Saturday, October 21, 2006

American Research Group Poll: Lieberman Ahead by 12%

It isn't 17%, but it's still a big lead for Joe Lieberman:

In both this poll and the Quinnipiac Poll, Lamont is under 40%. This poll was taken October 18-20, and has a margin of error of +/- 4%.

This poll and the Q-Poll suggest that there was, in fact, no Schlesinger Effect, except perhaps to draw some of Ned Lamont's miniscule GOP support to the Republican candidate.

The Lamont campaign is clearly running out of time.


TrueBlueCT said...

Ahead or behind in the polls, I'm still voting for Lamont. First, I want to send a message of accountabilty to all the D.C. insiders. Second, Ned might have deep pockets, but at least lobbyists and cronies don't own him.

What amazes me is that partisan Republicans are so ready to save Joe's sorry ass. How soon they forget that Lieberman was one of the chief architects of this ill-conceived "war". Does it occur to anyone that the Iraq hawks are the very idiots bringing a rapid end to Republican hegemony?

Anonymous said...

In Q Lieberman is over 50% and here he is 49%

Now I went to a Big East college and Neddie was an Ivy League legacy, so maybe he can explain the math to me behind someone with 50.1% of the vote losing a two way race....let alone a 3 way race

Anonymous said...

From today's Hartford Courant:

October 21 2006

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman collected millions of dollars in campaign cash since his Democratic primary loss by tapping a lengthy list of major contributors to President Bush, dozens of Washington special interest groups and a lot of loyal Democrats.

Lieberman's 1,877-page campaign finance report, made public by the Federal Election Commission this week, shows that while he relied on a lot of familiar Democratic names to help him collect $5.1 million since beginning his general election campaign Aug. 9 as an independent, he also got significant help from the White House donor network.

Among the post-primary contributors to the Connecticut senator, running as an independent for a fourth term, was Joseph Allbaugh, one of the four members of Bush's tight inner circle during his 2000 presidential campaign, and two Republican Senate committee chairmen.

Also giving was Melvin Sembler, former ambassador to Italy and longtime friend of the Bush family, former assistant Republican Senate Leader Don Nickles, and dozens of others from Texas, Missouri, Colorado and other states where Lieberman usually does not find contributors.

The effort to get Bush loyalists into Lieberman's camp was triggered by White House political guru Karl Rove's Aug. 8 phone call to the senator, just before Lieberman learned he would lose to Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary.

Rove did not promise any help, or offer any support. "I called him. He's a personal friend, and I called him," Rove said later. "It was a personal call. Look, [Senate Democratic Leader] Harry Reid's been at my house for dinner. So I actually do have friendships on the other side of the aisle."

That call, said Republican strategist Scott Reed, "was a signal to a lot of the Republican faithful to get engaged in the Lieberman race."

Anonymous said...

The Nedheads get all pissy that R's are supporting Joe. So what??

Earth to Nedheads....not everyone wants to cut and run from Iraq, not everyone believes in far left social engineering, and some of us(considering the current political climate) actually think working across party lines makes sense.

Go Joe Go!!!

Don Pesci said...

“Look, [Senate Democratic Leader] Harry Reid's been at my house for dinner. So I actually do have friendships on the other side of the aisle." – Courant story quoting Rove.

Okay, that would explain Reid’s recent difficulties. First he used campaign funds to provide gifts for staff at his exclusive Washington DC condominium. Then the engaged in a fraudulent land deal that would make George Washington Plunkitt proud: See the “honest graft” chapter in “George Washington Plunkitt,” a turn of the century New York Tammany Hall boss, in which Plunkitt recommends buying land cheap that later would be sold dear in land deals.

It’s Rove… see? Up to his old mahem. He’s involved in this somehow. You watch. Reid Innocent Victim of Rove. Drum it up.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, as a Republican, its killing me to vote for Joe.

But, for the sake of the state, we cannot have an overwelmed dork represent us in the most exclusive club in the world.

My angst for voting for Joe is mitigated by the asswhopping you liberal wackos are going to receive.

You've been insulting Republicans for months, and now you're pissed we're voting for Joe?

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I just don't trust any candidate that has Karl Rove's support!

When did CT get so stupid?

Shadow said...

Three things are not reflected in these polls: younger voters with cell phones only, the ground game of each campaign, and which group of voters are more motivated.

Anonymous said...

Since when did Lieberman work across party lines?

Anonymous said...

I have seen more than one Greenwich Republican endorse Lamont in the live letters section of the local newspapers. They obviously know the guy. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a commercial or flyer with the endorsements in the near future.

Shadow said...

Cut and run in Iraq? How can you still try to sell that line that when 60% of Americans say Bush's foreign policy has increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks? The number goes up to 70% among independent voters. And that's America as whole; CT is always more progressive in polls than the national average, so our numbers, if anything, are even higher. Clearly the only question is why are a couple polls enough to be definitively sure that the majority of voters will set aside these feelings about terrorism and national security on election day.


anonymous said...

