Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lieberman Campaign Encouraged, Cautious Re: QU Poll

In response to the Quinnipiac Poll which shows Senator Joe Lieberman ahead of Democratic primary winner Ned Lamont, the Lieberman for Senate campaign has issued the following statement:

"This poll is a very encouraging sign for our campaign. It shows that Connecticut voters from across the political spectrum have had enough of the partisanship and polarization that has broken Washington and want a Senator who will rise above petty politics to get things done for our state. That's just the kind of principled leadership Joe Lieberman has provided for the past 18 years, and why his call for a new politics of unity and purpose is resonating with Democrats, Republicans and independents alike.

“But we recognize that it’s still quite early, and we certainly know from experience that campaigns are not decided by early polling. The fact is we are in the challenger in this race -- we are challenging the conventional partisan politics -- and we are going to keep running as if we are behind. We plan on taking our message of positive change and real results to the voters every day between now and November 7th and fighting for every vote.”

This is clearly a different campaign being run by Senator Lieberman and his new staff (which is still evolving) than the campaign leading up to the Democratic primary. Senator Lieberman will continue to reach out to voters across the political spectrum over the next several months, hoping to champion the message that voters are tired of partisan politics.


Anonymous said...

This is clearly a different campaign being run by Senator Lieberman and his new staff

Yes, he no longer has to pretend that he is a Democrat, now that he is the all-but-official Republican candidate.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, if you're tired of partisan politics, vote for the guy who said his opponent helps AlQaeda.

D for Demsbetta said...

It's a different campaign, all right. Right before the primary he tried to convince Democrats that really, he was a good Democrat, and even moderate and realistic about Iraq.

Since he lost, he's suddenly turned into Zell Miller, continually harping on the theme that a vote for Democrats is a vote for Al Qaeda.

But in between all the extremist rhetoric, you're right, he's trying to appeal to unaffiliated voters and other people fed up with the cesspit that is Washington.

On the plus side for that effort you have the work of the lazy media who continue referring to him as the "independent" candidate.

On the other side is the reality that the guy is an 18-year incumbent who is literally in bed with K Street. And his talk that everything is going swimmingly in Iraq. And that he agreed with Abu Gonzalez that the Geneva Conventions are quaint and obsolete. And the help he's getting from Karl Rove and the new front group from the people who brought us the Swift Boats. And...

disgruntled_republican said...

TG -

Good post. Lets hope this is a better campaign than the primary. From the looks of the press release, its obvious it will be.

Anonymous said...

A little off the topic, but the Waterbury Rep-Am has slammed Lamont again for his lame apology for his campaign manager attack on the people of Waterbury. Obviously, Lieberman will win Waterbury. But, the real loser here is Chris Murphy. While he wasn't going to win Waterbury, this will cost him a lot of votes.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this is a better campaign than the primary. From the looks of the press release, its obvious it will be.

Cause now maybe the Republican will win.

TrueBlueCT said...

Reach across the aisle? He already has 75% of the Republican vote!

Lieberman is both partisan and a radical when it comes to Bush's war. Let's see how well his extremism wears with CT's unaffiliated voters.

Genghis Conn said...

No, this is good. Lieberman's primary campaign was a bile-filled disaster that turned a lot of people off. If they had issued this release, they would have included some sort of extremely nasty swipe at Lamont. This kind of release sounds more like the Lieberman a lot of people picture.

Lamont has a real challenge on his hands.

Anonymous said...

TrueBlueCT: Unlike you and others like you, who are motivated by hate and anger (witness your disgusting post yesterday about Gov. Rell), most people in CT, regardless of party affiliation, respect politicians who stand on principle and, as a result, will continue to vote for them even though they may disagree on an issue or two. Further, most CT voters understand that the issue is not whether this war was just, or a mistake; rather, the most important issues now are what do we do now and how do we continue to protect ourselves from terrorists? On those issues, there are more people that understand that date specific withdrawing of troops is not the best plan, and that we need to be vigilant in our war on terror. Quite frankly, TrueBlueCT, from your posts that I have read, you are the one who comes across as an extremist. Your Senate candidate is looking more like an extremist too.

bluecoat said...

Tom Swann isn't going to win Ned the election. It's a different ball game going after the electorate in general.

Anonymous said...

looks to me like true gentleman has quit the GOP to Join the Cult Of Lieberman.

If I were to compare Lieberman to any other historical figure I think Adolf Eichman would be the closests.

Collaberator Joe?

The True Gentleman said...

Anon 3:46, of course you would think that. You, like many other Lamont supporters, cannot accept the fact that bipartisan behavior is ana cceptable form of governance. But keep the quips coming, the more you talk like that the more the vote swings away from Mr. Lamont. Did you ever stop to think that maybe that is what I, AS A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, prefer?

Skydogct said...

