Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Open Forum

The Connecticut Post profiles the last Democrat who held the 4th CD seat, Donald Irwin.

Q. What was the best part of your political career?

A. "I guess the years in Washington when Johnson was president. They were eventful years because of the Vietnam War."

Q. Do you have a favorite in this year's race and why?

A. "Diane Farrell, who I think two years ago ran a very good race. [Christopher Shays] has some problems he didn't have two years ago."

Q. Are you going to be involved in her campaign?

A. "I would assume so. I think she expects me to be."

Q. How has the 4th District changed since you were the representative?

A. "Democratic chances are better than they used to be. The district used to be overwhelmingly Republican, unlike now [with a dominant unaffiliated vote]."

Q. What do you think of the American policy in Iraq?

A. "It's a failed policy because there's no way we can win."

Q. What makes the effort in Iraq different from the one you supported in Vietnam?

A. "A lot of countries, like France, have more at stake in the Middle East than we do because they are more dependent on it for oil."

Q. What do you think of Joe Lieberman?

A. "I'm a big fan of Joe's. I expect to be supporting him. He's a very good senator."

Q. What do you think of "young George Bush" and why do people hate him so much?

A. "He's managing reasonably well. I don't understand the hate. I never hated anyone in politics. I don't think it's necessary at all."

Q. How do you think the Democrats will do in their efforts to retake Congress this year?

A. "They have a good chance to take both houses."

Q. What do you think of today's Democratic Party?

A. "They seem to be well equipped to deal with the problems now. We take a middle road approach."

Q. What do students think when you tell them you're a former congressman and mayor?

A. "They relate to a mayor, not a congressman."

What else is going on?

The Connecticut Post, 10 questions for Donald Irwin, Democrat, Susan Silvers, 10/16/06


Anonymous said...

Johnson was a no show on FOX 61's Beyond the Headlines this weekend. Simmons showed, Courtney showed, Murphy showed but no Nancy. Apparently Johnson's campaign didn't even return the numerous phone calls inviting her to show. Maybe the below market rent her campaign is getting from the Maguire Group in New Britain in exchange for her looking the other way on the I-84 job doesn't include phone service.

Anonymous said...

This is another take on what Iraq is all about from the New London Day:

Anonymous said...

What time is the debate? 1 in the afternoon?? Who is going to be watching this thing???

Anonymous said...

61 gets weak ratings

RE:Donald Irwin. A few more votes in 1968 and we would have been saved the political careers of Lowell Weicker and Ned Lamont