Saturday, October 28, 2006

Courant Endorses Lieberman, DeStefano

DeStefano endorsement.

Lieberman endorsement.

I'm not surprised at the Lieberman endorsement. The DeStefano endorsement, now... that's surprising.


Anonymous said...


The national Republican party is too strong.

Vote out Shays, Simmons and Johnson

If you vote out Rell CT will be a one party state.

Vote for DeStefano anyway.

Interesting how the Courant uses mutually exclusive rationales to always endorse Democrats

Anonymous said...

The Courant doesn't always endorse Democrats but nice spin at 1:19. The Courant took a risk endorsing DeStefano maybe becasue DeStefano isn't afraid to take risks - and admit it when he is wrong before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Here's the LamontBlog on the twisted and contradictory logic that the Courant uses to endorse both Lieberman and the Democratic Congressional challengers.

CTRevolution said...

Yeah, the courant always endorses Democrats, like when they endorsed Rowland and Bush!

I was suprised to see this endorsement, knowing that the Courant is usually conservative with their endorsements. My favorite part of the endorsement, was the Courant's comment on what the Times had said in endorsing Rell.

"The biggest concern about Mr. DeStefano’s candidacy is something that he has no control over — the enormous political imbalance created by the decline of the Connecticut Republican Party. If he is elected, Connecticut will have, in effect, one-party rule; the Democrats are two votes shy of a veto-proof majority in the Legislature."

"One serious concern is that electing a Democratic governor would eliminate, as Mrs. Rell put it, "someone to say no once in a while" to the Democratic legislature. Still, it makes little sense to turn away a potentially great leader because the Republican Party is weak."

This is a great endorsement for DeStefano and should give him needed momentum in the final 10 days and more points in the polls.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Anonymous - your memory is a little short-lived. The Courant endorsed W in 2004 and Rowland in 2002.

Simmons in 2004 too, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Most endorsements don't matter, but this one does. While she still wins, its now by 5-10 points vs. 10-20.

Anonymous said...

evidently Jodi's reluctance to send CT on another ill-fated spending spree ala the late 1990's era Rowland is too dull for the Courant crowd, who never met a government program they didn;t want to expand

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Rell does everything to appease the Courant and they didn't endorse her.

Maybe she'll learn her lesson.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Thank heavens the Courant has ratified my strong feeling that their editorial board has gone completely bonkers.

1st the entire Dem congressional slate - now this with JDS.

Aside from those that wouldn't vote for a Republican if their life depended on it (which it may actually) I doubt anyone takes their endorsements seriously at this point.

Anonymous said...

I could better understand the Courant's endorsement if the problems in Connecticut were minor. But we face huge problems financial, and otherwise that a nearly veto proof Democratic General Assembly share equally with our recent governors.

If New Haven were a model city maybe it would make sense to see if DeStefano could reason better with his fellow democrats than a republican governor might. But unlike the Courant I do not hold New Haven in as high regard.

I wonder if the reason the Courant thinks New Haven is currently so well run is only because it looks at the mess it is surrounded with. Perhaps the Courant dreams of day Hartford could actually stand on it's own two feet without the rest of the state propping it up.

Their endorsement makes no sense at all, and only makes any others the Courant makes equally worthless.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:55 - Care to wager? Rell is consistently polling above 60% while JDS is below 30%. Even if he picks up 10% pts in the last week due to this endorsement and undecideds breaking his way, he still loses by 20 points.

This race has been over for a while; it has never been close and it will not be close on election day.

Having said that, the Courant has proved once again why it is a joke that newspapers make endorsements of candidates. The Courant claims that this year is like 1994, and change is needed, so it endorsed all Democrats running for Congress. Funny thing is, in 1994, when it said we need change, it endorsed the status quo. I'm no Lamont fan, but endorsing the Democrats running for Congress and JDS, but Lieberman is a complete joke.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:55- Yeah, the Courant's reasoning is completely hypocrtical.

justavoter said...

The Courant is a complete Joke the New York Times is a different story and I think alot of Connecticut voters will look at the NYT's endorsement of Lamont and go with that verse's the rag called the Hartford Courant owned by the Tribune Co.
The editorial staff must have been on drugs when the made there endorsements.
Just glad I don't buy that paper .
We see how many other papers in Connecticut have the guts to endorse Lamont Sunday should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the NYT has endorsed Lamont and all other dems running is outstanding! However, why the Hartford Courant endorsed loser Lieberman is incomprehensible. By this endorsement action, the Courant dismisses the democratic party's primary outcome which fired Joe.

What about the democratic primary outcome doesn't the Courant understand? Or maybe they're suggesting we refrain from primaries and hold our breaths until their endorsement!

The Hartford Courant is supporting a loser. So, Courant, it ain't over 'til Joe says it's over? Patent nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman has shown himself to be an insurrectionist! I don't buy his gall.

turfgrrl said...

The Courant does a great disservice to its readers by endorsing DeStefano by citing how great New Haven is. New Haven owes its greatness to Yale and the fantastic crew that manage business development for Yale. Without Yale buying distressed properties and rehabilitating them, New Haven would like as it did when DeStefano arrived.