Thursday, October 19, 2006

Selected State House of Representatives Fundraising: 3rd Quarter

The first number is the amount raised this quarter. In parentheses is the amount on hand at the end of the quarter (September 30). See second quarter fundraising numbers for comparison.

An asterisk (*) indicates an incumbent.

House District 2
Jason Bartlett (D): $17,310 ($10,337.57 on hand)
Phillip Gallagher (R): $13,595 ($15,085.97 on hand)

House District 30
Joe Aresimowicz* (D): $12,690 ($12,697 on hand)
Edward Pocock (R): $2,872.04 ($16,323.44 on hand)

House District 37
Ed Jutila* (D): $12,075 ($13,021.71 on hand)
Paul Formica (R): $16,995 ($16,241.76 on hand)

House District 38
Elizabeth Ritter* (D): $6,945 ($10,999.72 on hand)
Brian Vachris (R): n.a. (will update when available)

House District 50
Sherri Vogt (D): $7,005 ($4,647.04 on hand)
Mike Alberts* (R): n.a. (will update when available)

House District 59
Karen Jarmoc (D): $3,845 ($3,379.36 on hand)
Charles Woods (R): $2,146.80 ($3,213.57 on hand)

House District 61
Derek Donnelly (D): $10,957.46 ($13,642.70 on hand)
Ruth Fahrbach* (R): $19,903.00 ($23,373.15 on hand)

House District 89
Vicki Nardello* (D): $6,745 ($8,390.54 on hand)
Tim White (R): $26,290 ($14,268 on hand)

House District 104
Linda Gentile* n.a. (will update when available)
J.R. Romano (R): $10,454 ($12,356.47 on hand)

House District 120
Dave Mooney (D): $9,715.00 ($24,406.83 on hand)
John Harkins* (R): $19,562 ($15,722.22 on hand)

House District 132

Thomas Drew* (D): $11,394.99 ($11,444.24 on hand)
Chris DeSanctis (R): $8,390 ($15,153.27 on hand)

House District 133
Kim Fawcett (D): $6,613.00 ($23,998.66 on hand)
Cathy Tymniak* (R): $11,470 ($18,588.57 on hand)

House District 136
Joe Mioli* (D): $6,581 ($4,093.44 on hand)
Bill Harris (R): $4,680 (2789.23 on hand)


The Architect said...

That's Gentile's 2004 committee, which is still in debt.

For some mysterious reason, they screwed up the reporting for this quarter.

Maybe she's trying to hide something?

Genghis Conn said...

Architect-- You're right. The form itself says "Gentile for Representative," but it's labeled in File-It as "Gentile 2006."

As for where Gentile 2006's numbers are... who knows? Changing back to n.a...

Anonymous said...

Dave Mooney is going to pull it off in the 120th!! He has more money on hand than the incumbent, has knocked on thousands of doors, and kicked Harkins butt in the debate.

Unfortunrately, the same is not true for Chris Jones. His report is up as well....he only has $46,000 on hand, while Decibella has $81,000-- and Decibella has already spent $50,000!

As I've said before (and will say again), we nominated the wrong person for state senate....Terry Backer would have made this a race. We missed an opportunity here folks.

Now that the financial numbers are up, I offer my prediction for our Stratford races:

Mooney -- 52%
Harkins -- 48%

Debicella -- 56%
Jones -- 44%

Stratford Dem said...

Whoops...last post is me.....I don't like to post annonymously....I'll be accountable for my predictions :)

Anonymous said...

You're beginning to sound a lot like a campaign plant, Stratford Dem.

Anonymous said...

Pocock is going on TV. Saw him on ESPN the other day. He is running this race like a congressional campaign.

CTElephant said...

I think Harkins will be fine. Mooney has done a good job to force a competitive race but not quite enough to overcome the incumbent. Harkins is right for the District.

Anonymous said...

I think Stratford Dem is really Dave Mooney.. because if Debicella beats Jones 56-44... there's no way Harkins loses.

Dave Mooney said...


I'm not entirely positive who Stratford Dem is but I don't need a plant to spin for me. I'm right here.


The district needs somebody who is going to advocate for property tax reform and increased state funding for education. These issues are going to be my top priorities as a State Legislator. In the Stratfor Star debate Harkins said, "Property tax is clearly a local issue, not a state issue." I couldn't diagree more.

Anonymous said...

CG, thank you for this great service, but it would be helpful if you could include total money raised as well. Really can't compare campaigns without this info, since so many expenses could have been prepaid.

