Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DeStefano Catching Up?

The Courant is reporting on a new Zogby poll showing John DeStefano drawing to within 17% of Gov. Jodi Rell:
a new Zogby International poll showed DeStefano trailing Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell by 17 percentage points - a far closer margin than the 32-point spread shown recently by the Quinnipiac University poll. (Keating)

The Rell campaign questioned the poll's methodology:
Rell's campaign immediately raised questions about the reliability and methodology of the Zogby survey, which referred incorrectly to the New Haven mayor as "Stefano" instead of DeStefano.

"That right there gives you an idea of the accuracy of their polling," said Rich Harris, Rell's campaign spokesman. "It just doesn't track with any of the other polls that anyone has taken."

The DeStefano campaign had been unaware of the results and expressed optimism that the race might be closer than expected.

"Zogby's got a good name," spokesman Derek Slap said. "This is consistent with what everybody thinks is going to happen - that this will tighten." (Keating)

The poll probably isn't all that accurate, although it may be correct in showing a narrowing of the race. The breakdown by party, which was available in the print version of the Courant, showed most Democrats preferred DeStefano, while almost all Republicans and a solid majority of independents favored Rell. Unfortunately for DeStefano, this is probably where things will remain--if in fact it's even this close.

Keating, Christopher. "A Union Boost For Lamont, DeStefano." Hartford Courant 29 August, 2006.


cgg said...

At this point there's nowhere for DeStefano to go but up.

The True Gentleman said...

I think when all is said and done, Governor Rell still wins by 20+%. Query: Is it Mayor DeStefano who is becoming more appealing to CT voters, or is it actually Mary Glassman who is giving Mayor DeStefano this bump?

cgg said...

TG I think it may just be that people are finally aware that it's an election year. Glassman surely doens't hurt the ticket though.

Anonymous said...

TG- If you're right about Rell by 20 than we will see a lot of new faces in the House & Senate. I personally believe it will be a much closer race.

disgruntled_republican said...

I didn't weigh in much yesterday (I actually had work to do) but I gotta tell ya, both these polls (Senate & Gov) are way of base. That would mean that JDS gained that 15ish points in about a week. Lets be honest, that wouldn't happen if Rell killed someone. His own campaign had said they weren;t aware of the results...aka...."yep, we aren't stupid...if we claim how good we are now, then the next Q-poll comes out and we are still down big so now what do we do?"

Going beyond my personal feelings, looking at the Methodology as Anon 1005 points out yesterday under "Senate Poll" it isn't exactly random.

From the WSJ's website:

"These polls were conducted by Zogby International. Online polls were conducted by the company's Zogby Interactive unit. Phone polls were conducted by Zogby International.

Zogby Interactive of Utica, N.Y. has assembled a database of individuals who have registered to take part in online polls through solicitations on the company's Web site as well as other Web sites that span the political spectrum. Individuals who registered were asked to provide personal information such as home state, age and political party to Zogby.

Zogby International telephoned about 2% of respondents who completed the interactive survey to validate their personal data. To solicit participation, Zogby sent emails to individuals who had asked to join its online-polling database, inviting them to complete an interactive poll. Many individuals who have participated in Zogby's telephone surveys also have submitted e-mail addresses so they may take part in online polls."

Sorry, I just don't but it. Especially since you have to register to get polled...not really relaible in my eyes.

CTRevolution said...

When all's said and done, I'd say DeStefano by 5. This poll shows what I expect to happen. That this race will tighten significantly. Although these numbers might be a little ahead of the trend, I expect the Q poll to show them accurate down the line.

Let's face it, people are staring to see that Rell has been a complete failure of leadership. She takes credit for all the democratic legislature accomplishments while doing nothing herself. Where does she want to see Connecticut in 4 years? Anybody heard? When people are given a clear choice between more of the same or a new governor, they are going to fire Rell.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:29 coattails? Don't count on it. Rell is no Ronald Reagan. She will hold on to her job but has done nothing to inspire people outside of her party.

