tour?

Anonymous said...

turf, has Ned or Swan stated that they do not know who Hamsher is? No, they haven't. Swan said that once they learnt of the image they were disgusted and asked her to take it down, so obviously they know who she is. Now, is she a staffer or a volunteer for the campaign, no. She is a supporter that advocates on her blog for Ned. Since what she writes is not controlled or approved by the Lamont campaign how could they possibly be responsible for it? Any more than Lieberman is responsible for the writings of his supporter Ann Coulter? The only involvment of the campaign in all this is that once they learned of the image they were horrified and told her to take it down, they then condemd it in the media. What else is there to it?

turfgrrl said...

TJ -- I'm so glad you've brought up emergency contraceptives. I suppose you mean Plan B, you know the drug that should be sold over the counter except that the political hacks that Bush appointed have been keeping it out of the hands of women?

Of course Plan B wouldn't be an issue if Nader supporters had voted for Gore/Lieberman in 2000, but they go ahead and blame Lieberman for all of Bush's actual responsibility on these issues. Another round of free passes for Bush, circa 2000 all over again.

This sure is a proud moment for all Nader/Green people, you complain that Bush is producing disastrous legislation but you absolve yourselves of the responsibility of putting Bush in office.

Anonymous said...

Hamsher is a volunteer, not a staffer. There are many other volunteers who have helped in all of the ways in which Hamsher has helped. Big whoop. The campaign is not responsible for the behavior of their volunteers when they are on their own time, including Hamsher. They publicly disowned her behavior. Nuff said.

Keep slinging mud, turfgrrl, it's only you that's getting dirty.

Anonymous said...

How do we know for sure that Hamsher (or Swan or Melita, etc. for that matter) isn't on the payroll, when the Lamont campaign hasn't properly reported their payroll?

turfgrrl said...

truebluect -- Then Hamsher driving "key staff" to the Colbert show is an in kind contribution that will appear as a donation in Lamont's filings, right? Oh, but his campaign has trouble identifying staffers, expenses, payroll already ... hrmmm... better not go down that rabbit hole. You wouldn't want people questioning the ability of managing one's campaign finances with managing the taxpayer's money raised just now, wouldn't you?

BRubenstein said...

Trueblue....On Wedsday Turfgrrl,Pat Rice and Chris Mc will give us a song and dance why they are leaving the Democratic Party and following Joementum into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Why Dont the Lamont Campaign do the honorable thing and do the following and put to rest this entire matter

His tax returns for the last 5 years if he would do this it would shut everybody up and we could find something else to discuss.

Who gives a rat's butt about union bugs except the unions and a few stuffed shirt politicos.

It really blows it is coming down to who has union bugs on their literature and who doesnt have it on their literature.

cgg said...

I'm not a Green nor have I ever been. That said I dislike the accusation from many Democrats that Nader and the Green party cost Gore the election. Greens aren't Democrats. They have a right to run their own damn party as they see fit. If Al Gore lost votes to Ralph Nader that's his own fault. Most Nader voters I know would tell you that it had nothing to do with Al, and everything to do with the system being corrupt.

Instead of throwing blame for 2000 around why not champion real election reform? Preferential voting, an expanded party system, or runoffs all have potential. (note: I'm not advocating only suggesting) But I guess it's just easier to blame someone than to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Look, this has nothing to do with Jane Hamsher, and everything to do with Lamont's response. He was not upfront and completely honest. He ducked the question as if he has something to hide. Clearly, with a lead in the polls, his handlers do not want him to get off message or sidetracked by this type of issue. That's ok, because it just exposes Lamont as just another politician who is trying to buy a US Senate seat.

Turfgrrl, I just don't know why you are wasting your time on this. The Lamont supporters are not at all supporters of his, they are haters of Lieberman and the positions he has taken. They would support anyone who is NOT Joe and who says that he/ she will oppose Bush and the war. I mean, be real, Tom Swan and his crowd supporting a millionaire from Greenwich who socializes at exclusive, all-white country clubs. He is just their puppet to get at Joe and, therefore, they will ignore anything he does. Afterall, the ends justify the means, right?

bluecoat said...

