Monday, October 30, 2006

Simmons Ahead (Or Not)

The Norwich Bulletin is reporting that a poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee is showing Rob Simmons ahead of Joe Courtney 50%-43%.
The NRCC poll contradicts a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee internal poll released last week showing Courtney holding a four point lead, 46-42. ("National")

For such a high-profile race, there has been very little independent polling. The Courant/UCONN poll had Simmons up by 2% on October 20th, but that's really it for recent independent polls.

Bottom line: too close to call.

"National Republican Congressional Committee poll shows Simmons ahead in 2nd Congressional District." Norwich Bulletin 30 October, 2006.


Jason Blare said...

At last, finally, someone who will stand up to that evil New York Times!

Read the latest Lieberman blog post:

"Had the New York Times taken an honest measure"... Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

"Instead, the Times’ ill-informed and tendentious endorsement of Ned Lamont reads as if the editors had outsourced the editorial writing to the same crew of blindingly angry bloggers who have teamed with the Lamont Campaign to twist Joe Lieberman’s record beyond all recognition."

You tell 'em Joe. Those angry bloggers are destroying America and the New York Times is only helping them.

"The Times most obviously shows its narrow-mindedness..."

I'm glad that Joe is bi-partisan and supports both neo-cons and anyone else who will support him.

Now, I wish that Joe would support building bigger walls to keep non-white people out of our country and would privatize social security so my stock broker friends at the blackjack tables could make their money on Wall Street like they should, instead of off of me.

However, after his attack on the evil New York Times, I can see that he is really the candidate I should be supporting.

Anonymous said...

From todays NY TIMES:

"In their push to win back control of the House, Democrats have turned to conservative and moderate candidates who fit the profiles of their districts more closely than the profile of the national party." Is this true in CT?

Anonymous said...

This poll is NOT a NRCC poll but rather a Simmons internal poll by Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies - can see the full memo at

Shadow said...

Courtney will win. I, as an independent voter, just got my SEVENTH automated call telling me Joe Courtney's sole purpose in life is to tax me to death; if my phonebot harassment experience is indicative of other independents in the district, Simmons is going down.

There's also another factor in the race that benefits Courtney. The few places around here where I see still "Joe" signs these days are often immediately followed by a "Courtney for Congress sign". The way they are spaced, anyone driving by will subconsciously process the signs as a single sentence. Lieberman's ego in not acknowledging another Joe running in CT has resulted in his campaign paying for signs that will not only gain Lieberman nothing, but reinforce a pro-Courtney message as well. One of the most effective examples of this "dual sign effect" is right at the center of Main Street Willimantic, the busiest road for twenty miles in any direction.

Anonymous said...

On Nov. 7th who will you vote for:

The beacon of integrity who shines as a bastion of all that is good and holy - Rob Simmons


The evil taxman who would kick your dog - Joe Courtney (said with measured distaste).

MVD said...

I believe that the DCCC polls show Courtney to be ahead by 3 or 4 points, so I think the polls probably cancel each other out. Let's face it, it's a dead heat at this point.

brickbat said...

Anonymous asked if CT Democrats have recruited moderates to run for Congress, as the NY Times has reported the Ds do elsewhere.

No. In CT it is not necessary. People generally buy into the liberal viewpoint.

It's the Republican Congressional candidates who twist themselves backwards to try to show they're not right-wing reactionaries like those in control of the national party.

As for Joe Courtney: he's a decent, intelligent, and nice person. That's why legislators of both parties put him at the top of the pack when they were surveyed years ago.

If anyone deserves to win, it's him.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see that guy Eddie Munster run again. How hilarious would it be to have a Congressman like that! Especially with Election Day right around Halloween, people would definitely vote for a guy with a name like that. :-p

GMR said...

No. In CT it is not necessary. People generally buy into the liberal viewpoint.

Overall, probably yes, but not always. John Destefano's platform is solid liberal, yet he's way down in the polls. Jodi Rell may, however, have a legislature that can routinely override her vetoes, which will make her not much more than an administrator.