Friday, August 18, 2006

Lamont and Edwards Event

First of all, in addition to CGG's pictures and video below, a few intrepid bloggers have posted video of the event: spazeboy, ctblogger, and tparty. Check out the video if you get a chance... (spazeboy and ctblogger have both promised extended video in the next few days)

The event was a day ago and the sites mentioned above have done great work writing about it (and the print media has covered it as well: NH Register; Courant), so I will just talk about a few points that stood out to me.

John Edwards is scary good at giving a speech. And, if he decides to run for President again (which he certainly seems to be preparing to do), he may find Connecticut to be fertile ground. His campaign got off to a late start and was badly outmanned in '04 and he still pulled 24% - '08 could be another story. Meanwhile, expect to see more possible presidential candidates in Connecticut before November to stump for Lamont. Like John Kerry (scroll down to the updates).

Most political speeches (at least since Bobby Kennedy) don't spend much time on poverty (unless they are based on the work of Charles Murray). It was refreshing to hear two politicians get up on a stage and speak eloquently about the scourge of poverty and how, as a nation, we are missing an opportunity to combat it. If Lamont continues to discuss the topic, it may help him continue to erode Joe Lieberman's Democratic support (check the maps to the right to see where each candidate found their support in the primary) without (IMHO) having much of an effect on Rs or Is.

I think events like this generally do more for the Presidential aspirant than they do for the Senate candidate. Here, did John Edwards stumping for Ned Lamont sway even one vote over to Ned Lamont? I think its likely that most supporters of Edwards who are strong enough supporters to be swayed by their guy's endorsement were already Lamont voters. That said, this race is a little different. Events like this have the potential to aid Lamont in that they can create buzz, generate donations, and generally put pressure on Lieberman to abandon his indy run. Of course, one event isn't going to do all that, but if we see a steady parade of national Democratic leaders coming through Connecticut, and a steady stream of contributions going to Lamont and not to Lieberman, the pressure on Lieberman to preserve his dignity will become that much higher.


matt said...

Not so - a huge part of Edwards' base of support is made of trial lawyers. Joe's background as AG and (for some lawyers) as a Jew has traditionally given Joe a lot of lawyer support, and Edwards' appearance was an opportunity for Lamont make his case and to start building bridges to this key Dem power base.

It's more about dollars moved than votes, and it's not a strict takeaway in the way that Maxine appearing took away measurable black support from Lieberman, but it is significant. The real news was probably the after-event, not the rally.

Anonymous said...

Even Alan Gold wouldn;t fold the hand Joe has.....a 13 point lead AFTER the primary

Anonymous said...

If Joe was worried about "dignity" he wouldn;t hire the guy who beat Al D'Amato in a street fight to be his media whiz

Anonymous said...

This is not about Lamont/Lieberman now.Anyone with a half a brain knows Lamonts going to win.The Republicas are using Lieberman to save Johnson,Simmons and Shays and it just may work because Leberman had his feelings hurt and now wants revenge.

Hadassah better be ready to live a different and much less afluent lifestyle because the real revenge is going to be on Joe not by Joe.

After November doing buisness with former Senator Lieberman will be the deathnell for anyone in DC.Watch as the consumate insider becomes the pariah of the beltway.

Anonymous said...

"Joe's background as AG and (for some lawyers) as a Jew..."

Which dumb-ass moderator let that comment through???

matt said...

Do you have a problem, anon 1106?

There are bonds of support there. Lieberman and his people are working overtime to strengthen them, Lamont and Edwards had an event to weaken those bonds.

Having a profession or religion in common often gets you in the door. If there's some case you think you can make here that this is some kind of anti-semitic comment, have at it.

John Fahan said...

I was one of the few CT elected
oficials to have endorsed Edwards
for President the first time around
and I will support him again.

John E. Fahan