I am still ticked off that Naval Academy grad and millionire Ross Perot put Bubba from Arkansas in office. Damn those millionaires.

and as you might recall Turrfgrrl Joe doesn't think the RC Hospitals should carry Plan B for rape victims who are traumitized and not in the mood to walk around looking for a Walgreens - regardless of whether it is an OTC or prescription drug.

Anonymous said...

Turfgrrl asks, "Then Hamsher driving 'key staff' to the Colbert show is an in kind contribution that will appear as a donation in Lamont's filings, right?"

Actually, it is very common for volunteers to provide services, such as driving the candidate or staffers to events. To the best of my knowledge, this does not count as an in-kind donation. Nor, does volunteers doing phonebanking for a candidate, or putting up lawn signs on their front lawns.

If Turfgrrl can provide documentation otherwise, I would be very interested in seeing it.

Anonymous said...

turfgrrl's argument that a candidate should be able to control everything a supporter says is an illustration of why I am not a member of the Republican party.

It may be that Republicans can do that, but Democrats encourage supporters to think and act on their own behalf.

Some supporters will say or do stupid things at times, but then again, perhaps turfgrrl is just acting stupidly on her own behalf and not being controlled by the Lieberman campaign.

Anonymous said...

Bruce -

Don't you mean following Joementum back to Washington? Primary winner or not - he's still going to win the general. How doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Though I am a Lamont supporter and I am confident that he will win on Tuesday, I am deeply saddened by this primary.
In the end, a very small handful of supporters on both sides of both primaries will have so fractured the Democratic party and progressive politics that it will take years for us to rebuild.
The hate, name-calling, anonymous sniping via keyboard and publicity stunts, litmus tests, broad-brush stroke labeling, accusation-throwing, rumor-mongering, and folks' drunkenness with perceived power is sickening.

I have worked in Democratic politics for most all of my life as a volunteer and as a professional all over the country and have been mostly called a progressive, but prefer to be called a pragmatic progressive.

After this primary is over, then the general, and all of the people who got caught up in the sexiness of a challenge campaign in Connecticut have left our state or disappeared back into their every day lives, ther will undoubtedly be a lot of pieces to pick up and a lot of fences to mend if we want our state to remain blue. This divided house cannot stand.

The question is: will you be there to help pick up the pieces? to mend the fences? Or will you simply feel content in having been a piece in this one little blink of history?

I do this for my children and grandchildren and not for Ned, to beat someone else, to make a statement, to hurt others or anything else that is very much this year and not necessarily the next.

If you truly Be there on August 9th and November 8th...and at next May's elections and next August and next November...and next...and next.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:36 said: "turfgrrl's argument that a candidate should be able to control everything a supporter says is an illustration of why I am not a member of the Republican party."

Congratulations Anon 3:36, you just got elected into the Hall of Fame for "Most Idiotic Statement".
I'm sure your parents will be proud.

Here's a tip: stay annonymous!

bluecoat said...

anon: the traditional candidates and their respective party leaders - specifically the Democrats in CT - could have set a civil tone and called for one constantly but they chose not to do that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57: Great, great post. Dead on.

turfgrrl said...

bluecoat-- You might recall I've said that the CT legislature has no right to tell private hospitals run by religious organizations how to run their operations. I would no sooner want the CT government telling me where I can go for angioplasty either, but wait, isn't this the same legislature that told people in Norwalk suffering from an acute heart attack that it is better for them to drive to Bridgeport or Greenwich instead of the Norwalk hospital?

"We have applied several times in the past and have been turned down," said Dr. Stephen Michaelson, chief of staff at Norwalk Hospital. "We would like to do the whole service, but at a minimum would like to get acute angioplasty."

