Tuesday, October 17, 2006

State Senate Money Race: 3rd Quarter

Some more information about candidate finances from CFIS.

State Senate
First number is amount raised this quarter. Number in parentheses is amount on hand at the end of this quarter. I will update this post as more information comes in. I am only looking at districts on the most recent "Races to Watch" list. Incumbents denoted by an asterisk (*).

For purposes of comparison, please look at the second quarter state senate fundraising numbers.

Senate District 7
Bill Kiner (D): $23,798.00 ($36,054.10 on hand)
John Kissel* (R): $13,788.00 ($14,307.18 on hand)

Senate District 8
Steve Berry (D): n.a. (will update when available)
Thomas Herlihy* (R): n.a. (will update when available)

Senate District 16
David Zoni (D): $27,010.04 ($31,237.09 on hand)
Sam Caliguiri (R): $42,997.37 ($22,460.99 on hand)

Senate District 18
Andy Maynard (D): $31,175.00 ($36,272.58 on hand)
Lenny Winkler (R): $42,450.00 ($50,441.19 on hand)

Senate District 20
Andrea Stillman* (D): $18,515.00 ($37,036.22 on hand)
Chris Oliviera (R): $17,350.00 ($18,521.31 on hand)

Senate District 21
Chris Jones (D): n.a. (will update when available)
Daniel Debicella (R): $76,890 ($81,758 on hand--wow!)

Senate District 22
Bill Finch* (D): $41,465 ($40,809.08 on hand)
Robert Russo (R): $36,915 ($19,211.39 on hand)

Senate District 31
Thomas Colapietro* (D): $9,250 ($32,000 on hand)
Beverly Bobroske (R): $21,488.32 ($20,256.35 on hand)


Anonymous said...

How is it, that in the 16th, Caliguiri onlt has 22K? is he out of moola?

Anonymous said...

Ain't I being picky, but...it would be nice to see the entire amount raised so far by each candidate...I say this because someone could have enjoyed an average or even lackluster quarter and also have spent a boatload of money already and be in great shape financially when in fact looking at the numbers you posted ($ this quarter and cash on hand) one might assume they haven't raised alot of money...does this make sense?

If candidate Jane Doe raised only $5,000 this quarter and might have spent already $100,000 on the campaign then she is most likely doing pretty well, even if she only has $10,000 left in her account. However, by looking at the numbers you posted it neglects to show that she spent as much as she did (the $100,000) and that she actually did a good job funudraising.

Sounds confusing I guess and who am I to complain considering you (GC) are the one here running a great blog (even if it has, in my opinion, become a liberal meeting room).

Genghis Conn said...

Anonymous 8:29,

For comparison, you can look at the 2nd quarter numbers for state senate. What matters at this point more than anything else is how much money is left in the tank for the final sprint to the election, in my opinion. But you can track how much money a candidate has raised by looking at those Q2 numbers. Most candidates did not raise much in the way of funds during Q1.

Genghis Conn said...

As for Caliguiri, have no fear. I'm sure the state GOP will give him more cash.

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the Republican representatives on this site?

Are they so embarassed they've decided to stop writing?

Are they Embrassed that Alan Schlesinger showed in 17 minutes that he's brighter than their standard bearer,Jodi Rell, and that their party may have thrown the wrong one of the two under the bus?

They must be embarassed when they see the ad with Rell holding her grandchild. Is their any substance to their supposed "party".

How 'bout it ACR or DR,You asked for the oportunity to represent your Party at this forum and yet you've been dead silent on the one candidate of your party who speaks forcefully and with knowledge and conviction about its positions on major issues.

Is There a CT Republican party or is Rells reelection the one and only goal.Do Nutmegger Republicans have a political party or is it really just a cult?

The silence of the two representatives of the Rs here is Deafening.

BrassBoy said...

Why should ACR & DR, or any of the "unofficial" Republicans on this site do anything other than sit back and watch Rell win? She doesn't need hysterical postings in the blogosphere, nor does she need to do much of anything except wait out the clock.

Some may not like the fact that DeStefano and the CT Dems have so little to offer that they cannot beat Rell even though she is essentially playing not to lose, but I think that speaks more towards the CT Dems than the Rs supposed "cult".

turfgrrl said...

anonymous 8:59 -- I would think the Republican representatives are more concerned with getting their candidates elected than posting on this blog for right now. They'll appear when they have something to say.

BrassBoy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BrassBoy said...

As for Caligiuri, anon8:29...

Caligiuri has already spent a good deal of money on two television spots and a radio buy, both of which have been on the air for a few weeks now, while his opponent, to my knowledge, has yet to do so. I would expect Zoni to do something (anything?) with regards to television and radio for the stretch run, so perhaps that is why he has been saving his cash.