Thanks to some weak Democratic opponents, The Senate R’s probably pick up 2 seats at best with Caligiuri and Capenera. The House may pick up a few more. That is it and not because of Rell but because this is not a Presidential year. What about the constitutional Seats.

Any coattails? Will Blumenthal lose? Bysiewicz? Nappier? Wyman? If Rell had any coattails we would be talking about some wins there but everyone knows there is NO SHOT!

TrueBlueCT said...


20%? What a joke! Can you at least do me this favor, and tell me what issues Rell is going to run on?

I heard:
1) Stem-cell research.
2) Civil Unions.
3) The Public financing of Campaigns.

I hate to remind everyone, but like Joe Lieberman, Jodi Rell's support has been like two miles wide, and about an inch deep.

Can an argument be made for Rell except that she is likable?

Anonymous said...

Trueblue--when you decide to take something for your chronic naiviete, you'll find that a candidate's likeability is among the most effective predictors of success.

Anonymous said...

JDS by 5??? No way. Rell by 15%.

GMR said...

Can an argument be made for Rell except that she is likable?

How about that she's not John deStefano?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said...
Can an argument be made for Rell except that she is likable?

Yes, but none needs to be made as that is in fact more than enough.

Especially now as the Dems implode forming circular firing squads all over the place.

It's no longer just that bad Joe Lieberman; now we hear there's several state reps and a senator or two that aren't good enough Democrats so they're gonna pay!(Imagine the very nerve of someone representing their district instead of lining up with the unions on every single petty, poorly thought out hair-brained issue! Such behavior must be stopped at all costs!)

Meanwhile, save for poor Alan Gold, Republicans will largely vote their party line and we'd vote for Alan too if we weren't so frightened of Lamont.

Do you seriously think Bysiewicz should keep her job? I'd be surprised if you did.

Do you really assume that all of Malloy's supporters will vote Democratic come November?

Anonymous said...

Connecticut is a liberal state. DeStefano should back Rell into the corner on same sex marriage. She won't support it and neither will most of her Republican colleagues. Civil unions are as far as they are willing to walk up to that line. The majority in this blue state would agree that everyone is entitled to equal rights. Democrats could destroy Republicans on this issue and put them at odds with the religious right but are too afraid to use it.

CT Expatriate said...

I always love reading the "insightful" comments on this blog. Destefano is gaining? NO WAY! Both campaigns EXPECT this to happen, as each candidate has a built-in party base and attracts various unaffiliated voters. So for all those dying to proclaim the end of Governor Rell, just looking again at the support she is receiving for both parties. Failed leadership? The polls show Connecticut disagrees; we finally have a leader, not a doom-amd-gloom politician like Mr. Destefano.

Anonymous said...

CTRevolution said: "She takes credit for all the democratic legislature accomplishments while doing nothing herself."

Oh, now I get it, thanks for clearing everything up for me.

Everything good is due to the Democrats in the legislature, and everything bad is the Governor's fault.

I wish we could all be as smart as you. We are truly fortunate to be in your presence.

Anonymous said...

truebluect says: "Can an argument be made for Rell except that she is likable?"

At least she's got that going for her (unlike your guy)!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said... Rell by 15%

Only 15% ???

Rell - 60 - 65%
JDS - 35%
Off the wall candidates 5% tops

Leiberman on the GOP line would bring Rell to over 70% as it would make line "A" perfect for one-stop shopping.

JDS will maybe carry New Haven and maybe even some other Haven (we have several). Seeing as those people really know what they'd be in for I kind of doubt even that. The only wild card would be just how bad is drug abuse in those towns? I can see no other explanation for voting for JDS aside from not being in full control on one's faculties.

TrueBlueCT said...


You really can't make an argument for Jodi Rell!

It's laughable how pathetic CT Republicans have become in the post Rowland era. You've got a Lt. Governor pretending to leadership by adopting Democratic issues as her own, and 90% of you won't embrace your own nominee for Senate.

Why do you guys like Lieberman so much? Oh, that's right. Because he supports Bush's war, and postures tough against terrorism. Didn't it dawn on you, (as it did Chris Shays), that Iraq and posturing aren't going to be winners this fall.