Anonymous said...

bluecoat at 4:06.

There again with the broad brush.

Please...just stop.

bluecoat said...

turffgrrl: you mix up your issues; CT has an Office of Healthcare Access that dates back 50 years that decides who can provide what services at a hopital instead of letting the free market decide - it should be abolished and replaced with a quality measurement agency as part of DPH in my view and that would take care of your concern about where to go for angioplasty BUT I would remind you that Norwalk lost much of its invasive cardiology business over a decade ago because of poor quality - so they have some work ahead to get it back as well as a great deal of backroom politics to overcome; as far as plan B for rape victims, RC Hospitals put themselves out as serving the entire community in terms of an emergency like a rape -they should offer a full range of services - the ambulance driver doesn't run down list of questions about religious preferences with victims nor does the dispatcher - but I understand you are with Joe on this and I never said you weren't.

bluecoat said...

OK, I have never heard Joe, Ned, DiNardo, Malloy or Farrell and even DeStefano call for civility in the campaigns.

Hopewellian_Magi said...

When Ned Lamont wins on Tuesday next week, the Democratic Party will be united on a strong anti-Iraq war/anti-Bush message that will push the 3 Congressional Republicans out of office and make Ned Lamont the next junior senator from CT.

If Lieberman chooses to cater to his delusions of running as an Independent, he can be painted as he has been in the Dem Primary race as an enabler of failed Republican policies, policies that have made us weaker, not stronger.

The governorship will be harder to win, but the enthusiasm from the Lamont campaign may help the gubernatorial candidate develop the right game plan to attack Rell.

With Lamont at the head of the Democratic ticket, the Democratic Party will be united behind a winning message. With Lieberman at the head of the ticket, the Democrats will divided on the most important issue of the day -- the Iraq War and that division will give cover to the Republican congress critters we need to oust.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the general election. Gotta hand it to the nedheads--they have done a good job thus far. It will be more difficult reaching across party lines in the general, and even having conversations with Republicans...but conventional wisdom certainly did not see Joe losing, so perhaps Ned can reach down to his true Republican self, and make us all proud.

Anonymous said...

bluecoat said: "as far as plan B for rape victims, RC Hospitals put themselves out as serving the entire community in terms of an emergency like a rape -they should offer a full range of services - the ambulance driver doesn't run down list of questions about religious preferences with victims nor does the dispatcher...."

Bluecoat, while I appreciate the fact that you have yet again done your research before responding (a rare and laudible trait), your answer is not entirely correct (you are spot on re: OCHA).

There is a rape protocal that the EMTs and police officers in the ambulance will go through with the victim. If the victim is in condition to answer, then they will also list the options as to which hospital the victim would want to go. That discussion will include informing the victim that the RC hospitals have a different policy toward plan B, etc. It is their choice. I say this as clarification, not to in any way minimze the extraordinary trauma the victim is undergoing.

Just to further the argument you make - and this is a difficult one in my opinion - you say that thay should offer a full range of services. Question: shouldn't a woman be allowed to get an abortion too? I know plan B is not the same thing, however, a woman has a constitutional and statutory right to one and shouldn't the hospital provide it as part of its full range of services? The RC hospitals do not have to because the legislature gave them a religious exemption, as they routinely do in these matters. The legislature would not do it on plan B because it became a political issue.

Anonymous said...

As a Republican, I have nothing to say, other than fascinated by this thread....

Not sure the Dems are imploding (and wish we were better organized to take advantage of the division), but it will take awhile to come together after these primaries...


matt said...

Jane didn't even make the picture, for christ's sake. She wrote an article, and a blog artist named darkblack made the accompanying image.

Lieberman's crew is getting pretty psyched out if those are the press releases they're running with.

