Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Open Forum

The Courant has its debate story here.

Ned Lamont has begun taking content from Lieberman's old ads in order to show that he hasn't done as he said he would, etc.

Chris Dodd talks about the benefits of experience in the Wall Street Journal.

Four weeks and counting until election day. What else is going on?


BrassBoy said...

Jeez, I go away for a few days (the Tar Heel state is nice this time of year) and this site goes crazy with posts about the 16th district state senate race. Where to begin...

Setting aside the fact that most of those pro-Zoni posts are an obvious attempt by the Senate Dems to generate some sort of Dave Zoni buzz (hi, I'm Dave, has anyone heard of me? Anyone?), am I the only one who thinks it's a little silly to declare a winner based on a mailer?

This mailer (which I admit, I have not seen) must be the holy grail of all mailers if it single handedly will win the election for Mr. Zoni. Why, you ask?

1. It has to have the ability to deliver a plurality in Southington for Zoni so big, that it negates the fact that: a) NOBODY in Waterbury besides the firefighters (who are not unanimously behind him BTW) has heard of him; the Waterbury Dems, Zoni's own party, wants nothing to do with him. Witness the escort they provided him for the previously mentioned Ponte Club dinner in Waterbury last week, Tom McDonough. Yes, the race means so much to Waterbury Dems that they asked an Irishman who, while a nice guy, has almost no personality, to escort Zoni around an almost exclusively old-school Italian dinner event. I understand Zoni's Italian, but he's not from Waterbury and knew almost nobody. Mr. McDonough was no help and the Waterbury Dems knew it.

2. The Wolcott Dems, still smarting from the shunning of Corky Mazurek, will not be putting their full weight behind Zoni. It was a bad tactical move early on to shove Mazurek out of the way and it will show, mark my words.

3. Regardless of what the manufactured spin is, Caligiuri announced as a candidate last December and already had a host of issue he was discussing. Zoni did not become a candidate until the spring. So how exaclt did Mr. Zoni start talknig about issues first and how is Caligiuri just rehashing Zoni's positions? Is there a rift in the space-time continuum I don't know about?

We can debate all we want about whether Zoni's advocation of socialized healthcare, government-run energy (as posted on his blog which doesn't allow comments, thanks Jared...), etc. are good, bad, neutral. Waht is not really up for debate at this point is the fact that Zoni needs to win Southington by a HUH-YUGE margin to offset what will happen in the other towns. and it ain't gonna happen. Folks, elections aren't that hard. Sometimes you simply gotta count the votes.

ken krayeske said...

Thornton for Governor will release a new commercial calling for free higher ed within the next day. We will also be calling for the Oct. 18 debate to come to the people. Why are Rell and DeStefano debating in a tv studio instead of in front of a live audience? Could these charades get any more exlcusionary?

We think they belong on a college campus, because this debate isn't about them, it is about students and the future of Connecticut.

DeStefano was hoarse, according to Gregory Hladky of the New Haven Register, because of JDS' pre-debate speech:

In the hours leading up to the debate, the street corners outside were lined with chanting supporters of the two candidates, plus an angry contingent of Green Party demonstrators. Green Party candidate Cliff Thornton was excluded from the debate between Rell and DeStefano.

"Running as a Green Party candidate is a lot like being black," said Thornton, who is an African-American.

Thornton's supporters outside the theater were chanting, "This is not democracy! This is not democracy!"

But that didn't appear to bother DeStefano, who gave the competing crowds a rousing stump speech that left him hoarse less than an hour before the debate was scheduled to begin.

Rell supporters tried to drown him out from across the street, shouting their candidate's name and banging noise-makers. Rell made a much quieter arrival, coming into the theater through a side door to avoid the banner-waving crowds.

As he left the flatbed trailer that Democrats were using as a makeshift stage, a Green Party demonstrator confronted DeStefano, demanding to know why Thornton had been excluded.

"I said I'd do more debates with Cliff," DeStefano replied."

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,

After lasts night we all know Jodi Rell ain't to bright.

It was Rells side who insisted on only 2 debates because they feared putting their candidate in front of the people of CT.Now we know why.

Rell holds all the cards as the incumbent.If you can get one more or ten more debates scheluled with the Gov. I'm certain JDS will show.

Just an Observation said...

Brass Boy:

Check your facts: Sam's site doesn't permit for comments either. In fact, he removed them after someone made a comment about how Sam or his campaign hadn't posted for months following Sam's original post.

Not to mention, if you wanted to talk to Dave or Sam personally, their contact info in on the sites.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Campaign $$$ reporting due today???

Genghis Conn said...

It is indeed, anonymous. Which means that CFIS will be even slower than usual.

Anonymous said...

Krayske, Rell said she'd do debates with all of them. DeStefano is the one who bitched and moaned.

But I wouldn't expect the facts from you anyways, you're all Democrats at heart anyways.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Bruce Stevens???

Too many libs in one place????

Anonymous said...

Anyone see what happened at Columbia U and the protest that occured in response to Gilchrest and the Minuteman Project. Violation of the 1st Amendment or Right to Protest?

BrassBoy said...