I'm tired of partisan politics also. I think we all should just become moderates like Joe so that we won't get blogged down in useless arguements and we can all just get along. I hope someday the President might kiss me, right on my ass. I think I'll get started on the float for the next Willi parade.

Anonymous said...

talking about Jodie Rell's lack of a formal education is about as useful as discussing Tom Swan's hygene and lack of ironed shirts..

Anonymous said...

On other blogs Sen. Lieberman's religion has been mentioned as a reason for his position on Iraq and the Middle East in general.

With that in mind, I have a question for the Lamont supporters: what are Lamont's religious beliefs? I could not find anything on his website. Moreover, the Waterbury Rep-Am practically called him an atheist, yet I have not seen a response from his camp deny the charge. Is he an atheist? I would like to know, and I think that the people of CT deserve to know before they vote this November. I hope someone can clear this up for me.

FrankS said...

Having lost the primary campaign, Lieberman is changing his tone and continuing to focus or speak about anything other than Iraq. It's the same Lieberman, the staff changes mean very little when longtime aides replace the temp campaign help.

Anonymous said...

Ned The "Lamo" Lamont cant win and he can thank his pal who he will not fire from his Campaign Tom Swan for his certain defeat in November AS Waterbury goes so does the State and Left Said Ned's Liberal one issue message is falling on deaf ears.

Lieberman wins and The Liberal tide goes back out to sea.

Bobby McGee said...

Lieberman spent the entire primary season trying to convince us he was a great Democrat. Now he's accepting support from national Republicans at every turn.

I wish I had principles like Joe.


disgruntled_republican said...


to everyone posting here that attacking other bloggers and calling them names is not acceptable and the comment will be rejected.

I remind you because I just rejected 3 such comments. Please, lets keep the conversation civil.

Fat guy in a little coat said...

TBCT, what does it say about you and the Democratic party if they can't beat your proclaimed 'idiot' rell. i'm thinking maybe george costanza, Lord of the Idiots. she may be unelected now, however 12 weeks from now she will be elected by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

So it is OK for a blogger to call the Governor names, but it is not OK to call a blogger the same name. Huh?

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 4:29 -

I have not been moderating all day and have not read all the posts. If their is one that you find offensive, feel free to email me and I will look at it. Others have done this in the past as sometimes they slip through when we have a lot of comments. To email me, click on my profile to the right and then click on my email address.

disgruntled_republican said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks disgruntled. No need to back channel, I'll do it out in the open: please read TBCT's post at 3:52pm this afternoon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts:

1. Murphy wasn't going to win Waterbury? Are you kidding or did you just move to the 5th from Mars? Of course he was (and most likely is) going to win Waterbury -exatly what would Nancy Johnson have in common with anyone in Waterbury?

2. Jodi's lack of formal education isn't her problem. Its her lack of formal or informal accomplishments in office that is her problem. Tell me exactly what has she done? Nada, zip, zilch. She hasn't even figured out that health care is an issue. Think about it: not one mention of the words health care in her state of the state address.

Then again its not a surprise that she's out of touch. Think about it: ten years as Govenor Hot Tub's LtGov. Either she knew he was a crook and didn't do a damn thing about it - which makes her complicit OR she didn't know which makes her a complete idiot! (think about it - Bill Curry ran on Rowland is a crook and the Courant figured it out from the outside).

You pick: complicit companion to a crook or idiot who can't see what's going on right in front of her face - Those are truly the only choices - I don't care which one you pick - neither one indicates qualification to be Governor!!

Oh wait: there is one more option: she knew and chose to do nothing to further her own career....yea that's better than dupe or fellow traveller. I guess we'll let you pick this one if you really want to: unethical opportunist!

Anonymous said...

GC: can you do a special invite to Schlesinger and ask him if he'd like to come on the site and speak his piece? I'm sure that after today the gloves are off and we can see the real Alan Schlesinger.

CTKnows said...

Anon 3:53 Asked if any knew Ned Lamonts religious affilliation , didn't see an answer. I'm curious also. Anyone know?

TrueBlueCT said...


Can you please tell me why one of my posts (3:52pm) was removed? This anonymous guy calls me out, and I reply in kind, without going over the top. Next thing I know one of your Republican moderators down what I wrote??

While I can understand that the Republicans around here are thin-skinned, there is no cause for censorship. (particularly when THEY give as well as they get.)

If anyone thinks something I write is over the line, just e-mail me. I'll take it down myself. But I shouldn't have something I write removed by one of your Republicans just because I call Governor Rell an idiot who couldn't finish her coursework at Western Connecticut State. (and oh yeah, she doesn't have any plans to address CT's problems, b/c she's not smart enough to know what those problems might be.)

Anonymous said...

GC: agreed w/ Trueblue...for the purposes of full disclosure, I'm a Republican.

