Monday, August 28, 2006

RTCs Start Dropping Schlesinger

Not a huge surprise:
Local Republican committees are starting to follow the lead of their rank and file in Connecticut by abandoning the quixotic Senate candidacy of Republican Alan Schlesinger. On August 11th, the Killingworth Republican Town Committee voted to withdraw its endorsement of Schlesinger.

The real question is who they might endorse in his place. Kevin Rennie seems to think they might endorse Lieberman. Could be interesting if they do.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

seems to think they might endorse Lieberman.

Which is what Southington did in 1988.

MikeCT said...

tparty at LamontBlog provides an interesting perspective on Lieberman's hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

AS is taking out petitions to run with Audrey Blondin...

Anonymous said...

ORCHULLI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GMR said...

What about Willington?

Timm Knibbs said...

If they endorse Lieberman it will show that there is really only one major party in CT and that the Republicans in CT in no way conservative. The only conservative in the race in Timothy Knibbs.(Me)

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Timm Knibbs said... ...the Republicans in CT in no way conservative

Thank heavens no.

Most of us are the ideological, and some of us literal heirs to the very Founders of both the state and nation as well as the Abolishionist Party and the Underground Railroad.

The ultra-white, ultra-right faction serves us little purpose aside from embarrassment.

As social liberals and military hawks, Lieberman doesn't bother us much.

The True Gentleman said...

Mr. Knibbs, I must respectfully disagree with you. If the CT GOP electorate throws its support behind Senator Lieberman it is based on a realization that Alan Schlesinger is not an attrative candidate to the masses (see his polling numbers) and that Senator Lieberman, who is a defense hawk, is a better alternative than Ned Lamont. It has nothing to do with ideology, only reality and self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

I believe Republicans are suppporting Lieberman because they know it weakens the CT Democratic party. As a moderate Democrat who will vote for a good Republican,
( not Bush) I know I will be spending more time on the Republican line than I would have prior to the Ned VS Joe primary.

Anonymous said...

Two observations:

1. Killingworth is to the CT Republicans what Willington is to the CT Democrats.

2. Kevin Rennie is a windbag who has no clue what is really happening in the Republican party (even Alan Schlesinger is more popular than Rennie).

The True Gentleman said...

Anon 9:36, you're wrong - it has to do with the lesser of two evils. Ned Lamont would be worse for Connecticut and America in the eyes of Republicans than Senator Lieberman. And for those Democrats that believe the Republicans in this State have abandoned their own candidate, Alan Schlesinger, you are also wrong. You have to be more than a candidate to have appeal to the voters.

And Anon 9:36, of course you aren't going to vote for President Bush, he's not running for any political office.

Anonymous said...

Colchester has withdrawn their support as well.

A Derby RTC Member said...

I wish the Derby RTC would...that would really send a message!

bluecoat said...

I can see that Gallo's letter backing Alan to all the RTC's has had its normal impact. What's Gallo and Rell's reign really done for the CT GOP except maybe win a few First Selectman seats in a couple of little towns?

Anonymous said...

Ol' 2% Schlesinger-------wonder what sort of odds he's placed on himself?

Alan, since you want a nice parachute to drop out, how much did you request? If it was $50,000 when you had 6%, what is it now at 2%? Would the $18,000 that you've raised do it?

FYI--I believe Darien and/or Wilton town committees also gave Gold a no-confidence booster. Was in the Advocate.

bluecoat said...

By way of information, Orchulli is head of the Darien RTC and I am not sure how he is doing from this back and forth exchange, which isn't new BTW.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont is a disaster,a joke and a millionaire with too much time on his hands.

The Republicans will do whatever they need to do.But I guarantee a lot of them go to Lieberman If Schlesinger's campaign tanks.

Lamont with his Lamo Message gets no GOP support unless they are a RINO.

TrueRepublican said...

We as Connecticut Republicans need to support Allan he's has Conservative values and we can take the Senate seat if we back him from Lieberman.
He's pro Life supports the current great work we are doing to help Iraq.
If Lieberman wants our Republican vote then he should join our party.

We need to support our own who are Republicans .

bluecoat said...

Alan Gold supports the current great work we are doing to help Iraq is an absolute bullshit statement. He was talking about cutting the troops in half and redeploying them to the soutern border of the US before Streitz ever endorsed him at the GOP convention.

Anonymous said...

I think the GOP and Those for Lieberman have one thing in common:

No Ned Lamont!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow republicans Lieberman is more liberal than Clinton and Kennedy. We should be supporting the GOP candidate.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Alan Schlesinger should drop out he is The Republican Candidate for US Senate he won the nomination and it is a shame The CT Republican Party cant get behind him and give him full support.

But I guess you cant count on the Major Parties to do the right thing..Ask Joe Lieberman about that one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15 said...

"But I guarantee a lot of them go to Lieberman If Schlesinger's campaign tanks."


I really hate to break it to you Anon, but Lamont is polling higher than Schlesinger among registered Republicans.

