Monday, October 09, 2006

Gubernatorial Debate Drinking Game

Gubernatorial debate tonight at 8pm, live on WTNH. Here's a way to pass the time.

Take a drink whenever Jodi Rell:
  • Peers sternly over her glasses
  • Shakes her finger
  • Shakes her head sadly
  • Avoids a question
  • Calls DeStefano by his first name, in that tone mothers use for deliquent children
  • Implies DeStefano is a nattering nabob of negativism
  • Brings up campaign finance reform
Take a drink whenever John DeStefano:
  • Mumbles
  • Mentions Lisa Moody
  • Refers to New Haven
  • Brings up the drains on I-84
  • Talks about John Rowland
  • Fiddles with his glasses
  • Runs over his time
Finish off the bottle if:
  • Rell agrees to a universal health care plan
  • DeStefano starts to cry
  • Rell admits to being in on the whole Rowland thing
  • Cliff Thornton storms the stage
  • The moderators start getting really angry
Seriously, though--any debate predictions?


Anonymous said...

If DeStefano plays it right and coll, he could piss her off and she'll show that nager she's known fo that she hides in public. A lot depends on who is asking the questions and who is moderating.

Bobby McGee said...

Finish off the bottle if...Rell shows leadership on an issue.

ken krayeske said...

Buy a round for everyone in the bar if DeStefano says: "Pony up, Czarina."

As for me, I'll be drinking pretty heavily if Cliff Thornton storms the stage. The suggestion made me laugh.

While we did discuss disrupting the debate, we determined that respect for the institution (however corrupt it may be), was the best long-term move for the Greens.

Instead, Cliff will be live blogging the debate from a supporters' home in New London, at

Anonymous said...

JDS needs to totally annihilate her, or he's toast. He better come out with the gloves off, don't pull any punches, etc. This is his only shot (really, unless he throws her completely off her game, who's gonna watch the next one?)

JDS has been in the game for 2 1/2 years and has been debating Molloy and any one else he can. He's more prepared, more informed, and not to mention, smarter. I hope he doesn't take any bad advice and tries to make this civil.

Anonymous said...

Kenny boy, I always figured Mr. Thornton wouldn't charge the stage, my money was always on you!

Gabe said...

Here is a prediction - anyone playing this game will be hammered by the end of the debate!

ken krayeske said...

Sorry to disappoint, Anon 1209, but I have law school tonite. With tuition at $24,500 annually, classes cost about $150 apiece ($75 an hour - knowledge ain't cheap). I just can't justify skipping $300 worth of contracts and torts. If Cliff was debating, I'd be there, with a bag full of rotten tomatoes for our opponents.

But because Morgan McGinley, Jodi and John colluded to muzzle Cliff, I'll be listening to professors instead of politicos. Our capable Green Party organizers will be on the scene in New London. Hope they see you all there at 6 p.m. in front of the Garde Theatre.

Anonymous said...

Rell is the greatest benefactor of economic conditions of my lifetime.

Go ask the state legistlation about how she tried to create more vehicle taxes for the west hartford residents last year to fix some budget problems. The Ct legislation got that shot down faster than George Bush trying to string together a sentence.

Anonymous said...

are the republicans in this state stupid enough to relect the status quo nitwits? Hopefully they aren't and can suprise me to my amazement.

Anonymous said...

Can we start to make the drinking game groundrules for both the cbs and abc debates with Lamont, Liberme, and Schlesinger. Just to let everybody know Lamont right now is very solid at debating and always is cool as the other side of the pillow.

Take a drink whenver Joe Lieberme

*Says he is still a democrat

*Says he has always been a democrat

*Brings up that I've voted 90% of my time with the Democratic party

*Brings up that Ned has one, two, three, four, five or six positions on Iraq

*Says Iraq is a safer and better country

*Says terrorists will be embolden to strike us again

* Brings up partisan and polarized politics that are hurting the congress down in Wahsington D.C.

*Says experience, principals, or results

"I know George Bush, I've worked against George Bush, I've even run against George Bush, but, Ned, I'm not George Bush."

*Interputs Ned Lamont

*Acts angerliy and stubborn

*Runs over time

*Points his finger like Bill Clinton

Anonymous said...

I thought there were 3 lamont/lieberman debates? only 2?

Anonymous said...

Genghis, planning any live blogging for the debate? Or do you think everyone will be too wasted?

Anonymous said...

How about we drink everytime Ned contributes money to his campaign.

Genghis Conn said...

Yes, live-blogging from in front of the TV tonight. All join in!

Anonymous said...

Putting money into your own campaign isn't a crime. Thats the only way Lamont can compete with Lieberme when the lobbyists and special interest groups flower him with the big bucks.

Come on, people, this conception of that its' wrong by putting your own money into your own campaign is bullshit. Lamont wouldn't have to do so if the big pharm companies and Mel Sembler weren't in a meange a trois with Liberman.

In 2000, if Joe Lieberme decided to actually give up his Senate seat and not be the selfish man he hs been for years now. Therefore, focusing on being the next Vice Presdient along with Gore as president.

He might have been elected the Vice President of the United States in 2000. I'm pretty sure if they won in 2000, him and Gore would have won in 2004 too.

leaveonlyfootprints said...

Anyone know if this will be broadcast over the internet anywhere? I'm at school in DC...

Anonymous said...

It'll be on

ken krayeske said...

new london day will be live streaming the debate at

there is a banner on their site above the fold.