Tuesday, August 08, 2006

SOTS Sets Up Election Returns Site

If you needed a site to obsessively reload tonight, this is it:

Live election updates from the Secretary of the State.

The updates will start after the polls close. A ton of credit goes to Susan Bysiewicz and her staff for this idea.

Update: Speaking of, apparently Bysiewicz is predicting 50%-55% turnout.



Anonymous said...

Just hope it's not on the same server as Joe's website. Or that the bloggers don't hack into it.

ProLiabProf said...

A question I've been wondering about: Will increased turnout among Lieberman voters put Malloy over the top (on the theory that Lieberman voters are more likely to prefer the more centrist Malloy over DeStefano)?

CC said...

"a ton of credit"? Elections and alphabetizing lists are the only real things she is tasked with doing! (Yes, her stem cell research forum was not at all within the purview of her office....)