Honestly, can any of you guys give positive reasons for Republicans to go to the polls and vote for Rell and Lieberman? (besides their personalities.)

Finally why is it that none of you Republicans can respond substantively to an argument. Instead you lamely seize one sentence, and give a pretend response.

Anonymous said...

Yes--JDS should raise the gay marriage issue. Considering in every single referendum across the country it loses by an overwhelming majority, it is certain to propel him to an even bigger loss.

"Hi, I'm John Destefano and I support Gay Marriage"

The Rell campaign can only dream!!!

Anonymous said...

15% margin of victory for Rell in the General. Which might be too pessimistic....

Stratford Dem said...

Three comments:

1) Even if these poll results are correct, DeStefano is still 17% behind Rell-- that's still a landslide in my book. I don't see how John pulls it off. I hope he does, but let's not be deluisional here.

2) Coattails? Dream on. Rowland didn't have 'em, Rell won't either. All constitutional officers stay Democratic. I agree with Anon 11:14 on the State Senate-- Rs pick up two. Debicella and Winkler hold on to the retiring R seats and Republicans win two of the following five: Murphy, Ciatto, Schlossberg, Meyer, Finch.

Big deal. We still have 22-14 majority.

3) Even if the Republicans won EVERY competitive Senate race this year, we still control the Senate 19-17. This ain't happening, but I just want to put this in perspective:

Democratic rule will continue in Connecticut no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

In thinking of Rell, I am reminded of our great President Bush II who said,

"If you don't stand for anything, you don't stand for anything."

What exactly does M. Jodi stand for? Honestly, I'm not being facetious here...can anyone tell me what she stands for that isn't shot to hell by what she's signed or voted for?

Anonymous said...

I think the numbers are closer than that. Zogby is still reporting Lieberman ahead of Lamont and that's just fanciful arithmetic.

Everyone is discounting and underestimating DeStefano and the strength of most Democrats in this race. Rell sounds just like Liebernman did earlier this year saying, "Ned who?"

Rell has done nothing and continues to do nothing about runaway spending, poor school performance, and a slipping Connecticut economy.

Hugging Lieberman isn't helping her any either.

GMR said...

Honestly, can any of you guys give positive reasons for Republicans to go to the polls and vote for Rell and Lieberman? (besides their personalities.)

Politics is often about picking the better of 2 candidates, not the perfect candidate. I don't give a damn about personality of the person, I do care about the issues.

Lieberman and Rell are hardly perfect conservatives / libertarians. However, they are a lot better than the alternatives.

JDS has some simply lunatic ideas. His equal pay for equal work plan, for instance, sounds great, like something no one could really be against. Until you realize that it, in effect, removes entirely market-based wages in exchange for wages being determined by government fiat. It involves matching up predominately male jobs with predominately female jobs, so it doesn't make sure that a female plumber is paid the same as a male plumber, but that a female nursing assistant is paid the same as a male plumber, regardless of the demand and supply for these jobs.

As far as Lamont goes, the guy has surrounded himself with Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. His support tilts hard left. I think he's wrong about Iraq. Lieberman is far from perfect in my book, but Schlesinger doesn't have a prayer.

If Schlesinger were getting 30% support in the polls, I'd probably support him, but with only 2% or 5% or whatever, it's a wasted vote. There's a chicken and egg problem with his campaign. He can't get supporters until his poll numbers climb, and his poll numbers can't climb without supporters.

Anonymous said...

Republican reasons to vote for Rell--

She's Republican.
She's Likable.
She looks like grandma. Fuzzy and warm and cute and scolds nicely.

Republican Reasons to vote for Joe--

He's republican (small r) And we have a big tent.

He's Likeable
He keeps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the back room.

Reasons to vote for Alan Gold--

Free wampun points.

Reasons to Vote for Ned--

Anger management therapy.
Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem:

Something to consider...perhaps there are more potentially competitive State Senate races out there then you think...

Just a thought. Not to mention House races.

CTRevolution said...

