Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rell Campaign TV Ads

Here are a couple of upbeat positive ads released by the Rell campaign. So far I've only seen JDS and Shays ads on the air, so this was my first look at these.


Anonymous said...

Can we examine some of the claims that Jodi Rell makes in her ads?

1) Rell says that Connecticut is becoming a national leader in job creation. Is this true? Earlier this year people were posting here at CLP that CT was 49th out of the 50 states in terms of job growth. What are the real facts?

2) Rell claims to be cutting taxes. Is this just wishful rhetoric? What taxes has she actually helped cut?

3) Investing billions in transportation? I thought the bill was for just $1.3 Billion. Am I missing a billion dollars somewhere?

Any help people can lend towards vetting these ads would be appreciated. On the surface there would seem to be many lies/mis-statements of facts.

Anonymous said...

Jodi Rell just needs to 'take a knee' and let the clock run out on JDS.

Anonymous said...

DeStefano has no hope with Jodi running ads like this. He can run his "debate" ads all he wants, the real debate is on Monday... Jodi is going to make him look terrible. I hope everyone tunes in. 63...30.

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 4:55--I'll quote my eariler self regarding job creation: "Job growth is not a policy point. There is no program a governor can create that will do anything more than measure jobs by industry segment or region. The job growth engine that we have is all about small business. This is where policy wonks fail. The business climate is what you need to focus on. That means that: 1) access to markets 2) access to technology infrastructure 3) access to capital and 4) access to talent are more important than moving the needle ever so slightly on the run of the mill issues of taxes and programs.

There's a great book that came out a few years ago about Xerox and I was particularly impacted with the chapter on how Palo Alto won over New Haven. In short, Paolo Alto won because the weather was better, the buildings were cheaper and available, there was cultural amenities and the people near Stanford were more open.

You can say the more things change the more they remain the same, because of all the reasons why New Haven has yet to foster a solid industrial-technology incubation area is because the business climate of Connecticut is anemic. And the same applies to the rest of Connecticut, and it all the more atrocious simply because of the proximity to NYC and Boston.

A serious governor would look at the state and propose transportation infrastructure improvements that would enable high speed transportation to NYC and Boston, as well as regional connections between CT's cities.

Then the plan would address housing needs that focus on proximity to public transportation, affordability, proximity to office space, and proximity to cultural amenities. Just ask any 20 something how exciting it is to live/work in Shelton.

Beyond transportation, a governor could focus on getting WIFI broadband to all public spaces in CT. And get towns to adopt technology faster, cut down on the bureaucratic paper pushing and get services to a self serve procedure. I don't think you can change the culture of 189 towns protecting their individual turf, but you could make it so the state government becomes the service provider to towns.
Then maybe towns could spend more time and money developing amenities that attract people instead of the endless bean counting and patchwork infrastructure.

5:10 PM, March 09, 2006"

I think Rell has tacked along these lines thus far.

turfgrrl said...

As an example, from Rell's site issues section:
Arts Initiative
Keeping Our Cultural Treasures

Knowing the value of Connecticut’s arts community – not only to the tapestry of our communities and our quality of life but to our economy as well – Governor M. Jodi Rell is proposing a “Cultural Treasures” program to add an annual pool of $10 million to increase support of the arts in our state, grow jobs and diversify our economy.

Governor Rell’s plan would intercept a portion of the gross receipts tax on cable television companies to establish annual funding that can be used for capital projects or annual funding.

Operating funding – that is, ongoing expenses – will go to organizations that demonstrate a direct economic benefit to Connecticut, improve the state’s quality of life or provide outreach for urban areas and underserved people.

Funding for capital projects will go to projects for health and safety improvements, increased economic impact or expanded service to urban areas or underserved populations.

“Simply put, I see plenty of room for job growth in our state’s arts industry and I want to do everything I can to stimulate and expand it,” Governor Rell says. “This plan creates what the Connecticut arts community has wanted for a long time: A flexible source of long-term financial support. Since our gross receipts tax revenues are growing at a significant rate, we can put these surplus funds to a productive long-term use without doing harm to the state’s general fund.”

Connecticut’s theaters, galleries, museums and other attractions serve more than 22 million people a year and employ more than 18,000 people, adding some $900 million to the state’s economy.

Anonymous said...

You did nothing towards answering my questions.

In her ads, Jodi Rell makes several claims that don't seem to be factually untrue.

Am I right in asserting that Jodi Rell is playing it fast and loose with the truth?

Anonymous said...

DeStefano looks like a scum bag compared to this lady of elegance and character.

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 5:47-- you mean I didn't answer your question the way you wanted me to. I would think that both campaigns have stats or reports that back up their claims. It would be silly not to. But. that is the problem with statistics. I haven't had time to dig further on the latest round of job growth stats for CT. Rell's site has this to say about transportation ($2.3 Billion For Buses, Trains ) here.

bluecoat said...

turffgrrl: another reason for Xerox to set up the research center in palo Alto was cultural - the idea was to keep the thinkers away from the suits in Stamford; then you know what happened - the thinkers invented Windows and the suits said noway because paper will always be the prime medium----and ergo Microsoft ---- the GOLD COAST is a great place to be if the jobs were here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Turfgrrl. I missed the 2nd transportation bill passed in late August. Do you think that rail line will ever happen?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

You're (unintentionally) right. Rell's claims don't seem to be factually untrue.

Which is to say, they're true.

Your crappy grammar aside, the truth hurts, doesn't it? Connecticut's economy is getting better (19,700 jobs added NET of any losses through July 2005), average annual wage increasing every years since 2003, taxes cut (the corporate income tax surcharge was eliminated, the property tax is being phased out -- although Rell wanted it eliminated immediately, the best the Dems could do was to get rid of it gradually -- and new tax incentives for movie production and job creation), and the total invested in transportation now stands at $3.6 billion.

