Thursday, August 03, 2006

Open Forum

I've been thinking a lot about blogs and this campaign lately. Humor me below.

What influence do you think blogs have had on the Lieberman-Lamont primary?
Too much
A lot
Not much
Blogs are irrelevant to politics
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What else is happening?


Anonymous said...

There is a story in The Litchfield County Times 8/4/06 edition it is out already in some places.

The Group of Petitioners who wanted to have a Special Town Meeting in The Town of Washington are out collecting signatures yet again in hopes to have a discussion of an Impeachment Resolution at a Special Town Meeting.

The First Petition was turned down as improper by The Board of Selectman 2-1. The Petitioners then had what they called "an untown meeting" with the 3 chairs turned up and I guess this is when they decided to draw up a new petition. If this happens Washington would be the first Municipality in Connecticut asking that the appropriate elected officials begin an impeachment process.

just thought it would be a different topic to throw around on a hot afternoon.

I believe story is on The Litchfield County Times Website.

bluecoat said...

My favorite choice on your poll is: blogs are irrelevant to politics people on this blog have actually checked that option -blogs are irrelevant but these blogger pollees read them; OK fine, I get it.

Bobby McGee said...

While I don't think blogs are still driving the Lamont campaign (although they still think they are) they were definitely responsible for getting him on his feet. Lamont's team has done a nice job making him seem like a viable candidate ever since.

BRubenstein said...

Bobby said " making him seen like he is a viable candidate...." Lamont is up in the reliable Q POll by 13% with just a few days left....LMAO

MightyMouse1 said...

I hope that JDS begins working on his acceptance speech now and does not campaign-- just like at the convention. JK

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an update as to most recent campaign filings? Don't Malloey and DeStafono have to file week before primary?

Interested to know their cash on hand....

Anonymous said...

According to CFIS as of 7/25, John DeStefano had $387,405.55 CoH and Dan Malloy had $567,512.33 CoH

Since Rell doesn't have a primary, she doesn't have to file a 7/25 report. As of 6/30, she had $1,738,160.59 CoH.

CTRevolution said...

Has anybody seen Malloy's latest attack TV ad and robo calls. Because they are amazingly desperate. They are misleading to a point I haven't seen in a Dem. Primary. I mean, I used to have respect for the guy, but now that's all gone. If he keeps this up it might not only mean alienating voters, but also ending his political career. This guy needs to get his act together. He's making Karl Rove look like Mr. Rogers. Like DeStefano said to Malloy at the end of the last debate, "Rise to the occasion." You're better then that Mr. Malloy, you're better then that.

TrueBlueCT said...

Dan Malloy lost me forever when he sent out an "asshole-ish" mailer stating that New Haven was a dangerous city.

Note to Dan: When you want to tear your opponent town by smearing New Haven, don't mail it out to actual New Haveners. After years of hard work, they won't appreciate your mis-characterizations.

And wtf are you doing using Republican stereotypes, ("bad on crime") to try and gain advantage? Pretty much unforgivable. Next thing we'll know, Malloy will be labelling DeStefano a "tax-and-spender".

Anonymous said...


Well, isn't he a tax and spender?

I don't know whether he'd be upset and being labeled that,.....

Anonymous said...

... and TrueBlue's entire world crumbles around him as he learns that Malloy's mailer came out AFTER DeStefano's and that DeStefano's was on... wait for it... CRIME!!!

Still feel the same way? Was DeStefano using a "Republican" stereotype when he did it FIRST?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard that after Malloy called New Haven one of the most dangerous cities in the country, disrespecting all those who had put in hard work in the city, he went down to a New Haven Temptations concert to try to gain votes. Apparently he was heckled so badly that he left almost immediately. I heard the police officers there weren't too happy with his assesment on how they've been doing.

Anonymous said...

CTRevolution- which ad and robo-call are you refering to as misleading?

Anonymous said...

CTRevolution- which ad and robo-call are you refering to as misleading?

Anonymous said...

MyDD has two reports about an incident at Ted's Cheeseburgers in Meriden.

The Lieberman supporters started getting aggressive, pushing some of the Lamont staffers. When confronted, the Lieberman staffers said that they are just doing what the bloggers did.

In the whole affair, one photographer caught an elbow and got a bloody nose.

I don't know of any blogger giving a person a bloody nose, and I don't know of any blogger that has had assault and battery charges filed against him.