I still don't hear any Republicans arguing for Jodi Rell based on what she will do for Connecticut in the next 4 years. She has no issues to stand on, she has shown absolutely no leadership. Do you really think people are going to vote for someone who has no vision?

All she has to fall back on is her character. But that again, is not impressive. She's a grandma, so maybe she's a nice lady, but not a good Governor. She runs the same corrupt administration that Rowland ran with the same cronyism. The brains of that operation are really Lisa Moody, who has been hit by ethics complaints. We've already seen how having an imcompetent administrator(Bush) effects the country, I don't think we need to see a repeat in CT with Rell.

Anonymous said...

The Zogby poll is virtually worthless, as it is a self-selected universe, rather than randomly selected.

As for what Rell is or isn't doing -- this woman is in the cat bird seat -- she has millions of dollars, an extraordinarily high approval rating, and is ahead in all the polls. The R's will run an incredibly aggressive GOTV effort, on her behalf, the incumbant R congressionals and Joe's, pulling Rs and voter IDd U's and Ds.

DeStefano is broke, probably in debt from the primary, and considerably behind in the polls. He'll need more than the 70 days left to pull this off -- so it just won't happen.

bluecoat said...

You all forgot to mention that Mark Davis from News Channel 8 adores Rell and so does Fox News. Not so sure about Monahan from Channel 30 - he tends to report the news instead of designing it.

Anonymous said...

The winning strategy would be for DeStefano to come out of the closet....talk about an October surprise!!!

bluecoat said...

and a slightly, ever so slightly, different take than the Courant in:Zogby poll: Gov's race begins to tighten; Lieberman still ahead by 10 points
By Keith M. Phaneuf, Journal Inquirer 08/29/2006

Anonymous said...

Sure Rell's a lightweight, but so what???

She's up against a big spending, taxing, depressing personality, Mayor of a large city who has little name recognition. JDS cure for societal ills revolve around government solving problems.

Rell courageously sought to end the auto tax, the D's scuttled that.

Rell forced the D's into campaign finance reform.

Rell has replenished the rainy day fund and has distanced herself from Rowland. She is the "anti-Rowland"

Is she really that good? No-her popularity is partly due to taking the winning side of an issue and running with it. Not exactly leadership, but good enough to beat JDS handily.

Now Malloy--that would have been a good race.

CTRevolution said...


Lunatic issues!!!! Like that working people should have health care, that 70,000 children should have access to medicine. That children should have an opportunity to go to preschool to get a headstart on their education. That the state should help communities with property taxes. Yeah, those sound like crazy ideas to me.

And John DeStefano is a likable guy, sorry Republicans, hate to break it to you, and people have great respect for his intelligence. Because he knows the issues and how to deal with the problems facing Connecticut.

The True Gentleman said...

If Mayor DeStefano has such intelligence and vision, than why do all his policies and plans start and end with raising taxes and seeking additional federal aid?

bluecoat said...

If Governor Rell has such intelligence and vision, than why do all her policies and plans start and end with raising taxes and seeking additional federal aid?

Anonymous said...

DeStefano Catching Up...Are you kidding me...NOT in Litchfield County he isnt and BTW CT Keith has no knowledge of who people are supporting in Litchfield County.So I ask that he keeps his mouth shut and dont speak for us in Litchfield County. Go play in the road in Branford or go do more preaching on that crappy full of lies and deceit website of yours.

You, your opinion and that crappy Kiss Float are not welcome in Litchfield County.

disgruntled_republican said...


You said, "Instead you lamely seize one sentence, and give a pretend response."

Make a deal with ya...when you stop doing it, I will ask others to as well.

And as a sidenote...I will respond with 100% honesty to your comments later...another busy day at work here.

CT Revolution -

Name one proposal that JDS has offered that doesn't raise taxes in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Think hard, it's a trick question.

And since when is it the governement's job to insure everyone anyway? I looked in the constitution...it's not there.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea...Let's provide health insurance for everyone...let the government ration care....put all those nasty insurance companies out of business....Hartford becomes a ghost town....people flee the state...JDS lords over a decimated economy....but the gays are well taxed and happy!!!