Of course, we could inject $1 billion in new taxes into the economy and see what that does for us ... Mayor DeStefano apparently learned economic theory from the same school where kids learn biology by feeding firecrackers to frogs.

CTRevolution said...

These commercials along with Rell's first ad were running for weeks before DeStefano got on the air. What effect did they have....Rell lost points. Why, because people can see through her ads. She can say all she wants about job growth, but when the state is nearly dead last in that category, well, how do I say this, the proof is in the pudding.

Let me tell you, job growth is a policy Rell is lacking in. There are many things we can do to increase job growth in this state. The fact that Rell is bragging about anemic job growth is indicative of the failure of her administration and the lack of any coherent vision for the next 4 years.

What we can do is pass Universal Health Care in 2007. Something that will help small businesses a lot more then Rell's corporate giveaways. What else can we do? We put more money in transportation, much more then Rell would, because businesses grow around new transportation. When our freeways are clogged, affordable housing is lacking, and health care is extremely expensive, it's no surprise that job growth is lacking in this state. 4 more years of Jodi will do little to nothing to help on these points. Maybe that's why Republican Roger Joyce, chairman of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, endorsed Democrat John DeStefano over Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Maybe that’s why DeStefano will win this election.

Anonymous said...

when will libweral, i mean progressives, i mean, uh... oh who cares...

when will socialized healthcare proponents realize that having the government undertake and ultimately screw up something that isn't their responsibility to begin with is not exactly a good thing?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

CTRev ...

Please, go right on living in that Zogby fantasy world, my friend, the one where Red Johnny gained a whole two points -- movement entirely within the margin of error -- yet remains 16 points down even in a poll with a methodology so suspect no one who knows anything about polling thinks it's worth a tinker's damn.

Meanwhile, less than five weeks out from the election, your boy is still rolling out hand grenades in the desperate hope that something -- anything -- will actually get voters to pay attention.

The picture on today tells the whole story. Mary's standing off to the side with her arms crossed, clearly thinking, "How in God's name did I get hitched to this loser?" Williams is looking at DeStefano with undisguised contempt. DeStefano is preaching to what must be the smallest and most bored crowd of journos in a 100-mile radius. And some pathetic rent-a-dude field staffer -- most of them are imported from out of state and paid for by Big Labor; Red Johnny apparently can't attract and hire from within Connecticut -- is trying really hard to stay awake.

Can't you just feel the big mo? Rell's people must be positively quaking in their boots.

turfgrrl said...

bluecoat--Suits are also so short sighted now, aren't they? Yes, the cultural difference between New Haven and Palo Alto circa that era where quite different. But we can also say that New Haven circa the late 1800's through early 1900's was the Palo Alto of its era. So it's not impossible for that innovation to be re-ignited. I don't think JDS gets the nuts and bolts of building an economy much less a creative/innovative one, I'm thinking Rell does. The focus on transportation issues is what I base it on.

Anonymous said...

If you love how DOT fixes I-95 and I-84, just give the state health care to run

Anonymous said...

ADANR, that is one great photo!

Anonymous said...

Turfgrll - if you think Rell's "focus on transportation issues" is a strength - you're way off.

The fact is Rell only proposed spending 300 million dollars for transportation in her budget - before the Dems in the CGA stepped and made the billion dollar committment - something Jodi likes to take credit for. All the improvements that she's applauding herself for, like the Virginia rail cars, are incredibly late and overdue. It's a real testmanent to her "leadership" that the things she brags about in ads and on the stump are thing she hasn't even had the political fortitude to make happen.

In reality, even the Dems in the CGA have dropped the ball on transportation. While Connecticut spends 3 billion dollars on transportation in ten years - Massachusetts will spend over 15 billion dollars. And they already have a head start in terms of transportation investment. This is really an area where Connecticut has fallen behind, and Jodi Rell's caretaker administration is not dealing with this at all.

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 3:34-- The fact is JDS isn't even aware that there are transportation infrastructure issues to tackle. For example, an examination of New Haven only shows that in over 10 years, JDS has yet to figure out how to get commuters from down town New Haven to Union Station. The I-95, I-91 interchange is never on his radar. Rell has decisively reversed the decade of Rowland transportation infrastructure neglect. Can she do more? Sure, and I hope she does, along with the support of the state legislature.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3;34, the $15 Billion MA will spend on transportation will sure buy a lot of falling cement...obivously they learned zero from the Big Dig

Anonymous said...

JDS has been deeply involved in the Q-bridge replacement even getting into trying to get the DOT to fix the ugly design; the guy can articulate the transportation issues; and did anybody see the latest evolution of the Rell ads where she said she generated a surplus by fiscal restraint? She generated a surplus by the "windfall profits" from the GRT on petroleum products, specifically gasoline.!!!!

Max Sklar said...

"For example, an examination of New Haven only shows that in over 10 years, JDS has yet to figure out how to get commuters from down town New Haven to Union Station."

Oh - I have to say from personal experience that's soo true! I've had to walk that so many times - and it usually takes about 25 minutes with all the bags and everything. The cabs will cost you $14, and the buses are unreliable.

In addition, the 34 connector is a mess during rush hour, sometimes delays being 45 minutes or more on a strip of road that's about a half mile.

Transportation is definately not New Haven's strong point.

Anonymous said...

Jodi Rell/Bloomberg Fundraiser in NYC October 12th.

Jodi Rell/Giuliani Fundraiser in Stamford October 13th.

Anonymous said...

Where are Jodi's Ideas? The only thing I hear is politics and not ideas... At least "Red John" has ideas and useable ones. Where's Jodis'? A Different Anonymous (No! Really!)