Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stealth Campaigning

I thought the idea was to meet people, not sneak up on them:
Less than an hour before U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign bus pulled up outside City Hall, the city registrar's office had no idea the senator was coming.

Hardly anyone else did either.

Not until about 9 p.m. Wednesday did Democratic Party leaders in Bristol find out that Lieberman was heading to town the next morning. When city Councilor Ellen Zoppo got word, she said she tried to send out e-mails to people who would want to know but it was already quite late.

The party chairman in Bristol, Dean Kilbourne, waited for Lieberman for about 20 minutes at City Hall before heading to his law office. He never did see the senator.(Collins)

The sad thing is that, according to the article, there were people who genuinely wanted to see him.


Collins, Steve. "Joe keeps visit quiet." Bristol Press 4 August, 2006.


maura said...

"Sneak up on them" - hilarious. :-)

ctkeith said...

We've Mounted the "Kiss Float" Heads on a Skywriting Plane and Plan On writing in the Sky at every Joe TourBus Stop Tomorrow,


I can't wait to see Joe's Face and Kenny D doing the Electric Slide.

Anonymous said...

As a Bristol resident who happened to catch the schedule in time I couldn't pass up a chance to see a train wreck in person. I was not disappointed. There seemed to be about twenty people at most at the registrar's office (including several from the Lieberman campaign, the candidate and his wife). They showed up fifteen minutes late and weren't there for more than fifteen minutes. The whole thing seemed totally oblivious to the city that just happened to exist around them. What kind of campaign do you have when almost no one shows up. I was disappointed that the Kiss float was not there to accompany them. I've been wanting to meet those guys.

Wolcottboy said...

Did anyone see how Lamont tried to get into the Litchfield Hills Jazz Fest? Repeatedly?

Finally, he had to call Lieberman's campaign and invite him there so that the event could be apolitical.

Why on earth do you plan to show up somewhere and not TELL someone? Y'know- might be nice for the mayor to know why there's a bunch of NATIONAL cameras descending upon your town hall. Was there a murder/scandal/power outage I didn't know about?

Or if your an event coordinator and you're trying to bring one act on and another and you've got heat-related medical issues going while a vender is having a problem with electricity at theit tent- the LAST thing you want is some guy walking around with NATIONAL media and uninvited 'guests' snooping around shaking hands!