Also, Family Institute of Connecticut is out with their endorsements. Great fodder for any candidate whose opponent is dense enough to accept an endorsement from our own little christian coalition.

bluecoat said...

anon 12:16,

You want to call Susan B and ask for the comparison or just check out her CFIS. After you hang up or finish looking at CFIS, try looking st the FERC setup on campaign financing. Then after that you'll cast your vote for Abatte for SOTS.

Stratford Dem said...

Well, I am not Dave Mooney. I am a member of the Stratford DTC though, and I have been more impressed with Dave than any candidate we have had in years. So am I biased towards Dave? Absolutely.

But I'm a realist too. I'm not here saying that Chris Jones is going to win-- it's clear to everyone he is not. He's a sub-par candidate who has been beaten badly in the debates, rasied half of what his opponent has, and doesn't appear to be working in Stratford.

But I am sure that Dave will pull it off. Everyone admits this one is going to be close, and I think his hard work, great ideas, and strong fundraising will make the difference. It will be close, but he will do it.

Anonymous said...

Bluecoat. Yeah, thanks. I know. The site is a mess.

Which is why I'm so thrilled to have GC do (most) of the work for me.

Annon 12:16

bluecoat said...

Genghis Conn for SOTS!!!!!!!

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Hey! Yeah! GC for SOTS! How refreshing would it be to have someone who understands how computers work, for a start? Plus, someone who understands research - he is a librarian, after all ...

Anonymous said...

The Tim White # is very impressive

cgg said...

Hmmm... Genghis for SOTS. If he ran as a Democrat I'd vote for him.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

OK. CGG, you buy "" ... bluecoat, you call Colin McEnroe and get him on the show ... I'll hire some Weicker people and an animator to do the obligatory sleeping bear commercial ...

Anonymous said...

Every time i post (which i note isn't much any more) i like to reinforce i like the old format better.

I think that there are going to be many great races to watch on the local level this year. CT is going to be the most interesting place in the country on election night. I just hope my head doesn't explode. I just note that these filings are a testiment to the need for campaign finance reform.

** Major credit is due to Mooney - he's put his heart and soul into this. And has been running hard for over a year. I remember the first time i met him two years ago at an event he was talking about running - i'm so glad he did.

Anonymous said...

And he's going to lose.

Another Stratford Dem said...

Anonymous 7:07,

It's pretty lame to come on and offer an unsubstantiated negative snippet.

What, specifically, leads you to believe Dave Mooney is going to lose to Harkins, one of the biggest Do-Nothing's in the GA?

Do you think the voters of Stratford are ready for two more years of Harkins passing the buck on local tax increases?

Do you think the voters of Stratford are looking forward for two more years of getting the screwed out of their fair share of ECS funding?

Do you think the voters of Stratford feel that campaign finance reform and stem cell research are a terrific waste of time and tax dollars?

Get with the program.

On November 7th the voters of Stratford will make it known that it's time for a change.

Here comes Dave Mooney from the Fightin' 120th!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you feel the same way about Terry Backer.. if you feel that being on the Appropriations Committee and in the majority, that he isn't getting the job done for Stratford either and that he shouldn't be re-elected. If you were consistent and not a partisan hack, you would say he shouldn't be. My guess is that you'll say he does a fine job and should be the next state Senator.

Stratford Dem said...

Anon 1:33 -- whatever!

Terry Backer has done more for Stratford than John Harkins ever did or Decibella ever will. He SHOULD be the next state senator, and would be if he were running against Decibella.

Instead we're stuck with Chris Jones, who did so poorly in our debate on channel 12 that I know some Democrats (not on the DTC) who are not voting for him. And he has no money to combat Decibella's presence on TV, radio, and signs.

Backer will hopefully run against Decibella in 2008, and reclaim this seat for Stratford.

Anonymous said...

reclaim this seat for Stratford. come on now, there is nothing to recalim. Republican Doc Gunther has held the seat ever since CT was a state.

Stratford Dem said...

Anon 4:35 -- lol, true.

But Decibella will win it for Shelton in November and I am sure he will ignore Stratford. Backer will have to beat him in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Gentile in the 104th has a long history of screwing up these fillings...she has already been slapped on the wrist, if your bored go through the 2004 stuff it is painful how bad there reporting is...her numbers don;t add up EVER and they never have the proper expenses..there is a complaint on her right now but the STATE is squashing it..i wonder if it is because she is a dem target hold?

Anonymous said...

If Romano pulls that off Ansonia and Derby Dems need to go back to campaign school...she out numbers him 3-1 this shouldn't even be close on paper...