Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Open Forum

Joe Lieberman has released a voter education jingle. Surprisingly catchy! Not to be outdone, our own CGG does the vocals for a comeback over at media rock star CTBob's place.

Disgruntled_Republican told you that Enfield was the center of the political universe. And, according to the Courant, he was right.

The Day endorses Courtney and Rell. The Danbury News-Times endorses Rell. The Stamford Advocate is endorsing Rell, with some qualifications. The Connecticut Post has endorsed Shays, but I don't see it on their website yet.

What else is happening?


disgruntled_republican said...


Anonymous said...

The new logic of the press

Yes, the incumbent has done a wonderful job worthy of praise. But we must rid ourselves of all Republicans

Anonymous said...

The new logic of the press

Yes, the incumbent has done a wonderful job worthy of praise. But we must rid ourselves of all Republicans

disgruntled_republican said...

Funny anon, I got the exact same impression in the Day's editorial of CD2. Spent 3/4 of the article on why Simmons has been a great Congressman then say his opponent is wrong in slamming him then endorse the other guy...strange.

cgg said...

DR I think it's purely about the numbers game this time. That's also why the NYT endorsed Farrell after years of giving their nod to Chris Shays.

Anonymous said...

GC - How about a post detailing the CT Post's endorsement of Shays over Farrell. CGG, an admitted Farrell supporter (as is Turfgrrl) made sure to post a thread on the NYT endorsement of Farrell. CGG why no thread about this endorsement for Shays? GC you need to show a little fairness.

The CT Post is a more critical endorsement, in my opinion, for 2 reasons: 1. the Post endorsed Farrell last time; and 2. it represents the state's largest city.

The fact that the CT Post has switched back to Shays with this endorsement is big. Coming on the heels of a major rally with Sen. John McCain, this is important momentum for the Shays camp in a very, very close race.

BTW, cgg, turfgrrl, no coverage of McCain rally either huh?

Farrell had her goon there taping it, why don't you get some footage from her goon and put it up here. It was a great event.

bluecoat said...

the bulk of The Stamford Advocate's endorsement of Rell focused on what she does poorly - lead boldy where no man has gone before!

and the CT Post flip-flopped this year in supporting Shays having supported Farrell last time around.

That's why I read their analysis and make my own decisions like most folks in the 4th CD do.

cgg said...

Anon 1:46 I cover all the NYT endorsements because it's the paper I subscribe to. That includes their endorsement of Rell which I posted about.

I'm working on a full list of endorsements right now.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones has Dan Debicella in retreat. A day after the CT Post criticized Debicella for using a police officer in his TV commercial without permission Debicella agreed to pull
the scene.

In addition each camp has done polls that shows the race dead even or Jones actually pulling ahead. A recent mailer from the Jones camp outlines Debicella's record of tax increases six out of seven years as a member of the Shelton Board of Apportionment and Taxation.

The Senate Dems feel this race is now possible to win and they want to win it especially after Debicella broke up Jones press conference several weeks ago.

Chris Jones has less money and less advertising yet the race is even. There is internal infighting in the Debicella camp and they do not know what to do next. Debicella claims to be a fiscal conservative but he has spent so much money on this campaign and is possibly running behind Jones.

Debicella is no consevative after having raised taxes in Shelton.

Considering Jones got a late start all of this is a big deal indeed.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:22- you couldn't be more wrong but nice try.

justavoter said...

when will these other papers endorse a Senate candidate?
Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22- you couldn't be more wrong.. but nice try.

brickbat said...

You can't escape the fact that, no matter how "independent" the CT Congressional Republicans are, they will caucus with their party. They will vote to support decisions by the likes of John Boehner and other DeLay clones.

They will vote to put them in power.

There's no point in going down a checklist of where the CT GOP Congresspeople have supported the Bush agenda and where they haven't. It's really besides the point this year.

They may not be crazies, but the national party is. Their presence in Congress can make a difference in whether or not the extremists in the national GOP will continue to rule.

"Rule" as in: "abdicate Congressional responsibility to be a check on the executive branch."