Earth to Nedheads....not everyone wants to cut and run from Iraq,[...]

Go Joe Go!!!

How many of your kids are in Iraq right now, hero?

Anonymous said...

Hey TrueblueCT what's the matter? Where is your usual bravado? You know, the guy who used to post here about how DeStefano was going to beat Rell and that Lieberman was going to lose?

I miss that guy. I guess even you can read the writing on the wall, huh?

Oh well, remember, even after Lamont and DeStefano lose, it's time to start working on that primary against Speaker Amann.

Anonymous said...

While I am for Ned I must say that his staff has blown this race.The hiring of hacks like George Jepsen,DaMore and others have worked to Joe's advantage,not Ned's.The hacks have steered his race into playing it safe and thats why he may lose.Other then the war they have not shown much of a distinction between Ned and Joe.

In addition, Tom Swan has shown us all that he wasnt ready for prime time.On his watch;

1. several FEC mis-filings
2. bringing in Sharpton and Jackson
3 the waterbury fiasco whereby he slammed that town
4 The Henry Parker screwup

I could go on and list more..

Ned in the end has no grey hairs watching his campaign and that is why many of us for Ned still perceive his staff as strictly "amateur hour"

Anonymous said...

"I have seen more than one Greenwich Republican endorse Lamont in the live letters section of the local newspapers."

Evidently a petition has been circulated at the Round Hill Club

Jim said...

Why are all these anonymous republicans pro-torture and against the Constitution?

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't necessarily love Lieberman but we sure LOVE NED!! Ned is going to galvanize GOP turnout and will make sure that our GOP congressional seats all stay Republican as well.

At the debates, Ned has shown that he is the third best candidarte in this race, behind Joe and Alan :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Don Pesci,

When are you going to take down that silly header saying "I write political columns for Connecticut newspapers."

If you're not published for as long as you have been NOT PUBLISHED you write for yourself,not Connecticut newspapers.

bluecoat said...

In Oct 21, 11:35 AM EDT
Horn of Africa May Be Next Terror Front By CHRIS TOMLINSON Associated Press Writer
there is this:"We feel the best way to counter terrorism is to go after conditions that foster terrorism," U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Richard W. Hunt, the task force commander, said during an operation to refurbish a clinic in Tanzania. "So we focus on medical care, education. We attack these causes right at the very root."

He added that the task force wants to build conditions that never let a terrorist ideology take hold. "The terrorists will go after any area they think they can exploit," Hunt said.

sounds like the liberal cut-and-run anti-Americans have even infiltrated the US Navy. Probably the doing of the same people who will continue to shut down the Groton Subbase on their twenty year plan with just a more complete environmental cleanup program.

TrueBlueCT said...


Back to reality, please. Lieberman did lose. We beat him in a historic upset that made national headlines this August. So no matter what happens 17 days from now, we still held Lieberman to account, even if you Republicans cross-over to save his sorry ass. (which just goes to prove our basic premise, anyway. Joe carries GOP water! Although maybe we made our primary case too well...)

In terms of Rell v. DeStefano, I never boasted of a victory. I do know that Rell has run one of the most embarassing campaigns in history. Her failure to even begin to tell us what she would do in a second term is pathetic. After her miserable appearances in just two debates, will we see anything more of her before Election Day? Connecticut has real issues, and we aren't being served well by Tyler's grandmother, no matter how popular she may be.

Your gloating definitely cheers me up though. This thing is far from finished, and we're not going away. Evidence shows that the Rowland era continues, one in which Connecticut is governed by a coalition of Republicans working in concert with the patronage wing of the Democratic Party. (Jarjura, Fabrizi, Perez, Amann, etc.)

So I sleep well at night knowing that I am on the side of change and reform. What are you for?

P.S. I hear public financing is coming just in time for the 2008 CrushAmann campaign. :)

Anonymous said...

Only a fool votes for Joe Lieberman. The number one issues in these elections are staus quo vs. chnage. I want change more than anything in the world. That's the biggest issue of today. It's like the Chicago Cubs firing Dusty Baker for Lou Pinella...that's not change. That's firing one old manager for another recyled old manager. We have to do better than that on election day.

justavoter said...

Enough of this garbarge of the Right Wing jerks about Ned Campaign.

Let me ask how manynof you idiots are voting for Lieberman ands are against the War in Iraq.

I just gotta speak my mind Republicans voting for Lieberman instead of Alan .

You can kiss those freaky polls if you want as if they were God.

Just wait till November 7th and see the real polls thats again the voting booth and in those polls Lieberman will lose and so will all you idiots who are attacking
Ned Lamont.
The Country is fed up with Right Wing Republicans and Conservative Democrats who voted for Bush.

Its time for a change in Connecticut and the Nation.

Ned Lamont will win he's got a great ground support of volunteers which Lieberman does not .

So you can blow all te hot air how Lieberman going to win but in the end he wll always be a loser