Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Independent Democrat

Connecticut for Lieberman is off and running. Lieberman is billing his campaign as a crusade against partisanship. Voters, on the other hand, aren't so hot about his decision to run as an independent.

What do you think?

Do you support Joe Lieberman's decision to run as an independent?
Yes - I'll always support Joe
Yes - He has the right to run
Yes - Someone needs to stop Lamont
No - He's weakening the Democratic Party
No - He lost, fair and square
No - I hate everything Joe does
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Anonymous said...

I am glad Joe is running as an independant, he will still win, and he will hurt the Dems at the same time. This is awsome. The Dems are imploding, what a time ot be alive :D

AB said...

Lamonmt has no real grasp on the issues. His view of world politics is one of naivete. He actually believs that brutal, murderous amercian and jew hating muslim extremists can be reasoned with. Hes wrong and thats why Lieberman needs to run and win. Further Lamont says he is supporting the peoples so called will on Iraq based upon polls which say 65 percent are unhappy with the war.
Well by the same token, Lamont favors legalzing Gay Marriage, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans are against it. How does he reconcile that position. Fact is, Lamont is nothing more than a rich kid trying to buy a Senate seat. if he wins all Connecticut residents are worse off. I can guarantee you, independents and republicans are going to support Lieberman as well as devout democratic Lieberman loyalists.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson...that say's it all.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson...that says it all.

Anonymous said...

The biggest loser of the night? The Hartford Courant. They supported Lieberman and Malloy. That shows how much influence and credibility they have!

Anonymous said...

Joe has filed!!!

Go Joe!!!

Repubs, Dems, Indies--defeat crazy Ned!!!

Anonymous said...

Its simple, Lamont represents that lunatic left fringe that has the biggest mouths. The only people who lost the primary last night were the blue collar middle class families who have the hardest lot. Lamont may have won that jobless lunatic fringe that does nothing but show up to protest rallies, and follow junk politics, but come November when the stakes are real, you will see people pulling themselves off thier couches to vote for Joe. Why? Because Joe represents the heart of Connecticut, the middle class working famlies with morals. Ned is just another rich kid who never had to worry about his kids being bussed into inner cities or anything. A typical Lib, whats good for you isnt always good for me, because I got the money to be away from it.

As I said before this is just the proof that the Democrat party is out of touch with the people who keep it in power. Its not the Lunatic fringe who keeps them where they are, its the middle class families, and they just keep coming up with ways to screw them over. This is why the Dems are pretty much doomed.

Billy said...

Lamont will never win the majority of Connecticut, luckily for him its just the extreamists who vote generally in a primary. November though, Indys and Republicans get to make a choice too.

Billy said...

Ned wont be able ot win when Indys, Repubs and everyone else shows up to vote, luckily for him the kook fringe are more motivated to vote in August than regular people.

Anonymous said...

I doubt this really shows that the Dems are imploding -- I think this primary is more of an aberration than a trend.

However I do think that Joe is choosing to staisfy his own ego rather than serve the good of CT and the country by choosing to run.

The one thing he may do, which might be a nice unintended side effect, is show that a candidate not from either party can win an election. Perhaps something other an a two party system looms in the future?

The Elephant! said...

Ya know there is a Republican candidate you can support instead Alan is a very strong candidate if he is able to get his name out to the masses. Joe is going to have a very tough time especially in the debates being attacked from the left and the right constantly, I wouldn't be shocked if joe came in third when this is all said and done. Republicans are moron's if they support Lieberman over Schlesinger.

Anonymous said...

Since CT Sen is the topic du jour:

Despite my natural instinct to root against the elites' wishful thinking, I've decided that a Lamont win may pay dividends for conservatives in the long term (and with a long view).
The more this rabid element hijacks primaries and enforces purity, the less Dems can muddy the waters, play it cute, and have it all ways, like Hillary and others have long tried to.

And the more emboldened, brazen, and powerful this element becomes, the more it becomes clear which party tolerates the kookiest and nastiest conspiracy theorists. Lanny Davis got that right. Maybe Cynthia McKinney will enjoy more appreciation and longevity as a liberal blogger. I'd be happy to forward her posts on the 'Daily McKinney' all around town.

If this trend continues, we may ultimately get a lot more Al Gores (version 8.0)/Howard Deans/Nancy Pelosis (easier to caricature and defeat) and a lot less Mark Warners/John Edwards's/Evan Bayhs (harder to nail-down or pigeon-hole). Deal.