"Rule" as in: "spending tens of millions of dollars and countless hours investigating the sex life of Bill Clinton and not a fraction of that investigating how the Bush administration got us stuck in Iraq."

The Democrats running against the GOP incumbents are intelligent and able people.

It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's analyze Chris Jones' comments. (Chris is Anon 2:22)

How does Chris know what Decibella's polls say? He doesn't. This is just spin.

How does Chris know the internal workings of Decibela's campaign? He doesn't. This is just spin.

The Jones campaign in no where. They are not on TV. They are not on radio. They have had two mailings, compared with dozens for Decibella.

No one outside of his family knows who Chris Jones is.

Decibella raised $130k, Jones raised $60. Unless the Senate Democrats have given him $100,000, then Chris Jones is all done.

Anonymous said...

8:47 you sound defensive. I am saving my best info for last. Upon a careful reading of your post you do not refute the fact Debicella has poor poll numbers. How I know is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that there has not been a word regarding the Courant story yesterday -- that the sainted Mary Glassman gave $500 to John Rowland's last re-election campaign.

If the parties were opposite, this would have had its own thread.

I find it also interesting that she hadn't disclosed this to John DeStefano..... not that it would have been difficult to find. So much for thorough background checks...

Rell may have called Rowland the greatest Governor (as noted in DeStefano's ads) but she never contributed to his campaign.,0,1040784.story?coll=hc-headlines-politics

Anonymous said...

Miss (8:47) I see you do not refute Debicella raised taxes either. Or that the CT Post went at him for the TV Commercial. What is your point? You must refute to debate me! I have been at this thing for a long time.

Your are on the periphery of the Debicella camp.

By the way spell Debicella correctly.

Anonymous said...

8:37 seems to think that turning CT into a one party state is a small price to pay for getting Nancy Pelosi in as Speaker.

The only diff I see is that the bridges to nowhere will now be built in Dem districts. And we can have useless hearings on every pet peeves the lefties want to rant about.

Meanwhile, the press will make sure future GOP candidates get the Schlesinger treatment if they try and dislodge a Dem incumbent

whrre's Orwell when I need him

Zoni Toast? said...

Dave Zoni (Dem for 16th Senate) sent out another negative mailer.

Haven't heard much on him since he got destroyed in the press about his child molester flier. Another article in the courant lambasted him this week.

Is this race over since Zoni went negative?

Stratford Dem said...

OK, time to be objective about the Jones-Debicella race. (Full disclosure: I am voting for Jones, but doubt he will win)

Fact #1: The Debicella campaign screwed up this weekend on their TV ad, and got called on it. Definitely will hurt his campaign.

Fact #2: The Jones campaign has not done anything. ANYTHING. The previous anonymous post is correct-- no Jones TV, radio, or anything of any significance. People in Stratford have no idea who he is.

Result-- Jones is running a negative campaign against Debicella. Not necessarily the worst strategy in the world. Everyone knows Debicella, so why not hit him hard?

Will it work? Probably not as it is laid out in Chris' posts here. Chris' arguments that Debicella raised taxes are pretty weak....Debicella has established himself as a tax-cutter. (And very few swing voters think Republicans are for raising taxes).

Chris-- why not attack Debicella where he is vunerable? Why not go after him on being a big business lacky? Why not go after him for being an elitist? You started down this road in the Stratford Star, and it was pretty compelling. I had expected you to follow up on it, but nothing yet.

Just my unsolicited (and no doubt will be ignored) opinion.

Southington Attorney said...

I live in Southington and am an active attorney in the Greater-Waterbury area. I can tell you that Zoni's last mailer was NOT negative. It was factual with a larger-than-normal portion dedicated to sources. It was simply compelling, not negative.

The first mailer treaded very carefully on the negative line. This "Where there is Smoke, There is Caligiuri" piece was good and those in the know in Southington think it was a great mailer that talked about the issues in a more palatable way for the casual voter.

Anonymous said...

Glassman explained her $500 dollar donation to the Rowland camapign and the explanation was quite reasonable but no sense posting it here.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Chris Jones. Debicella to me seems too pushy, arrogant.

I know who Jones is. People just need to pay attention.