Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rasmussen: Lieberman Lead 3%

This is pretty impressive for Lamont:
Rasmussen Reports began polling the Ned Lamont-Joe Lieberman general election match-up last night. After 375 interviews, preliminary numbers show Lieberman ahead of Lamont by 3 percentage points. Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger is a non-factor in the single digits.

Remember, this is just preliminary. But if that trend holds up, this could be a much tighter race than the pundits are saying, right now.


Anonymous said...

This is good news for Lamont and very bad news for Lieberman.

Lieberman has no place to grow -- people know him and if they aren't with him now, it's doubtful they'll move to him.

He can only lose the votes of anti-war Democrats, even those who supported him on Tuesday, and he'll already have the support of the Republicans and Unafilliateds that are inclined his way.

Lamont, as the new kid on the block, can pick up support as people get to know him.

Gary said...

Lamont is still basking in the glow of his upset win. I wouldn't put too much stock in numbers within 24 hours of the primary. No matter how they came out I'd be skeptical. Most people aren't paying a lot attention and only hear a headline.

You have to go about two weeks out to get something even resembling accurate. When that happens, I would expect Lamont to show better than expected - because he hasn't undergone any real scrutiny yet. That will change over the course of a three month general election campaign.

BRubenstein said...

Id bet this is accurate...Ned will go up as he consolidates the D's...and as folks forget the gambling will AS...leaving Joementum with another loss.

cgg said...

I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

BRubenstein...if people forget the gambling stuff there is nothing to remember Alan for

Mr. Reality said...

Last month these two were tied, now Lieberman has a 3 point lead. This is good news for Lamont? It may be an indication that Lamont has already peaked.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman won the election yesterday when we were snapped back into the reality that there are actually terrorists still out there with big plans to kill us.

Watch Bush's approval numbers jumpe ten points in the enxt week because we Dems still don't get the fact that we're all in danger.