Anonymous said...

Just caught Malloy's anti DeStefano TV ad on women's issues...

(DeStefano in dress, pregnant, holding young child).

Pretty rough and tumble.

Is there a sublimnal-thing here? I've heard chit chat about John's feminine mannerisms, etc (I know he isn't gay...)

BRubenstein said...

putting JDS in a dress in an ad is the lowest thing ive seen so far out of the DM campaign...just how low will they go?

Anonymous said...


What is your take on the Malloy attack ad? You seem to disagree with negative ads and push polling, but what about when it is your guy that's on the offensive?

Chris MC said...

Listen to all the whining from the DeStefatrolls! You of course don't care about negativity, as long as it is being directed at your opponent.

But the bad news isn't that Malloy has gone negative, nor even that the substance of what he is saying is completely true, which of course it is.

No the really bad news is that the trend of the polling since Sunday has been dramatically down for DeStefano.

That's right, I am telling you here and now that it is a dead heat.

How far and fast can Disaster for Connecticut fall? Stay tuned.

justavoter said...

Here a report on what went down at Ted Famous Cheeseburger's in Meriden Ct today after 5 Pm.

This was a Ned Lamont event credit
ConnecticutBlog site for the information. also checkout Ned Lamonts offical site for more on this.

Thursday, August 03, 2006
Liberyouth gone wild

Oh man, the Lieberyouth have gone crazy.

So I just tracked this down with several sources, and something really strange is going on. Lieberman's campaign seems to arming his supporters with aggressive talking points in order to pick fights at Lamont events. There were two separate events today where this happened. At a Machinists union endorsement event for Ned, some Lieberman supporters (probably paid) started arguing with union members, and a sign got torn.

Later in the day, Ned was ambushed at a diner stop. At 5pm, Ned was scheduled to stop at a cheeseburger joint in Meridan (Ted's Cheeseburgers). The burgers were really good, apparently, and the place is famous for delicious cheeseburgers. Mmm. As I write this it's dinner time.

Anyway, Lamont was going to the restaurant for a scheduled stop to do a meet and greet. The field organizer got there 20 minutes ahead of schedule. A bunch of Lieberkidz were already inside, but they were disguised because they weren't wearing their standard white T-Shirts. They were just sitting in the booths, in the smallish restaurant.

There were about 15 Ned supporters outside, holding signs and milling about. There were also some reporters, a photographer, and a bunch of journalists. Ned arrived at 5:05, and spent about 10 or 15 minutes outside before heading in to give a speech and eat a cheeseburger. He goes inside, and all of sudden the field organizer who was behind Ned heard a lot of screaming directed at Ned.

There were only four booths and six stools in the whole place, and they were basically all occupied. When Ned went in, all of the supporters ripped off their 'civilian clothes' and revealed their Lieberman T-Shirts.

A large man, around 50 years old or so, then started screaming at Ned, "Are you an Al Sharpton Democrat, or a Bill Clinton Democrat?" Ned was trying to answer, and the gentleman kept yelling. The Lamont press secretary tried to intervene, and meanwhile, the people behind the counter who owned the restaurant were horrified and embarrassed. Then Ned Lamont went up to the few people in regular clothes and introduced himself, even as the Lieberman supporters kept screaming. He also tried to introduce himself to the Lieberman staffers, but to no avail. The screaming continued, and it was so abrasive that he left, and the whole crowd followed him outside.

These kids poured out, and a half a dozen reporters were mostly outside. The large man kept yelling, and was joined by one particularly obnoxious Lieberman supporter who started yelling about national security and how Lamont would endanger the country. The messaging seemed rehearsed. The Lieberman supporters started getting aggressive, pushing some of the Lamont staffers. When confronted, the Lieberman staffers said that they are just doing what the bloggers did.

In the whole affair, one photographer caught an elbow and got a bloody nose. It seems that the Lieberman campaign is explicitly setting up their supporters at Lamont events in tense and aggressive situations, all in the presence of reporters. When asked, the Lieberman campaign is expressing outrage at the unsavory and unruly behavior of the Lamont supporters. Joe better call the dogs off before we catch them on video.
Okay folks, this is way over the line. Say what you will but I never heard of a Lamont supporter pulling this type of crap at a Lieberman event. This is totally uncalled for and disgusting. Whenever I'm at a Lieberman event, I'm as professional as any other report on the scene. I'm there to report the story NOT and not to be part of the story. I've never heard of a pro-Lamont blogger or supporter of Lamont act like a unhinged wacko and we have all the video online to prove it.