And turfgrrl, you're spinning pretty furiously these days... why not just make the case for Joe? The efforts to increase Lamont's negatives are clearly netting the Lieberman campaign -- the fact that it's as close as it is, with Lamont having a nearly 5-1 fav/unfav ratio (better than Rell even), means that people are clearly inclined to keep the incumbent. The attacks are weak, and make Joe look weak, like he doesn't have a think to say for himself.

matt said...

anon 2:30 - The Kiss float doesn't march at the campaign's orders. Hamsher doesn't write or say what the campaign wants her to (clearly).

trueblue 2:34 - Exactly. It's called class - the Lamont campaign is gunning for Joe's performance as a Senator, nothing more. As it should be.

matt said...

turfgrrl 2:48 - Now you're moaning about Nader and the Greens?

Lamont's campaign is filled with the most partisan Democrats anywhere. If Nader showed up in the campaign offices, people would probably beat his ass.

cgg 3:15 - the greens are idiots, and generally not all that liberal apart from environmental policy.

anon 4:03 (on anon 3:36) - that is a mind-bending example of stupidity there.

turf 4:13 - The government can require what they like in exchange for providing funds. I don't know anyone who's said that the hospital shouldn't be able to do as they please, just that if they are unwilling to meet requirements for treating certain kinds of patients, then they should lose government funding.

anon 5:16 - I think Ned will pivot to speaking of management themes (there've been some signs of this lately.) The policy themes he promotes will determine his committee assignments.

anon 531 - Many rape victims go on their own or with a friend to the hospital to do the rape kit - entirely apart from the legislation and Joe's comments on it, it does help to have the "difference" between a regular and Catholic hospital aired in public debate to help people make a choice before being confronted with it by their doctor.

556 - I think people will rally pretty fast if Ned wins (especially the congressional challengers), and the Nedheads will shut up and get out of the way if Joe wins. Lieberman as an independent would cause some stress in the state party, but not among this fall's active campaigns.


Anonymous said...

what's their next step? Staging fake outrage ala the republicans infamous Brooks Brothers Riot...doesn't work too well when you give a reporter a bloody nose in the process...

Man, the wheels are coming off this bus fast, each day I think they can't screw anything else up, but they always manage to surprise & entertain!!

cgg said...

Matt it doesn't matter if they're idiots. They have the right to organize and vote as they see fit.

turfgrrl said...

bluecoat -- but the office exists, and the "decision makers" are political appointees, and so yes, you are right that it should be abolished, but that brings us back to the CT lagging in every measurable category now doesn't it.

Re: Norwalk's bad ratings, according to whom?

It's odd that so many here would rather rant about the lack of plan b in catholic hospitals by dredging up mythical rape victims instead of the very real issue of legislatively bound constrictions placed on hospitals, especially angioplasty.

Anonymous said...

anon(9:32) When Genghis asked "Don't you have anything better to do than attack", I simply thought maybe Joe would resort to questioning the authenticity of a Union Bug. That has proven to be a really effective tactic in campaigns in Connecticut.

I didn't expect him to use his supporters to physically attack Lamont's campaign.

I don't even want to ask what next.

bluecoat said...

anon whatever time it was: that protocol is not always followed from what I know and it is also unrealistic in many cases; (and just as an aside to turffgrrl I didn't know that rape victims were mythical)but back to anon: on the comparison of Plan B to an elective abortion procedure I don't see it; to work Plan B must be administered within 72 hours of the incident as part of a comprehensive first response to the trauma of rape - from what I have read time is of the essence; and as one other anon points out if the RC hospitals accept govt. money, the choice should be up to the victim not the hospital.

bluecoat said...

Anon whatever time it was: I should clarify why I think the protocol is unrealistic - few rape victims think about the answer to the many questions before they are raped and the back of ambulance right after being raped is not a particularly good place to think about them and answer them - particularly to strangers in uniforms, which is often traaumitizing all by itself. The time to answer those questions need not be rushed to accomodate the religious beleifs of a govt. funded healthcare provider or a weak kneed legislature - it's about the victim or at least it should be in this case.