CTRevolution said...


Lowering property taxes will help reduce taxes for the MAJORITY of people in CT. The facts are that millionaires(a small minority) in the state have done very well under the George Bush and Jodi Rell administrations. They should be taxed progressively. It's time they paid their fair share.

You could also look in the constitution and see that slavery looked like a good idea. Universal Health Care is the right thing to do, it lowers prices across the board and insures that people have access to medicine. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

bluecoat said...

I would never doubt CTR's assertion that Universal Healthcare lowers prices for everyone. I am just wondering how it will do that. I have been wondering about it ever since i asked ned when I was posting as daffy duck and then realized I might be guilty of a trademark infringement. Would somebody tell me what Universal Healthcare is??

Anonymous said...

Universal health care is a no brainer--if you have no brain.

Why should the govt provide anyone health insurance??

The govt, now, provides the Husky plan which covers kids and poor families. The rest of us pay for health care and pay excessive taxes so that inefficient govt programs can cover the insurance costs of idiots who are too brain dead to get off their lazy behinds and get jobs.

You want universal health care?? Spend a year in the Uk or Canada--you'll come crying back to the free market.

Anonymous said...

Universal health Care lowers prices through economies of scale for one.

Anonymous said...

CTRevolution said: "They should be taxed progressively. It's time they paid their fair share."

Hey CTR, when Ned Lamont filed his tax returns his campaign managar said, and I quote, "and he paid his fiar share too." Please check the newspaper reports if you want verification.

At least one millionaire Democrat and the head of CCAG believe that the rich are already paying their fair share in CT.

It hurts doesn't it.

bluecoat said...

The govt should provide healthcare to those in need for sure and it need not be done the the way it is done today, there 2;31 who is obvioulsy a compassionate conservative. just thought I'd point out that most of the inefficeint government programs are administered by insurance companies. The right is as goofy and clueless on healthcare as the left is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 231- Your Statement is absolutely correct.

The people who want Universal Health Care are the ones who dont want to work and expect those of us who work to pay higher premiums and taxes to cover their sorry butts.

Why should the people who work 40 hours a week or 2 jobs have to pick up the tab for deadwood Let them get off their A** and find a job like most everyone here does on a daily basis.

bluecoat said...

Universal health Care lowers prices through economies of scale for one.

Thanks, I got it. I thought the explanation of how Ned intended to restructure an industry that represents upwards of 15% would be a little more sophisticated than that but obviously I was mistooken.

bluecoat said...

upwards of 15% of our GDP...

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont cant even reveal all his tax return info I think he needs to pay a lot more That is why Connecticut needs a Millionaire Tax Because these folks shelter and hide it so The State doesnt get.

While the rest of us work and survive weekly very weakly on a paycheck each week.

Maybe Ned needs to go and actually do some hard labor at a Construction Site or at Walmart to see how the regular guy survives I am sure it would open his eyes.

disgruntled_republican said...

CT Revolution -

I 100% agree that we need property tax reform. I also 100% disagree that JDS has the answers. His propoosal isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Their is no reform; only a "freeze" on a certain group. While that is not a bad thing it is far from an answer and will mean I have to pay more when my evaluation goes up and their's doesn't. (That was tax increase #1)

As for a progressive tax on millionaires...go for it. I 100% assure you that the majority of them will "move" to a different state that won't bend them over. (This is #2 & #3)

Here is a novel idea...shhhhh, I can't say it too loudly...why not lower spending? The blame on our state's spending is to be shouldered by EVERYONE in Hartford...the state's spending is out of control and it is time bring it back down to earth. Wanna see problems solved...start there.

GMR said...

Name one proposal that JDS has offered that doesn't raise taxes in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Think hard, it's a trick question.

Well, on his site, JDS says, "DeStefano also believes Connecticut must work with New York State to re-establish rail freight movement across the Hudson River and New York Harbor."

