Monday, October 30, 2006

Eight Days Left: One Massive Poll

The election is almost here, and it looks like the big story out of Connecticut on the evening of November 7th may not be Lieberman-Lamont-Schlesinger, but any or all of the three hotly contested Congressional races.

Let's see where we stand (actual ballot order mimicked--congressional poll has candidates arranged by congressional district):

If the election for U.S. Senator were held today, for whom would you vote?
Alan Schlesinger (R)
Ned Lamont (D)
Timothy Knibbs (CC)
Ralph Ferrucci (G)
Joe Lieberman (CfL)
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If the election for governor were held today, for which candidate would you most likely vote?
Jodi Rell (R)
John DeStefano (D)
Joseph A. Zdonczyk (CC)
Cliff Thornton (G)
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If the election for Member of Congress were held today, for whom would you vote? Select one (arranged by district).
CD-1 Scott MacLean (R)
CD-1 John Larson (D)
CD-2 Rob Simmons (R)
CD-2 Joe Courtney (D)
CD-3 Joseph Vollano (R)
CD-3 Rosa DeLauro (D)
CD-3 Daniel Sumrall (G)
CD-4 Christopher Shays (R)
CD-4 Diane Farrell (D)
CD-4 Phil Maymin (L)
CD-5 Nancy Johnson (R)
CD-5 Chris Murphy (D)
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Results nowhere even in the vicinity of being scientific.


Anonymous said...

2 wars, 2 votes in Congress, only 10 who got both right so now we ask: Where did the Iraqi guns go?
as 78 killed in Iraq, 33 in Sadr City bombing; military reports 100th October death

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen's numbers are up (Premium membership). Rell still trouncing JDS, 57-35. Last Rasmussen had her up 58-33. All the change is within the MOE. At least Lamont/Lieberman is staying interesting.

Shadow said...

> Rasmussen's numbers are up (Premium membership). Rell still trouncing JDS, 57-35.

Once again proof that Rell is going to win anyway. With the viability issue gone, non-Rell voters only have one question left to ask themselves: which candidate best represents my views, Cliff Thornton or John DeStefano? Compare both guys' positions on their websites; you may be very surprised.

Personally, I'm voting Ned Lamont for Senate and Cliff Thornton for Governor, and I sincerely hope all other progressive moderates like myself also find this the best way forward long-term for the principles in which we believe.

bluecoat said...

If I had a dollar for every state legislator who takes claim for what Fedele claims to be his big career legislative accomplishment below, I could fill my gas tank with gasoline fro a month or at least have a fancy dinner for two with a nice bottle of wine. From:,0,772796.story?coll=nor-top-headlines it says:
During his 10 years a a state representative, Fedele said one of his proudest accomplishments was helping pass a 1996 law that banned so-called drive-through births. The law mandates insurance carriers pay for a 48-hour hospital stay for new mothers; 96 hours for caesarian deliveries.
In 1997, Fedele, who at the time was a ranking member of the General Assembly's Insurance and Real Estate Committee, co-sponsored legislation that required health insurance carriers to cover at least a 48-hour hospital stay for mastectomy patients.

bluecoat said...

I should ad that Fedele is bringing up the "woman's issue" legislation to counter his horrible position and lack of concern that Plan B need not be available in every hospital in the state for traumatized victims of rape who present to the emergency room. Horrible spin but that's exactly what it is.

Anonymous said...,0,49145.story?coll=s

Fedele will be a great LG. He'll have the next 4 years to create a laundry list of accomplishments with Gov. Rell, don't worry.

bluecoat said...

Ahhh sh----t; I am out of practice; here is the link to the Stamford Advocate article on Fedele:Stamford man stars as Rell's running mate
along with a piece from the NHRwith their take on Schlesinger's firts TV Ad

The Stark Raving Viking said...

Connecticut is officially corrupt. The courts are about retaliation and in keeping the minorities and big mouths in line, down and out.

The police are merely armed revenue collectors.

Rell appoints judges that have no experience and no qualifications and the legislature approves them. No on is accountable, especially judges. Favors are paid back and their is blanket abuse and retaliation.

Rell tried to go after the officials that discovered her son was opperating a snowmobile theft ring.

Rell knows about victims of the system of corruption in Connecticut and she has done nothing to help, but does seem to help retaliate.

I do not buy that Rell knew nothing of Rowland's bribes and dealings. She isn't that stupid and unaware.

Do not vote for Rell, she should have been arrested and served time.

Check out my videos on how to make it in Connecicut if you are considered White Trash, are a minority, or have a Big Mouth.

Try doing a word search on Steven G. Erickson and check out the short videos on the Stark Raving Viking blog

Anonymous said...

There is a woman with a strong likeness to Diane Farrell appearing in Rell's latest puff ad just as there was a woman with a strong likeness to rell in one of Lieberman's past ads.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds Alan Gold wins?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Who on earth are the two that voted for Scott MacLean???


Anonymous said...

Wow the underground railroad guy, autentic CT Pepublican, is voting for John Larson!!!!! Who woulda guessed dat.

Red Raider said...

How come none of the results here match up with the polls of REAL people? Is there anyone on this blog who is not on the campaign staff of a donkey?

Realist said...

Right now, I'd take Alan Gold in a heartbeat over Smokin' Jo. Just can't take the chance that votin' for Joe would let Negative Ned sneak in.

Prognosticator said...

Fedele won't be a great LT. Gov. He will be a great GOV. After Rell wins, she'll hook up with McCain and run as his VP, leaving CT to Mike. Rell will have enormous appeal to Red State America. A Vet and a Grandmother.

Bobby McGee said...

>What are the odds Alan Gold wins?

Vegas odds maker here i come!

Anonymous said...

do you really think this blog is anythingbutan extension of the liberal side of the democratic party .... lets be real - this is a blog tofind out what the liberal side fo the D party believescause it does not represent what CT believes.... oh well on to reality

Shadow said...

I am not Democrat, I have been an independent voter all my life
(except briefly to vote in August's primary).

The biggest chunk of voters in CT by far are independent voters, and are for the most part progressive moderates.

The readership of this blog may lean a bit more progressive than the rest of this state, but the posts and comments are on the whole evenhanded, and if you read these threads you get an even amount of opinions from all sides (including the one you just voiced). The debate does represent a microcosm of CT, and yes, reality.

These are all facts, care to take issue with any of them?