There are any number of better words you could choose to describe the state of the Schlesinger campaign. My pick would be "delusional."

Anonymous said...

I have more respect for Connecticut Republicans these day than the Unrecognizable Connecticut Democratic Party which has been taken over by Aliens and Liberals like the founder.

The Connecticut GOP will retain the Governorship Because Jodi Rell is a straight shooter while John DeStefano isnt.

Yesterday weasel said on a different posting area that 99.9% of Malloy Supporters are with Destefano and that just isnt true and it is because of this lie and deceive tactic and lets twist the truth around that The CT Democrats will lose in November.

It is because of Mr Crane's continious distortion of fact and fiction and that DeStefano and Lamont cant be trusted.

That I am seriously considering supporting Rell and I am supporting Lieberman in November.

I can not stand this cat and mouse game that the founder plays with people he states things that are totally inaccurate and not true.

I suggest that he sticks to Branford and that little corner of the world and stop telling people things that are lies.

Anonymous said...

truerepublican - really?

You are either a Democrat imposter, trying to push Republican votes away from Lieberman in order to help Lamont, or you are clueless? Which is it?

You said Schlesinger is pro-life: wrong. He is pro-choice (please go read his website).

You said he supports the great work in Iraq: wrong (please read bc's comment above).

C'mon you Lamont guys, you need to be a little more creative than this!

Anonymous said...

Anon 323- You are seeing a fine example of the Lamont Team's lie and deception tactic.

They tell you a lie and get you to believe it and this is why Lamont will not win in November.

People are smarter than the Lamont Groupies think and we are on to them and the lie and deceive tactic it is getting as old and stale as the kiss buttons and the kiss float.

I guess they just dont have anymore original ideas.

Anonymous said...

Truerepublican -

Actually, according to his website, Schlesinger is Pro-Choice.

Schlesinger and his supporters are providing wonderful comedy relief this election season. Although, it's been over a month since he put out the press release demanding to participate in the Democratic Primary Debate, and all he's done in the meantime is go on Hardball.

Come on Alan, your fans want some new material..... You could campaign in a dress. Or maybe announce the launch of your 2008 Presidential exploratory committee? Wait, here's a better idea, yell "hit!" when the next Q poll comes out showing you still are way below 17 points in the polls.

Anonymous said...

The"New" and Not Improved Democratic Party is showing us why their US Senate Candidate Ned Lamont is going to lose in November.

The "New" and Not Improved Democratic Party is run by a Liberal think tank led by the founder who has yet to go on Sean Hannity or Fox News ...Because he is afraid of Conservatives...I think he is afraid he might catch a disease from us or something.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that the appeal for Republicans to support the endorsed GOP candidate, Alan Schlesinger (regardless of of anything other than he is of our party), was obvious posted by a Lamontista, I feel compelled to refute the logic--for it is the same logic that Lamont is trying to use among D's.

Liberals used to be the free thinkers, the unfettered souls, the indefatigable defenders of individualism and the crusaders against the corporate armies of singleminded automatons. How far have we fallen?

Today's Connecticut liberals demand single-issue solidarity, are rigid and inflexible toward anyone who expresses a variance in views, and require that one adopt a strict policy of brand-loyalty (read: Democrat) without even evaluating the product.

Conversely, the Republicans seem to have embraced the "don't judge a book by it's cover," we take people one-at-a-time mentality that has kept it in executive power for twelve years running. Their governor flits between issues with little regard for whether it has liberal or conservative intonations, their congressional candidates (depsite the hype) are the mavericks of the beltway, and their party is made up of pro-choice, pro-life, pro-death penalty, anti-death penalty, pro-gun, anti-gun, pro-religion, aetheist, pro-environment, pro-business, pro-ANWR, pro-clean energy people.

The issues are not the problem with Mr. Schlesinger. The problem is leadership. People want leadership: Joe has it, Alan does not. That is why Joe takes 3 of 4 Republicans, and that is what has sustained the Connecticut Republican Party during the past decade.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

It always gets ugly when Lamonters, high on Nedrenaline, meet reality.

This is like Dean in Iowa, peaking too soon. Ask Joe Trippi, if you can find him, about how that all went.

Anonymous said...

it is the typical NedMania, Lamont Express hype and it is all going to crash down on them on Election Day.

The Lamont Express is going to derail No Liberals Survive.

Happy Days are here again(GO Lieberman!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

More Like NedMania meets Crack!!!!!! these people say the craziest things I guess this is what happens when you sniff too many paint or exhaust fumes.

Anonymous said...

The founder is a Liberal Left Wing Liar.

We know you love DeStefano and Lamont But lets stop the lie and deceive tactics.

Your Boy Lamont couldnt even show up in Litchfield County to The Torrington DTC Picnic yesterday Must of had something anti war cause that was more important.

I cant wait until Lieberman wins and we can wipe the smug and arrogant look off your face when your boy Lamont gets the whipping on Election Day he deserves and will get.

And please stop being a liar and go play on your stupid anti american website.