Hey, I'm sure after JDS suggests it, NY will build more freight rail bridges across the Hudson. It's not like they'd have to worry about environmental impact statements or anything like that. And it won't cost us anything: JDS will merely suggest that more freight rail would be nice, and it'll happen. And those NY state folks will foot the bill!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard hide or hair from Scott MacLean?

Been a while since he beat Miriam Masullo in the 1st District Republican Primary.

Anonymous said...

I thought we had a Spending Cap in Connecticut I think we need to remind our Legislators that they need to abide by it and if not we all need to hold their feet to the flame. Great Point CT Revolution!!

GMR said...

The facts are that millionaires(a small minority) in the state have done very well under the George Bush and Jodi Rell administrations. They should be taxed progressively. It's time they paid their fair share.

Here we go again. First, I presume you mean people who earn over $1 million, not people who have over $1 million. Some things to consider:

1) There aren't many people in the state who earn over $1 million. There are about 180,000 nationwide, about 30,000 in California.

2) Many of the people in CT who earn over $1 million pay zero income tax to CT because they work in NYC and pay their taxes there. Taxes would have to rise considerably in CT before they started paying anything (you get a credit for taxes paid to other states, but if your state taxes are higher, you pay the difference to your state. If your home state taxes are lower, you pay nothing to your home state).

3) You'd have to really jack up the rates to get sizable revenue. Sen Meyer (D-12th) proposed about 19% income tax on those earning over $2 million. This would place CT way above every other state for income tax purposes.

4) People who make over $1 million usually have some control when they take the earnings (option exercise, selling stock, etc), and if the taxes became overly burdensome, could defer it until they were out of the state. Geez, many of the people in Fairfield county could move a few miles to NY state if taxes were 19% here. Even Democratic RI lowered its taxes this past year as it was uncompetive keeping them that much higher than MA and CT.

Taxing just the millionaires isn't going to bring in the windfall you're hoping for.

bluecoat said...

GMR: the bridge across the Hudson at Poughkeepsie burned down and CONRail never rebuilt it for a whole bunch of reasons. The right of way is owned by Norfolk Southern and both CT and NY would do well to work with them to get it rebuilt to get freight bypassing Fairfield and New Haven Counties interstate highway system once again. It's a much better alternative than the tunnel Shays wants to build under the Hudson that the PANYNJ has no interest in but would have the authority over if it were built. In terms of what needs to be done physically to improve transportaion JDS definitely has the right vision - and he can talk to it but nobody is listening becausue the answer ain't a soundbite.

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 2:52 -

It was me that said it but who's counting....

And we do have a "Constitutional Spending Cap" here in CT but we have not once adheared to it. Not a single time. Pathetic.

It is time we as a state do this. Talk about lowering taxes...

bluecoat said...

Jodi says everything is great in CT and people who would say otherwise, like DG, are just tearing the state down to build themselves up. To those on the other side who seek to tear down our state in order to build themselves up I say: Open your eyes and close your mouths. The people of Connecticut are tired – so very tired – of the shrill ranting of partisan politicians. They're tired of "gotcha" politics. They're tired of politicians who say one thing and do another. I can tell you right now that I am tired of it and I am embarrassed by it. Enough.

So Here's the latest from Jodi herself are the issues that need to be discussed

Anonymous said...

DR- I apologize thats what happens when I read it too quickly.

Anyway The Citizens(us) need to hold our legislators responsible and we(all of us) need to hold them accountable and put their feet to the flame!!!

I encourage everyone to call or speak to the legislators and the candidates running in November election and let them know they should be adhering to the state spending cap we voted in I believe back in 1992.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we have a statutory spending cap in CT - The constitional one is not in effect because the legislature never defined the required terms in it - they instead passed the staturory cap which is much easier to break every year then a constitutional cap would be. I believe the state supreme court said as much in a case involving Chris Burnham.

disgruntled_republican said...

Funny bluecoat, very funny.

I happened to be at that speech and not once did she say that everything in CT is great...was a great speech though!