Now on to one of my long-standing pet-peeves: political labels. Maybe the 'politics of keepin' it real' will bring this benefit: more accountability for reliable Dems who have escaped the 'liberal' label by simply joining the DLC or Blue Dogs, while still maintaining the most liberal voting records (and never having their centrism scrutinized by the media or voters). The single most significant factor in determining whether a pol is labeled 'liberal' or 'moderate'/'centrist' seems to be their demeanor -- not their record. Why do DiFi and Boxer vote the same, but enjoy different labels, you ask? Style, not substance. And you only get the liberal label if you embrace it -- or at least can't seem to curb your extremist enthusiasm --like Kennedy, Wellstone, Pelosi, Dean, Boxer, Kucinich. It's not forced upon more friendly, less scary folks like H. Reid, Bayh, Edwards -- or anyone who hails from a Red State and might view the label as politically inconvenient (see Daschle, Frost, H. Ford. B. Kerrey). Seems like our moderates are the only ones who vote the way they talk and are labeled.

I like my Dems liberal and my Republicans conservative. Clear choices are good for Democracy and bad for Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Lieberman is going to have a tough time at it especially in the debates being attacked from the left and the right! Alan is a surprisingly strong candidate once you actually get a chance to speak to him in person. If he gets his name out to the masses he has a real shot, Republicans are moron's if they pass up this opportunity and vote for joe instead of alan.

Anonymous said...

The Elephant-

Alan Gold lost all credability with his casinogate scandals. I am a republican and would have voted for Alan because I do think he has some good ideas and god knows we certainly need more fiscal conservatives in Washington but lets be honest. I have a better shot of winning Powerball tonight than he has at winning this race. If this thing stays as it is now, I am going to vote for Joe because I don't want wacko Ned goinig to Washington.
The best thing he could do is step out so a Republican who has a shot (Kevin O'Connor, I am talking about you...PLEASE!!!) step in.

Billy said...

The Elephant!

I disagree. I am a Republican, but I am not going to vote for a loser like our candidate and risk ending up with a lunatic like Lamont as my Senator. Liberman while not my ideal candidate is the better choice of all 3. He loves Connecticut, and he has moral values and he is willing to talk to anyone. He will get my support.

Genghis Conn said...

The GOP is going to miss the only chance at a CT Senate seat they're going to get for a long, long time if Schlesinger stays in. For all the Republican support in the world, Lieberman's not going to caucus with the Senate GOP.

disgruntled_republican said...

Agreed GC but can we (Republicans) risk having Lamont in DC? At least with Joe we know what we get and we know he is willing to listen to us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

GC--If Joe wins, Bush appoints him to a nice cabinet appointment, Rell names an R replacement, and voila--(R) Senator-CT.

BrassBoy said...

GC, I couldn't agree more. Whether or not Mr. Schlesinger is a good candidate and would make a good Senator is becoming irrelevant at this point.

The sad part is there is so much to work with from a GOP point of view. Joe-mentum is no more and watching Mr. Lamont onstage surrounded by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and Lowell Weicker would normally have any Republican opponent salivating.

It just feels like the chances of Mr. Schlesinger capitalizing on the above are nil.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party claiming to be a "big-tent" party is officially dead!!! Sharpton & Jackson do not represent me!!!

BRubenstein said... your pennies and either email or call me to set a breakfast...

BTW..while there may be some pressure on ALan Gold to resign..right now he doesnt want to...perhaps the next round of news articles showing more scandal might do it.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it folks its a 2 way race Schlesinger(isnt going to be a factor) Between Mr Anti-War(Lamont) and Lieberman.

Ned better be prepared to lose and lose BIG.....Not even tom Swan or Keith or Peter Crane or any of the other crying anti war liberals will be able to help Left Said Ned this round now The GOP And Unaffiliateds will have their say.
GO JOE GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Cafepress crowd is already up and running with the stickers

Me, I hate the thought of war, but I think Joe got the shaft by Dean and the "Berkely" wing of our party. We should be ashamed of ourselves to so easily turn our backs on a good man.

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman....The Real and True Democrat in The US Senate Race he may not have the Party's endorsement But he will have the support.

The Ned Lamont Victory Party was a joke a bunch of bloggers playing on their computers and certain Lamont Supporters who only talked to people they think are on their side and ignored others.

Does Ned really think he can win in November.....Not with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in his corner