Thursday, October 12, 2006

Warner Out for '08

CNN reports the exit from the presidential race of Rockville's own Mark Warner, who was considered a serious contender for the Democratic nomination. His statement is here.

What impact, if any, will this have on Chris Dodd's bid? Don't forget that Warner has ties to Dodd--he was a member of Dodd's staff in the early '80s.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Too bad.

Given either of the two supposed GOP "front runners" I would've supported Warner.

cgg said...

I wonder who dug up what on him.

Genghis Conn said...

Yeah, I kind of suspected that, too. Who knows? It is too bad, I did like him.

Anonymous said...

When will the nutroots start kneecapping Dodd????

Anonymous said...

It would be nearly impossible for Dodd to snatch the Democrat nimination for president from Hillary, or anyone else outside the East you care to mention. This near certainty that Dodd's quest is Quixotic has led some to believe that he is fishing for dollars. The easyest way for incumbents to gain support among their comrades -- especially at a time when friends like Lieberman are thrown to the fish -- is to buy it. And to but support, you need dollars in your campaign kitty.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you guys are even more cynical than I am!

Don't worry ACR, our party will field a candidate that you can support!

If not, the other party may choose a candidate that you have to vote against!

disgruntled_republican said...

ACR summed it up for me.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck are the GOP frontrunners?

GMR said...

Republican frontrunners at this point:

Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts. However, he is a Mormon. He had a very successful career at Bain Consulting and then Bain Capital, where he provided the initial funding to Staples, Dominos Pizza and other companies. He made a lot of money along the way. In Massachusetts, he got health care coverage for every resident without raising taxes (it's not quite that simple, but you can read up on it).

John McCain: Senator from Arizona. Served in Vietnam as a pilot, was shot down and was a POW for several years. Often thought of as a maverick. Big proponent of campaign finance reform (the Republican that pushed this in the house was Shays).

Rudy Guliani: former mayor of New York, really cleaned up that town ("there's now a Mary Poppins show on Times Square. Well, there was probably a Mary Poppins show on Times Square while Dinkins was mayor, but she wouldn't have been holding an umbrella"). Sometimes regarded as an authoritarian. Has some personal issues regarding the status with his wife.

George Allen: Senator from Virginia. Has about as much chance of getting the nomination as a Macaca monkey.

Bill First: Senator from Tennessee, was a cardiologist. Probably has little to no chance to get the nomination.

Sam Brownback: Senator from Kansas. Yawn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Would be a top contender except that he was born in Austria, and a constitutional amendment would need to happen for him to take office.

Jeb Bush: George's brother. Won't run. Won't win. But if the Dems picked Hillary, and the Republicans chose Jeb, well, it'd be more Clinton/Bush.

George Pataki: NY governor. Next.

Well, that's off the top of my head. I think Mitt's looking pretty good right now, but he is a Mormon. And some of the religious right don't like him because Massachusetts allows gay marriage and abortion (and he's a mormon, but no one really says that outright. But many people think that other people won't vote for him because of his religion).

Blue Turned Red said...

What a shame. Warner is one of the only Democrats in the pack I could see voting for in 08. The nutroots will be happy to have another moderate bow out, one less person they have to vilify. I’m sure will anoint another lefty who will once again get creamed in the general election. I guess Tom Vilsack is the best hope now for any moderate Dems out there.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards will be the next President of the United States.

Jim said...

I was quite looking forward to a Warner-Allen race. Maybe Warner was, too, and after Allen pissed away his very real shot at the nomination, he got bored with the idea.

But seriously, this gives a huge boost to both Dodd and Bayh. The Warner camp was the strongest not-Hilary camp, and all this development does is shift that support to another candidate not named Hilary Clinton. I think it only means more consolidated support for someone other than Hilary. This is a good development, though I did like Warner a lot. It'll be interesting to see how early in the process he gets behind someone.

And to any friends I may have who wanted to work on Warner's campaign, I'm very sorry it didn't work out. Hang in there ;)

Anonymous said...

Kurt Warner?