Sam's blog is not being used to announce policy positions (at least not right now) and Zoni's is seperate from his campagin website, while Sam's is not. But yes, I suppose if you had a question or comment about some Apple Harvest pictures you are not allowed to do that.

I realize their contact info is there. What does that have to do with anything?

I'm pretty sure the point of my post is not affected by these revelations...

Anonymous said...

Yo....anyone hear from Schlesinger on his 'snubbing of a lifetime' last night???

Apparently, Rell has no problem telling people at Republican gatherings that she supports him, but on live TV she freezes? It's another beautiful day to be the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Shadow said...

> Anonymous: Krayske, Rell said she'd do debates with all of them. DeStefano
> is the one who bitched and moaned.
> But I wouldn't expect the facts from you anyways, you're all Democrats at
> heart anyways.

Ken never said otherwise, he was quoting an article from the New Haven Register, and that was written very clearly before the quote began. At least you've proven Democrats and Green Party members do stand against you on one issue, they know how to read and pay attention.

Anonymous said...

DOE: Winter Heating Bills Likely Lower becasue of the right wing conspiracy versus ".
DeStefano also predicted that electric bills would increase by 50 percent, charging that state utility regulators are holding off approving a major rate hike until after the election. High rates "are crushing our families," he said, adding consumers will react to their winter tax bills like they did to spiking gas prices this past summer: in shock. "When I write that electric bill, I know how hard it is," Rell said, touting her own multifaceted plans to attack energy costs.
" from last night. So, which is it? Does anybody know? does anybody really care?

Just an Observation said...


You're posts are lost on me. Sam announced his healthcare plan on his blog and Zoni has a link to his blog right on his website. If the big issue is the release of platforms, Zoni still releases press releases (see web site), he can't help it if the media doesn't jump all over them. They both use blogger as their medium, I'm not seeing your distinction.

Anonymous said...

I encourage EVERYONE to take a look and see where DeStefano is getting his campaign money from. Someone (GC? Mods?) should see HOW MANY contributors have special interests/contracts in New Haven. After hearing a few mumblings, I anticipate it to be mind-blowing. Kudos to Jodi for not calling him out on this last night when speaking about CFR. She took the high road = the road that will continue to lead her on the path to victory.

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 1203-

I certainly will be and a post will put up about it once released.

BrassBoy said...

they're lost on you because you're focusing on the wrong part. i may have been mistaken in my timeline as far as blogs, comments, etc. (caligiuri's site/blog was up first and allowed comments; zoni's came later, are seperate and do not allow comments; caligiuri's now does not allow comments...). i probably shouldn't have even mentioned that part, as it is really just a personal gripe since i would like to post a comment/question on the Zoni blog from time to time and can't.

The point is (or one of my points actually) that i read several posts over the weekend stating that Zoni's been talking about the issues and Caligiuri either has not or is just poaching Zoni's issues and/or regurgitating Zoni's positions. And that is simply untrue.

To say that Caligiuri is not taking issues is disingenuous at best considering his website has been up for quite some time and it certainly contains information on the issues. Caligiuri's been campaigning and stumping for over 10 months now, speaking on the issues. Dave Zoni has not been campaigning for that long as he was not even the original candidate and his website and mailers have all come after Caligiuri's. So how is it even possible that Dave Zoni is out front on the issues and Sam Caligiuri is either ignoring the issues or just rehashing Zoni???

Furthermore, my other point was in response to what I felt was an obvious attempt to manufacture some Zoni buzz. The sad fact is Zoni has done almost nothing in Waterbury, save for put a few sign on firefighter's lawns and he alienated most of the Wolcott Dem organization. So to say his mailer was so great as to have sewn up Southington and thusly have won Zoni the race (as one poster put it) is ludicrous.

Don't focus on the one line in my original post "(as posted on his blog which doesn't allow comments, thanks Jared...)" and read the whole post.


Anonymous said...

We all know Rell isn't the sharpest tool in the toolshed, but she is going to win the election.

She is what you call the benefactor of extremely forturnate circumstances. (Rowland Scandal...optimistic economic conditions..etc..)

Everybody on this blog knows Destefano knows his stuff much better and demonstrates he has a much better understanding of economic policy.

My question is, who the hell wants to be governor of Connecticut?...which is realy governor/mayor of hartford. I'm wondering when is Hartford actually going to get a mayor who is going to clean up that pitiful city up.

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with all the republicans in this state calling themselves independent thinkers on thier ads. This all proves Lieberman is a republican deep down inside.

Lamont's new radio and tv ads drills Liebere for the selfish hyprocrit he really has been all this time.

Just an Observation said...


Thanks for the clarifications. Just trying to confirm what is true, what is untrue and what is just a mistake or omission. My comments about Zoni's contact information go right to your point: If you have a question or concern, pick up the phone or write an e-mail.

The points about the mailer are interesting and if it's as good as some past posts are saying, it bodes well for future mailers. At least, I think that's the point people are trying to make. Yet, it is necessary to note that mailers alone never win an election, least none that I’ve ever witnessed.

That all aside, I think we can agree that this will be a great race to watch over the next 4 weeks.

