Thursday, October 26, 2006

4th Senate Debate In the Works

The Lamont campaign is saying that a fourth U.S. Senate debate is going to happen. Fox 61 is sponsoring.

Lieberman has yet to accept. I'd think based on his comments after the debate on Monday that he'll be hesitant to accept--which will rob Alan Schlesinger of his favorite foil. Oh, well. We'll see if Lieberman decides to jump in--hopefully he will.

Doesn't seem like minor party, non-incumbent candidates are welcome.


Anonymous said...

So far Lieberman has still not accepted. Given the drubbing he received in the third and "final" debate, I'd be pretty surprised if he does.

The chickens are coming home to roost for "Stay the Course(tm)" Joe, and it ain't pretty..

Genghis Conn said...

When he was talking with reporters following the debate, Lieberman said something like he'd rather be out meeting people than debating (paraphrase). So I'm going to guess he'll sit this one out if he can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

This race is getting nastier by the minute. We just received Lamont's latest hit piece attacking Lieberman and Catholic Hospitals.
He attacks Lieberman for not supporting legislation that would require Catholic hospitals to distribute the Plan B abortion pill.
He also fails to mention that woman can now get the Plan B abortion pill at any pharmacy now.
At least the Senator is willing to protect religious liberties.
Of course Lamont doesn't use the word Catholic in this mailer. This is obviously an attack on Catholics by an anti-Catholic candidate.

justavoter said...

That sound great another Senate debate.

If Lieberman accepts he will get it again from both Alan and Ned .

Hope he can get through another debate.

He's going to lose November 7th regardless of the polls currently out.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is in a lose-lose situation. If he doesn't show up, he'll look really bad. If he does show, he'll get hammered.

My bet is Joe will show. The downsides to skipping the event are too unpredictable.

Shadow said...

If he decides not to show, I think the debate will benefit. I am always for multiple voices in debates, but choosing to exclude yourself is a very different story.

If this minor party candidate Lieberman chooses not to participate in the debate, it will leave more time for the two major party candidates, who in terms of just the issues, are the ones that actually represent voters in CT; it's hard to name even one issue where Joe has a policy position different from both Schlesinger and Lamont that a decent percent of CT voters agree with. Schlesinger's views are not in the majority, but they certainly do have a constituency; there's no constituency for Joe's policies, just for Joe. All he has is that he's Joe Lieberman and he's already there.

Anonymous said...

Ned and Alan can give Joe the empty chair treatment. Put one of his "JOE!" yard signs on a chair, and use that as a foil.

Amazingly, I think the chair would have more integrity and humor than Joe.

Anonymous said...

He also fails to mention that woman can now get the Plan B abortion pill at any pharmacy now Having Plan B available in the hospital is about providing the best treatment available to a rape victim. It's not about the day after some indiscriminate conseting sexual encounter. What bullshit from Liberman?