Saturday, October 14, 2006

Constitutional Officers Fundraising: Third Quarter


Jodi Rell (R):$1,100,193.91 ($555,460.06 on hand)
John DeStefano (D): $1,066,400 ($307,000 on hand)

Secretary of the State

Susan Bysiewicz (D): $74,970.00 ($123,011.16 on hand)
Richard Abbate (R): 12,345.00 ($4012.07 on hand)

Attorney General

Richard Blumenthal (D): n.a. (will update when info available)
Robert Farr (R): $28,750.00 ($10,979.83 on hand)


Denise Nappier (D): $79,866.08 ($91,472.59 on hand)
Linda Roberts (R): $23,520.00 ($26,150.28 on hand)


Nancy Wyman (D): $332,596.65 ($36,831.42 on hand)
Cathy Cook (R): $28,830.00 ($26,506.31 on hand)

Information from C.F.I.S.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the u-ticket all put their checkbooks away....yawn

TrueBlueCT said...

I was just over at Rell's site checking out her bio. Not much there.

Does anyone know what Rell's big accomplishments were during her time as a legislator? What were her big initiatives?

I'm surprised by how little biographical information we have on Rell. Where is the in-depth profile that we deserve?

Anonymous said...

What? Info from Richard Blumenthal not available? The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Anonymous said...

In response to what "big accomplishiments" Jodi Rell had for while she was in in the General Assembly; she was a leader, but of a the republicans. With only 1/3rd or a little more of the GA, the republicans didn't accomplish anything, because they were never in a position to accomplish anything.

She was there from 1985-94, with a big democrat majority in the GA, and William O'Neill and Wiecker were Governors. Which is probably why wanted to do something else, like help John Rowland become governor knowing it was the only thing Republicans could do to get some power in the state...probably one of those things that sounded good at the time. man, I hate that guy.

Wolcottboy said...

Check Denise Nappier's figures. She has more on hand than she raised.

Fleeced Citizen said...

What has Nancy Wyman done with her money? Several hundred thousand dollars raised and $30,000 approximately left on hand? Who is getting this money? Fundraising for office or fundraising to buy dinners or gifts for friends? Who are her "consultants" and what did they get paid for?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Wyman purchased $250k worth of TV ads that haven't begun to run yet