Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Update from Lamont HQ

246 Precincts Reporting - 10,000 vote spread in favor of Lamont

They just announced that all but 2 precincts of Bridgeport have reported and Lamont has a lead.

WTIC reported that Lieberman is "praying". Of course it was radio, so he could of been "preying", no reports on whom...

Update from the TV 55% to 45% advantage Lamont

208 Precincts Reporting
47,000 Lamont
39,0000 Lieeberman

194 Precincts Reporting
Lamont 44,000+
Lieberman 39,000+



Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me the address of the Lieberman HQ?

Anonymous said...

Cut it out with that praying / preying thing, very bad boy.

-- MikeB