I might disagree with Joe but that does not mean I would ever go up to him and scream in his face. Say what you will about Sen. Lieberman or Lamont but they are human beings for crying out loud. It's one thing to get pissed off at Lieberman's campaign, it a totally different story when you become physical.

Joe, I might not agree with you on several issues but I always thought you were better than this. Call off the dogs, it's very uncool and you know Ned does not deserve that type of treatment. Say what you will about Lamont supporters but you know there has never been a case where you, your staff, or any reporter felt threatened.

I think you should take some advise from Ned and have a lemonade and chill.

Chris MC said...

And on a more anecdotal note. Spent the day doing the legwork and making the calls to see what is happening out in the field.

General remarks: DeStefano people are still making defiant noises, but they are kinda teetering on the edge of despair.

Malloy people are pumped up and looking for ways to contribute. It reminds me of the heady days during the Dean effort when people were just coming out of the woodwork and doing whatever they could think of. It is really something to see and hear.

The Fifth CD is looking more and more like it will go solidly for Malloy. Even New Britain is about split from what I can tell.

The Third CD is closing in on DeStefano. Hamden, Stratford, West Haven, and a substantial chunk - about forty to forty five percent - of New Haven itself is heading Malloy's way.

Malloy is taking the fight into DeStefano's "base" precincts. DeStefano is trying to fight fires back at HQ, but things are pretty bad, and it sounds like the operation is about to spin out of control as DeStefano's poll numbers approach free fall territory.

Malloy's field operation has really come together. Phone banking is up to speed and going strong. Visibility is happening regularly. Malloy, Glassman, and Cathy Malloy are crisscrossing the state from morning until night.

A lot of work to be done though. It is going to be a busy five days.

Anonymous said...

DeStefano would spell Disaster for Connecticut.If he runs The State like New Haven We will all be in the poor house.

DeStefano has run the poorest Gubernatorial Campaign that I can recall in the last 25 years.

This Fernandez Guy stays way behind the scenes maybe they should have Sid Fernandez run the campaign Because this Henry Fernandez is nowhere in site. Whatever happen to Shonunu Gandhi or whatever her name is.

Derek Slap what a joke He should of stayed at Channel 30 rather than be a pretty boy lackey for DeStefano what a waste of a career.

Scotty too Hotty Slifka The annoited one Courtesy of Outgoing Lt Governor Kevin Sullivan and That wackjob Town Chairwoman in West Hartford. Dont worry West Hartford Scotty too Hotty will lose on Tuesday and will keep cutting the ribbons at the supermarket openings in town and at Blue Back Square.

John DeStefano & Scotty Slifka dont offer a vision for Connecticut just like the other guy who shares Line B which means Bad for Connecticut.

Go with The Awesome Line- Line A and elect Dan Malloy, Mary Glassman and Joe Lieberman on tuesday.

Destefano should of picked a woman for a running mate Thats why he stepped into a BEESNEST.....

Anonymous said...

Again, ChrisMC has spoken. Time for everyone to go home. The race is over and Dan Malloy will now be appointed governor-for-life on accounts of just being an overwhelmingly incredible man. One who brings light and hope and vision wherever he goes. One who's dreams for Connecticut will reach far beyond its borders and impact the lives of everyone in America. Soon they will whisper his name in Iowa and New Hampshire. . . . I can hear it in the wind. . . ."Malloy...Malloy....Malloy..."

The power must have come back on in Stamford because here come all the Malloy apologists. You were missed. Truly.

CTRevolution said...

Malloy's latest ads have been atrocious, an embarrassment to the Democratic party of CT and the voters. After the latest Q poll I expect DeStefano to now win by more then 10 percent. Everywhere I go people are disgusted with what Malloy is doing. It really is a disgrace and he's ruining his whole political career. He's just turning off voters left and right. I hear his ground game for the 8th is pretty shabby as well, hope Chris MC is starting to make calls because his campaign is looking like the Hindenburg.

Chris MC said...

CTRevolution, what a joke. Desperation posts on a blog aren't going to make up for your campaign's serial failure.

I am laughing at your empty threats. But they will be remembered.