Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Courant Poll: Farrell Draws Even With Shays

A new poll out this morning shows the race in the 4th District dead even, with both candidates polling 43%:
The new poll shows unaffiliated voters shifting toward Farrell. In three weeks, she has erased a 16-point deficit to pull almost even with the moderate Shays in unaffiliated support, 38 percent to 39 percent.
Her gain in the poll coincides with what Monika McDermott, center research director, said is one of its most striking findings: The war in Iraq, which voters already rated the most important issue in the campaign, has become even more dominant. The war is now the top issue for 38 percent of likely voters, compared with 28 percent three weeks ago. (Lang)

Farrell may also be helped by the exit of Green Party candidate Richard Duffee, who left the race in the hopes that the few votes he would draw would go to Farrell instead.

This poll is very good news for Farrell, although given the bad news from Iraq, the Republican meltdown and the bizarre things that Rep. Shays has been saying (i.e., that what happened at Abu Ghraib was not torture, but a sex ring) over the past few weeks, it's almost surprising that she isn't doing better.


Lang, Joel. "Poll: War Evens Up Race In 4th District." Hartford Courant 24 October, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Would love to get a clue as to what was said between the candidates right after the senate debate concluded...looked heated.

Genghis Conn said...

Apparently some dispute about ads, although I can't say for sure. CT Blogger is working on some video that may shed light on the subject.

Don Pesci said...

Farrell'and Lamont's views on the war are similar. There opponant's views on the war are similar. Liberals have sought successfuly to attach both Lieberman and Shays to President George Bush at the hip. Yet, Shays has shown some slippage against Farrell, while Liiberman is making steady gains against Lamont. Why hasn't the war dragged both Lieberman and Shays down?

brickbat said...

Don, I think there are two reasons:

First, Lieberman benefits from a significant residual of support among Democrats. Many of them see him as being good "except on one issue" (I think it's ridiculous, but I've had several people say it to me).

Secondly, I think Diane is a better candidate than Lamont. She is more polished and articulate. She's been through the electoral ringer and reacts well to things. Ned seems like he's still learning.

Anonymous said...

Pesci would find that Farrell's views on what to do next on Iraq are the same as George Bush's as of yesterday. He probably hasn't had the time to check out the national news since he so busy writing articles for CT news papers.

Paul Blumenthal said...

Today Dianne Farrell signed the Sunlight Network's Punch Clock Agreement vowing to post her entire congressional schedule on her website if she is elected. This demonstrates that Farrell is willing to be a transparent member of congress who is not afraid of her constituents finding out who she is meeting with. Farrell joins three other strong challengers, John Laesch, Kirtsen Gillibrand, and Charlie Brown, in signing the pledge. By the way, there is money in it for citizens who get candidates and sitting congressmen to sign the pledge. Check out the above link to find out how you can help make Congress more transparent and accountable to the people.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown is running for office? Are Snoopy and Lucy doing so as well?

Anonymous said...

Linus is surging late in the race as his name recognition improves