Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Amann Supports Special Session

Speaker of the House James Amann is saying that a special session focused on energy costs and other related issues:

"I think the good news is, we're about 95 to 98 percent complete on a piece of legislation that I think is going to steer the course on energy for business in a much better direction," said Amann, who appeared at a summit on energy issues organized by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

Amann, D-Milford, said he still needs to check with his fellow House Democrats and Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams Jr., D-Brooklyn, to see whether there's enough support to call a special session before the regular session opens in January. (AP)

Something to look forward to in November or December, I suppose. We'll see if anything comes of it.

"Amann says he supports special session on energy issues." Associated Press 24 October, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Just last week Jimmy boy was saying that he did not think a special session was necessary.

Another pre-election gimmick and typical of Ammann to throw the ball in Sen. Williams lap.

No wonder Williams thinks Ammann is a horses @$$.

Anonymous said...



Why should anyone listen to what an arrogant a** like Amann has to say? These are the people we elect to office? Everyone deserves to see this... despicable behavior.

Anonymous said...

You lefties....

Nice of you to try to kneecap Amann. Makes a whole lotta sense going after Mr Speaker. He is right, he will crush any fool who runs aginst him, but perhaps instead of "gotcha" blogging you fools should run against him...see how far you get.

Put your money where your mouth is!!!

Anonymous said...

Memo from the front.....

"Speaker Amann wanted you to know that the AP story below overstated his position on a possible special session on energy. The Speaker has not ruled out a special session, but he has not decided nor taken a position on having one. "

Larry Perosino
Communications Director
Office of House Speaker Jim Amann
(860) 240-0144

As Sargent Schultz would say - OH BOY!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is a big supporter of Jodi. Whaddya mean. No way does he want DeStefanos messing in his sandbox. The session call is for Jodi's benefit.

Anonymous said...

Amann is a sexist, intloerant thug who is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

I, for one, hope that the bloggers lead a push against him. Amann is part of the problem, and I blame him and his stupidity for Rell's terrific 2005 and record approval ratings. Everytime Dumbo opened his mouth, he made Jodi look great by comparison.

Finally, is there any truth to what I heard, that Amann was a car salesman before getting elected.

Anonymous said...

I hear there's 25 more minutes of footage of the speaker at the railroad station.

I can hardly wait for it to be released.

Maybe Pauly Wallnuts isn't as popular in Milford as he thinks.I'm certain he's not in the Milford DTC.

Anonymous said...

Amann has nothing to worry about. He has cafero in his pocket now, so there could never be a succesful challenge. I do hear that there could be a successful challenge to Cafero though, some of the rival republicans are worried about his ties to lobbyists and his lackluster [to say nothing of self centered] campaign manager performance for house republicans this year. Their best hopes is to knock out one incumbent dem and lose only a few fairfield county republicans. They are blaming cafero for going with the NRA on some gun vote which is killing their people.....

Anonymous said...

oh, and this just in: Cafero has suddenly formed a new pac mainly to funnel money into his own campaign. Dubious legality?

Anonymous said...

Progressive votes delivered Amann the Speakership and he returned the favor by nominating progressive legislators to the most important committee chairmanships. Be aware that if you look to take Amman down, the situation in his wake will most likely be far worse for a progressive legislative agenda.

Anonymous said...

Amann will be the speaker - period. And Cafero will be the minority leader - there is no other possible choice in that office who can garner enough support (or respect) to beat Cafero. They have a weak bench, to put it mildly.

brickbat said...

Nothing against the Speaker, who often gets a bum rap, but a special session now would be ridiculous.

What's the point? So a lame duck legislature can come in and dither for weeks about something else?

Wait until January. They'll have six months to dither then.