Wednesday, October 04, 2006

General Assembly 2006: Television Ads

Some campaigns for seats in Hartford are putting up television commercials already. Here are two from campaigns we've covered before:

Derek Donnelly (article here)
This is an "introduction" piece. It's simple, and emphasizes his connection to Suffield.

Chris Oliveira (article here)
This piece captures Oliveira's frantic energy, links him to Jodi Rell and takes a swipe at his opponent.

I'm sure there are other candidates putting commercials up, too.


bluecoat said...

candidates from the 132nd -Fairfield GOP challenger DeSanctis and one term incumbent Democrat Drew

Gene Parmesean said...

Not a bad commercial for Donnelly....a little bit hokey but not bad. It won't be enough for him to overcome beloved long-time rep Ruth Fahrbach.

Ruth has generally not had much opposition over the years but that hasn't stopped her from being a fixture in her district in a BIG way. Even when its not an election year, she attend every event and has an incredible knack for constituent service.

Donnelly, connected more to Hartford City Hall than to the towns in his district, will come in a distant second place.

Stratford Dem said...

I don't have Dan Debicella's ads in the 21st district, but they were pretty good. Pictures of him with Doc Gunther (the outgoing State Senator), and they seem to be on constantly. Doc's pretty popular down in Stratford (been there for 30 or 40 years), so this will probably be effective.

Not a peep from our candidate, Chris Jones, yet. I suppose we are waiting for November 8 to start campaigning.

Fortunately for us in Stratford, Dave Mooney is going to give a real challenge to John Harkins for State Rep.

Gene Parmesean said...

Mooney will follow the Donnelly lead and also come in 2nd place. Harkins had a tough race two years ago and was not caught off guard this year. He is beloved in his district and will likely win re-election.

Anonymous said...

These two candiates are either stupid or have tons of money to spend. Generally it takes at least a few weeks to see a little movement on polls after TV commercials are aired. We'll see on Oct 7th.

Triple P said...

I have seen the Caligiuri ad from the 16th district, but I can't find it on He does have his radio piece posted on his website:

Anyone heard from his opponent?

Anonymous said...

This guy DeSanctis looks a little out of place in Fairfield. Americans for Tax Reform is part of the Jack Abramoff/Grover Nordquist/Tom Delay K Street Project and his education is at two religious right schools. Where did all the Fairfield preppies go?

From Southington said...

Triple P:

Got a phone call from him last night, an introductory mailer from him yesterday and I've seen him on a few cable access shows. Not bad, obviously not an experienced pol on TV, but the message is pretty good and he's got a sense of what's going on.

He's got some really commical signs - like 20 square feet - with his grill on them. Very funny and silly, but effective for name and face recognition.

Who knows if he'll do TV or radio.

bluecoat said...

That doesn't bode well for Fairfield newcomer, DeSanctis; I had hoped the Fairfield Republicans would come up with a hometown boy to run against Drew. I didn't pick up on that, 9:21, but I should have. The 132nd is pretty moderate folk.

J.P. said...

I have been a long time friend of Derek's.

I worked with Derek cutting down broad leaf tobacco in the fields that he mentioned in his ad.

The comment about Derek's connection to Hartford city hall as some kind of negative is laugable. If anything, at 26 Derek has a wealth of experience in government at both the federal and municipal level. Along with a J.D.- these are things that Fahrbach lacks even if she shakes hands at the garden club meeting.

Fahrbach has had her time-- I think it is time for a change to someone who is young, driven, and has a stake in the future of this area.

Anonymous said...

Hey J.P. Your friend Derek's 15 minutes are over.