Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Results

Senate: 93% Reporting, 4% lead
Gov: 50-50 still a 2klead

Update from Lieberman via the TV (3):

"Alot of people are waiting, mostly reporters." Fun...

87% Reporting
125k Lamont
116k Lieberman

They just showed Lieberman's HQ on tv... I am sad now.

84% Reporting
121k Lamont
112k Lieberman

Gov: 50-50, DeStefano has a ~2k lead



The True Gentleman said...

Tom Monahan reporting that Waterbury numbers are not in either.

John Fahan said...

If Harford numbers are not in yet
then that is crazy indeed!

John Fahan said...

Not seeing any new numbers in
Governor's race. Media must be manipulating Malloy upset win.

Anonymous said...

Hartford will go Lieberman

Anonymous said...

the dress ad was the most effective TV ad all season...that's why Malloy is where he is

Gulf Coast Bandit said...

Is Hartford generally last to come in?

John Fahan said...

Crime continues in New Haven. I
do not want to wake up in the morning
with JDS as our Standard Bearer. Oohh
God please no. Please!!!

John Fahan

The True Gentleman said...

State Senator Andrew McDonald (D-Stamford) is on NBC30 discussing the need to count absentee ballots in the Gubernatorial primary because the vote is so close -- it may come down to tomorrow or even later this month (b/c of military ballots).

Anonymous said...

Roy O will lead Lieberman's Indy campaign.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01,

Many things have been said about Roy on this site, but one thing that no one can dispute is that Roy is a Democrat, through and through. I don't think he would buck the party to run an Independent campaign.

Anonymous said...

CT Republicans and conservatives should NOT be fooled by whining Joe if he loses the Democratic primary, which looks likely. All voters should disregard the virtuous rhetoric about supporting Bush's Vietnam and instead look to how Lieberman voted for the Senate amnesty bill for illegal aliens (S.2611). Lieberman supports open borders and does NOT deserve to be reelected.