Monday, October 23, 2006

Live from the Garde - Debate Night

CGG, Turfgrrl and I are here at the Garde Arts Center in New London. I'm currently in the press filing room. The pre-debate show put on by the Lamont campaign was pretty impressive: at about quarter to seven, a horde of Lamont supporters, probably over a hundred, marched up State Street, led by a bagpipe band.

I will try to post pictures as they are available. There is a problem with the wireless in the building, apparently.


MikeCT said...

Here's the video of the Lamont pre-debate march and the Kiss Float.

Gabe said...

Booing and singing... How jealous am I?

Anonymous said...

what a funny debate. this debate was decisive, but the unprofessionalism was ridiculous! sorry lamont, but alan just took away your key votes.

id like to know who that man was who kept singing to joe lieberman

Anonymous said...

How disappointing in the blog.

Anonymous said...

What I just saw was a spineless Ned Lamont refuse to stand up to his supporters and ask for respect. Agree or disagree with Joe Lieberman, he deserves his time and his respect to present his case. That was one of the most disrespectful performances I have ever seen, and shame on Ned Lamont for making Alan Schlesinger stand up and quiet his supporters like that. He should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney in-state this evening (Greenwich) and zero much for the in-tune media and blogoshpere.

Anonymous said...

the people being rowdy in the audience were not lamont supporters. They have been identified as just indivduals who were just to disrupt Joe. This is a fact by security at the debate.

Paul said...

Connecticut Bob is reporting that the singers were Larouche people.

MikeCT said...

Lieberman is cracking:

Evidently after the debate Lieberman walked up to Ned and said "You goddamn sonovabitch," and something to the effect of "how dare you run those direct mail pieces accusing me of voting for the energy bill in 2005 because of campaign contributions from the oil companies." Joe's losing it.

And why Joe's angry about being exposed:

Lieberman has cashed in from his willingness to cast key votes against the environment. In the last year and a half alone, he has received more than $72,000 in corporate PAC contributions from the energy industry – that's almost $1,000 in energy PAC contributions per week since 2005. Since 2000, he's raked in more than $285,000 from the energy industry. .... Meanwhile, Enron lobbyist Michael Lewan (also formerly Lieberman's chief of staff and a top fundraiser for John Rowland) continues to hold K Street fundraisers for Lieberman in Washington, D.C.

The heckler was reportedly a LaRouche supporter.

MikeCT said...

From Spazeboy:

I just heard from someone who is THERE that the hecklers were hanging around outside after the debate with a LaRouche PAC banner.

The hecklers were not Lamont supporters, and were in fact removed with help from a Lamont staffer, Charles, of the official blog.

Anonymous said...

MikeCT - An anonymous source on Jane Hamsher's website and you think it's true??? Give me a break.

I am NOT a Lieberman supporter, but I do know the Senator. He simply does not talk like that.

Just how desperate are the Lamont supporters?

You've spent the last 2 weeks anonymously blogging that Alan Schlesinger is a great candidate, and now you are lying about what Lieberman is or is not saying.

Jeeze. Get a life!

cgg said...

They were in fact LaRouche supporters. I talked to the head of security for the theater and a Captain for the New London Police to confirm this. No one was arrested, and the jerks stayed outside singing for awhile after the debate.

I attempted to talk to the LaRouche supporters as well, but all they would do was give me some literature.