Then again, considering Caligiuri's ability to raise money up to this point, perhaps he feels that he will have no problem raising some more money for the last leg of the campaign, and that is why he has spent at a higher clip up until now. Based on his prowess thus far, one would have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Two things worth noting about these numbers. First, while cash-on-hand is the most important number, it must be taken in the context of what expenses a candidate has already made. Inotherwords, a candidate could have little COH but may have already paid for his entire media buy. Second, none of us know how much the respective parties are going to spend on the key legislative races.

Having said that, based on these reports it appears that Debicella is the big winner. My guess is that the Ds will write that seat off and focus money on other races like the 16th.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest treasurer award has to go to Kiner 06!!! I really don't know how anyone can tell how much money he has. The numbers on the front page of the filing are all over the place. Nothing adds up!! I hope this person wasn't a studnet of Mr. Kiner's at one time. What an embarrassment!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. Chris Jones is going to get CREAMED.

Anonymous said...

If Rell wins the state of CT will definitely lose again since the Rowland trash will stay in the house and the Republican party in CT will continue to flounder and flip-flop on the issues while the Democrats in the Legislature control the agenda and Rell controls the bond commission. Anybody see here pathetic interview with the CT Post editorial board today?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:56

Is this Jodi Rell??? Have you never made a mistake? Mistakes happen, grow up.

Anonymous said...

Debicella loaned his campaign $40k so he actually raised $37k from individuals, ads, PACs.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1036-

I am not anon 956 for starters. And Kiner was a history teacher, not math as 956 eluded to.

Next, there are numerous mistakes in Kiner's report including not showing how much money was donated by special interest PACs. I will give you the front page, I can understand messing up there but for crying out loud at least be able to show the donations.

I certainly hope that the many minions of Kiner reading this will tell his treasurer to file an amended report.

disgruntled_republican said...

Hi Anon 859 -

Sorry that you missed me. As turfgrrl said, I am busy working on campaigns but have been working on a post today for you. As for my opinion on the debate, I think Schlesinger kicked the crap out of both Ned & Joe but I think it is too little too late. At this point, in my mind, it is about putting in who is best for Connecticut (not all R's think like liberal D's) and while I like Alan's ideas (and this is not new, I have said it many occassions and gotten into many debates over it before the casino stuff) I do not think he is electable anymore.

I do find it amazing that there is a sudden outpouring of support from Anon posters for Alan...hmmmmmm, I wonder why? Nice try.

I do think Alan will gain some ground but I do not think it will be enough to cost Lieberman the election dispite the motives of Ned and his followers.

If you have additional questions, ask away.

Anonymous said...

Debicella has already spent $50k and still has $80k left. He's been on TV for a while, and has amazing sign presence in the Republican-leaning district.

The guy is also a Harvard graduate and probably has deep pockets-- if he has to spend more than the $40k he has already given to his campaign, he probably can.

No way he can lose unless his opponent also has $80k in the bank.

Tim White said...

GC... SOTS just called me back a few minutes ago. They suggested that all House races should be online by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that Kiner's treasurer isn't going to help count votes!!

Anonymous said...

disgruntled Republican must have been the political adviser that wrote the answer to the question Jodi got from Mark Davis on which Senator did she want to serve for the next six years.

Anonymous said...

anyone asking about Caligiuri's campaign doesn;t watch cable TV in his district. His ads are running morning, noon and night

Too Many Anons said...

Too bad his commercials don't say anything worth listening to (and I'd be concerned if Sam's wife didn't support him).

Kinda like all of the Republican ads, with the exception of one of Capenera's.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. Steven Spielberg was unavailable for the Caligiuri ads

I'm not seeing much out of Dem ads other than DeStefano had an afro and they all hate Bush

disgruntled_republican said...

Actually Anon 344, I cringed when I heard her answer to that and to the mistake question...

Anonymous said...

Senate 8 numbers posted on the SOTS site today. 3Q numbers: Herlihy raised $26,580; Berry raised $9,765.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why Debicella has such a large warchest.
What is the obsession with him? He is certainly no Doc Gunther.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:54. Answer to your question is the Debicella team did not get the positive response they expected from independent polling they have been doing.

Just ask them to give poll results.
They will not.

Anonymous said...

Gunther does not even care for Debicella. What a scam just to keep the seat Republican.

Stratford Dem said...

Jones campaign is delusional....Doc Gunther has been on TV with Debicella for a month now here in Stratford. Debicella was his campaign manager.

Jones-- please stop posted here and go knock on some doors or raise some money. It's probably too late, but maybe you should take a page from Dave Mooney!