Monday, October 16, 2006

U.S. Senate and Congressional Fundraising: 3rd Quarter

Some numbers from the latest FEC filings. Alan Schlesinger has not filed, apparently.

U.S. Senate

Ned Lamont (D): $4.9 million ($329,560 on hand)
Joe Lieberman (CfL): $6.1 million ($4.7 million on hand)
Alan Schlesinger (R): Seems to be late filing again


John Larson (D): $236,790.64 ($244,584.59 on hand)
Scott MacLean (R): n.a. (not on FEC site)

Joe Courtney (D): $518,000 ($209,000 on hand)
Rob Simmons (R): $575,738 ($955,527 on hand)

Rosa DeLauro (D): $123,491.83 ($63,937.82 on hand)
Joseph Vollano (R): n.a. (not on FEC site)

Diane Farrell (D): $580,309 ($812,117 on hand)
Christopher Shays (R): $840,000 ($1.6 million on hand)

Chris Murphy (D): $708,005 ($1,021,569 on hand)
Nancy Johnson (R): $887,589 ($1,081,111 on hand)


Anonymous said...

Its good to be the incumbant. Interesting that Murphy has roughly the same amount left that Johnson has. I haven't seen many of his ads, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with the remaining dough.

Look at the hoard of money Lieberman has left. First off, $6M in the quarter? Second off, $4M in cash on hand? I think we're going to see a lot more of the "how does Ned Lamont run his business" ad a whole bunch more (which, according to the Courant was factually incorrect).

Anonymous said...

Farrell had a surprisingly weak performance given her strong 2Q fundraising. That is a sign that she may have peaked, and that is not good for her chances.

Anonymous said...

Johnson has spent all that money and has not gotten anywhere.

demchick said...

Johnson is in desperation mode. After reading this story in the Courant this weekend, you have to wonder what she's thinking.

Johnson Attack On Ad Misfires,0,3408195.story

Dem Ografeee said...

Farrell and Murphy have huge cash-on-hand, certainly enough to make that last minute surge in their Republicanish districts. It's unbelievable that Murphy's at effective cash parity w/Johnson -- how in the Sam Hell Houston has she burned through $1.6 million with no net gain?

What's a bit surprising is Courtney's cash-on-hand, which is an anaemic fourth of Simmons'. That said, polls are looking for Courtney and he may have already made his major GOTV media buys.

Fenix said...

Too bad all the money can't buy Nancy a new record...

Anonymous said...

All that money isn't going to buy Murphy a new record either.

The headline story in today's Meriden Record was the problems with Murphy's latest add.

Murphy might actually be better off with less money than to hurt his chances with adds that are so easily challenged.