If someone wants to voice their opinion, no matter how controversial, it shoudl be heard in this forum. So long as they don't create a fiction (ex. "X" is a sex offender). But if they feel that somone is an idiot or points out an obvious fact, then they should have their voice heard. The best thing about blogs is that they aren't PC--and that's a big part about what makes them a hotbed for debate. If I can call someone an "idiot" to their face on the street, then I should be able to do the same here.

D for Demsbetta said...


I believe Ned Lamont is a member of the Round Hill Community Church, a non-denominational congregation in Greenwich.

One of his daughters (not Emily, I think the younger one) is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich.

Not sure why that's an issue, since to be honest I haven't seen Joe's religion raised as a valid reason for his whacked-out neoconservative foreign policy ideas, or at least not without a big dose of STFU leveled at the wingnuts who try to introduce that point.

But you asked, and so I endeavor to be of service.

Oh, and perhaps I should point out that the information in the Republican-American's "Red Ned" editorial does not check out. It appears to come directly from the Trilateral Commission school of big conspiracy theories. Use at hazard of your own credibility.

Anonymous said...


Why the derogatory attitude that she didn't finish college??

If you feel that it is important to have a degree, fine. No problem. But for calling her an 'idiot for not finishing he coursework' is, well, lame.

There are plenty of legit issues... and perhaps it is important to have a degree. If so, explain (mine has been useless...).

justavoter said...

The Waterbury comment was taken out of context and the Waterbury Republican is not the Washington Post or the New York Times.

Waterbury voters are smart and the Democrats in Waterbury will vote for Ned Lamont because they to want change in Washington .

Not everyone in Waterbury thinks like the Waterbury Republican in there attacks on Ned Lamont.

I guess thats why they call it the Waterbury Republican not Democrat.

The Q polls will change in favor of Lamont as we get close to November 7th and all of you who support Lierman will this time have to except that Lieberman lost and its time to say bye bye to the Seante Joe you gotta go.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Nancy Johnson have in common with anyone in Waterbury?

Nancy's not known for stabbing people in the back which is what Murphy only claim to fame appears to be.

Genghis Conn said...

Check the maps, anonymous, Johnson won Waterbury in 2004.

The True Gentleman said...

Anonymous 11:48, I don't know what you are talking about...I think you are referring to TrueBlueCT's post, not mine ("TG"). I would never belittle someone who does not have a degree (college or even high school). TrueBlueCT and I are VERY DIFFERENT commenters, and I am sure that you inadvertently addressed your post to "TG."

TrueBlueCT said...

yep, VERY DIFFERENT. You know where I'm coming from. The True Gentleman on the other hand is very secretive about why he is a Republican.

Why are you a Republican True Gent? Do you think rich people aren't getting a fair shake? Is it all about abortions? Or do you claim the fake moral high ground?

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

I feel pretty comfortable with the way this race is going for Joe. In fact, I'm going to coast through this weekend with confidence.

As much as it will break your heart, I'm taking the weekend off from posting while MATHEMATICS overtake your hopes and dreams.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...


Your tribute to Dick was moving. One of the few good guys.

The system chews a lot of good guys up.

On the other hand, occasionally, the system digests a bit, then vomits- and that's what the Q-Pac poll is showing with Ned Lamont.

The True Gentleman said...

Surprise...surprise...there goes TrueBlueCT with another attack on someone for no apparent reason.

brickbat said...

Don't believe the spin.

This poll result is NOT a good sign for the Lieberman campaign. He has been a fixture in CT politics for 20 years and he doesn't have anything even resembling a commanding lead.

Because he's such a known quantity it is difficult to see how his support will grow. On the other hand, the less-known Lamont (and, to a lesser extent, the non-entity Schlesinger) will almost certainly pick up support.

That he leads in the first poll is not a surprise. What will be a surprise is if it isn't Joey's high point.

justavoter said...

Lates Kos Daily Poll in check this out.
Lamont can win by 49%-45%, or better according to the latest Kos Daily Poll Released.
But, by merely increasing his support among Democrats from 63% to 75% and evening out support among Independents from 36% to 47% (both realistic and reasonable goals), Lamont will manage a 4% margin victory:
Prediction for CT-Sen:
Lamont (49%), Lieberman (45%), Schlesinger (4%), Other (1%)
The Q Poll is only one of the three or four Polls to look at.

Still like in any race the voters have to go and vote for Lamont like they did in the Primary in larger numbers in the General election.
My feeling is Ned will win this how many points who really knows.

Anonymous said...

The Lieberman-Lamont race will have numerous ups-and-downs in the next 2-1/2 months. I do agree, however, that Lieberman is a known quantity and has nowhere to go but down. How far he drops will determine the result. Even his biggest fans have to admit that he's pretty much been a non-entity in the State since 2000, spending far more time snuggling up to Sean Hannity than working the crowd at the Hebron Fair. That, more than the policy stuff, may be the way for Lamont to woo a serious chunk of the unaffiliated vote.