BrassBoy said...


No thanks necessary, I tend to ramble a bit. And I agree, if I, or anyone else really wanted to know something badly enough and feel that I haven't gotten what I want from the website, mailers, etc. I can just as easily pick up a phone or email.

As for the mailer, I just don't see how it, or any mailer on earth for that matter, could ever be that good. Nice looking, informative, well thought out, etc.? That's fine. But to say a mailer is so good that it will sew up an entire town and give a canidate a win, I just find that hard to believe, as you stated in your last line.

Definitely agree, however, this is a race to watch.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone taken a trip to new haven and ventured outside of downtown? If you don't get shot tell me, is that really what you think a good gubenatorial candidate can stand on as his/her record

ken krayeske said...

Democrat at heart? Perhaps, perhaps not. While I am still a registered Dem (a leftover from my failed marraige with the Lamont campaign back in the spring), I blame both parties equally for suppressing third party rights to free speech.

I think the Democrats and Republicans can't save us from the policies they have created (the war on drugs, energy deregulation, health care deregulation, etc), and they are too arrogant and blind to see that more voices would indeed improve our country.

Hubris never did anything but destroy those foolish enough to be so narcissistic.

Let Cliff Debate!

Anonymous said...

The new Lamont had has Joe EXPOSED!! I hope everybody realizes what a hypocrit he is and always has been.

Anonymous said...


You got to love the liberme2006 youth making youtube videos that compare missing on a vote on the Greenwich town board to the United States Senate. hmmmmmmmm Ned was running a multi-million dollar business. Point is. JOE YOU GOT BURNED ON THIS AD. you can't defend this ad ....it will only make you look incompetent.

Mazurek Fan for Sam said...

BB and JanO -

The great thing about local politics and races involving State Senate Districts is that you have access to the candidates. If you went to any of the local festivals or if you live and work in the district you have probably met the candidates. And like you say, you could probably get them on the phone if you wanted. I have received a call from Caligiuri and a call from a staff member of Zoni's. Political websites are good for news about the candidate, but not for getting the real deal.

Zoni's mailing was, as someone else said yesterday, a huge "puff piece". There was no substance. Because of that I think it is clear that there was some highly generated Zoni buzzz created about it. I don't think the mailer turned the race into "Zoni's to win" as a blogger said.

While you two may think this is a race to watch, I am getting the feeling that it is not as close as we think. There are four towns involved in this race, and Zoni seems to only care about Southington. I know people in all the districts and only people in Southington have had contact with Zoni or have gotten a phone message from someone on his campaign.

That is the buzz that should be going around this campaign. Zoni ran for Southington office last year on the basis that he REALLY wanted the town seat. Now he drops that and is trying to get to Hartford. Someone who wins a seat he says he will never leave and then drops it to go to Hartford is as about has weird as a picture of him on the front of a mailer blowing bubbles with a child. Zoni should focus on the entire district, not just his home turf. He should start talking about more than just energy. Everyone is for energy conservation and everyone is for prosecution of Drunk Drivers.

But maybe a hometown candidate can't think beyond the borders of Southington.

S-Town Indy said...

Southington is great. I should know, I live there.

However, Mazurek Fan is right. I want someone to look after the interests of Southington, but I-84 runs right through our district. I want someone who can represent the area. A lot of people that live in Southington work in surronding towns (once again, like myself). It would be a horrible idea to send a one-year town councilman to Hartford to represent our district. Caligiuri seems to have the experience and the clout needed to properly represent the 16th in Hartford. Southington is important, but not important enough to sacrifice our representation by electing Zoni.

White Oak Lane in Wolcott said...

Maz fan for Sam:

I live in Wolcott and I've been called by a rep from Zoni's campaign and Zoni himself. I’ve even had him knock on my door and I had him chase me around the Lions Fair. I haven't heard from Sam, but I did meet him at the fair as well. I doubt I’m the only Wolcott voter Zoni’s tried to court.

I'm not involved in town politics and have had no idea what happened Corky and Zoni before reading this site and I don't really care (does anyone outside of the "players"??). I think we all just want someone who is a common-sense advocate and committed. Zoni’s got his faults (as you discuss) and Sam has his. We’ll see where the chips fall on Nov 7.

Stratford Dem said...

Guys-- some bad news about Zoni.

His financial report just came out...he has raised a total of $61,000 as of October 1. Caliguiri had raised $82,000 as of July 1. (He hasn't reported yet for October, so no doubt this is higher).

No way you can get outspent 2-1 and win an election unless something extraordinary happens.

Senate Democrats will have to drop $100k on this one to make it competitve.

Anonymous said...

CT Post got it wrong again.
They claim Mayor Miron should come out and say why he feels he needs
to have 2 guns on him. That is confidential. No he should not be carrying them to begin with because
it is inappropriate. However, he cannot be expected to tell anyone why he is doing it. Get real.

Poor Dem said...

Stratford Dem- just goes to show all, that the Republicans are the party of the wealthy. Look at the amounts of the contributions-$avg/contributor. The Republicans can afford $500 when they earn $250/hour.