I think everyone agrees that CT has its issues. This election is about who is the better person to tackle them. Jodi has done a great deal in 2 years...she will do even more the next 4 years. Someone said it earlier but they were right...seems, on here anyways, that the legislature gets all the credit for good stuff and she gets all the blame for the bad stuff. (You'll note I blame both on spending)

I got a laugh out of your link though. I hope the people over at www.jodirell06.com are reading this, and I am sure they are, because that page needs substance soon...real soon.

bluecoat said...

I was particularly impressed with the way Rell handled the Moody Marco Polo affair. A little lie never hurt anybody as long as it's a friend doing it. Moody should hsve been fired but Rell has no moral compass just the power and the position bestowed on her as the accidental governor. I hope the JDS campaign highlights Rell telling the voters what a good job Johnny was doing when he was running for re-election last time around and lying to the public. I don't know that I will vote JDS but I'll never vote for Jodi as she is the embarassment to the state. All she's done is agree to spending programs. Anybody see the announcement about the new UCONN football practice building in Storrs that has an indoor field and private bath for the coach? Jodi has continued the policies of Johnny - he gave the Democrats what they wanted as long as they look the other way on his pet programs to give him bragging rights at the governor's conventions.

Anonymous said...

There you go, dragging UConn football into the debate.

30,000 boisterous fans is nothing to scoff at, allthough most are probably uninsured drunk college students. And what's wrong with the coach having a private bath?? As long as he's alone, no problem.

boredofbluecoat said...

bluecoat -

Who are you kidding. You are so blantantly obvious in your posts that you support JDS why hide it? At keast have the courage to associate with im if you are going to plud him every chance you get.

bluecoat said...

Your right bored: I think Universal Healthcare is a bunch of bullshit because nobody can define it for me and therefore I must support JDS who wants it for CT.

Anonymous said...

Rell has no proposals and her track record is a joke. DeStefano has proposals, but they, like his track record, are also a joke. I'm writing Blumenthal in, and I hope any of you out there that actually want to see something other than political auto-erotica get done will do the same. I know he'd rather be a senator or federal judge, but it's not like he'd turn the job down.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Well one thing's for sure, bluecoat, with JDS you won't get any big-spending government programs!

Um, wait ...


Oh, well.

boredwithbluecoat said...

bluecoat -

You said, "I think Universal Healthcare is a bunch of bullshit because nobody can define it for me and therefore I must support JDS who wants it for CT."

Um, yeah...well that's a really good reason to vote for him. If that theory were true for all us....

CTRevolution said...

Let's stop misrepresenting Universal Health Care. It lowers costs across the board, makes it cheaper for small businesses to add workers. It's not giving people a free ride, let's look at the facts, over half the people who don't have health care in this state are working people. People who go out day in and day out working and don't receive any health care. This is unacceptable. And last time I checked medicine is a lot cheaper in Canada. And last time I checked were paying twice as much money for health care then the UK and they have twice the quality of health care we have. Even some Republicans are starting to come around and realize that Universal Health Care is better for everybody, especially business. The execs at Wal Mart have realized that this is the best way for them to give health care for workers. It's time the old guard Republicans actually come around and support something that will help this state and country.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CTRevolution said...
I still don't hear any Republicans arguing for Jodi Rell based on what she will do for Connecticut in the next 4 years

Republicans don't want anyone doing anything for us as that seems to always wind up actually being to us.

We've already figured out what DeStefano wants to do to us thanks, and that's why we're voting for Jodi.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should write in Blumenthal for US Senator since no one is too thrilled with the three amigos(Lamont,Schlesinger and Lieberman)that are on the ballot or the two nobodys Knibbs and Ferrucci below them.

This would resolve a lot!!!!

Brassett said...

Anon 2:09 - You claim that the Kiss Float isn't welcome in Litchfield County. I beg to differ, my friend. The Kiss Float was made for Litchfield County.

Billy said...

Universal health care is socialist populist mind vomit. I dont need to pay for YOUR health care, I am only sick but once a damned year, why should i have half my paycheck taken away for those of you who call in sick or live in a damned doctors office? Get your finances together and buy yourself some damned insurance. Its not my job to provide for YOU.

Damned Democrats cant stay out of other peopls pockets.. jesus.