Monday, July 17, 2006

Selected State Senate Fundraising - Second Quarter

Here are some of the fundraising numbers for this quarter from selected State Senate races. Numbers in parentheses is the total amount the candidate has on hand.

Updated 3:30pm with two new entries

Senate 07 - East Granby, Enfield, Granby, Somers, Suffield, Windsor (part), Windsor Locks

Sen. John Kissel (R) - $3,422 ($12,872.52)
Bill Kiner (D) - $19,434 ($24,286.37)

Note: Kiner is more than $17,000 ahead of his 2004 fundraising pace

Senate 12 - Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, N. Branford

Sen. Edward Meyer (D) - $9,601 ($42,573.75)
Gregg Hannon (R) - $7,385 ($13,938.53)

Senate 16 - Cheshire (part), Southington, Waterbury (part), Wolcott

David Zoni (D) - $22,265 ($30,387.99)
Sam Caliguiri (R) - $33,625 ($59,054.97)

Senate 18 - Griswold, Groton, N. Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington, Voluntown

Andy Maynard (D) - $18,005 ($17,712.68)
Lenny Winkler (R) - $34,803 ($30,802.37)

Senate 20 - East Lyme, Montville (part), New London, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook (part), Salem, Waterford

Sen. Andrea Stillman (D) - $5,825 ($20,667)
Christopher F. Oliveira (R) - $16,415 ($23,000*)

Senate 21 - Stratford (large part), Shelton, Seymore (part), Monroe (part)

Dan Debicella (R) - $24,375 ($53,235 - $4,109 in unpaid expenses = $49,126 on hand)
Chris Jones (D) - $26,046 ($25,313 - $90 = $25,223)
Thanks to Dave Mooney for this one!

Senate 22 - Bridgeport (part), Monroe, Trumbull (part)

Sen. Bill Finch (D) - $17,255 ($26,917.46)
Robert Russo (R) - $10,470 ($9,600)

Senate 31 - Bristol, Harwinton (part), Plainville, Plymouth

Sen. Tom Colapietro (D) - $9,619 ($28,143.32)
Beverly Bobroske (R) - $24,042 ($17,774.54)

Some very interesting numbers!

*A filing error is leading CFIS to show Oliveira's total as $14,541 - error should be corrected soon


Dave Mooney said...

Senate 21 - Stratford (large part), Shelton, Seymore (part), Monroe (part)

Doc Gunther (R) retires after 40 years leaving the seat open for the first time since 1966!

Dan Debicella (R) - $24,375 ($53,235 - $4,109 in unpaid expenses = $49,126 on hand)
Chris Jones (D) - $26,046 ($25,313 - $90 = $25,223)

This Senate district entirely encompasses the district in which I'm running, so naturally I'm keeping a close eye on it.

Looking forward to the State Rep post I assume is coming soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Robby Russo couldn't squeeze more juice out of Daddy's deep pockets. Considering he resides in a mansion on Brooklawn (bpt's high-rent district) that was given to him for his use, you'd think he'd take out a home equity loan. I don't know what Rell was thinking hiring him, but someone needs to open the closet and release the skeletons!

Anonymous said...

Chris Oliveira outraised incumbent Andrea Stillman in SD 20

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Where on earth did Dave Zoni get 30 grand?

That is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Debicella is way ahead of Jones in the 21st because he got started earlier.

But this is a Republican-leaning district (with Shelton and Monroe in it), so it will be tough for a Democrat to win unless they outspend the Republican like 2-to-1.

MikeCT said...

On WTIC today, Colin McEnroe credited bloggers with picking up where some mainstream media and specifically cited your posts on state rep & senate filings as a public service.

He also interviewed Scott MacLean (mp3) about his campaign and crazy Miriam Masullo.

Anonymous said...

Zoni got his $$$ from disgruntled firemen in Wtby (Sammy took away their nice contract with Mayor Phil) and Love Makes A Family

Anonymous said...

Are you gogin to post the House numbers?

Genghis Conn said...

I will be posting selected House numbers tomorrow. There are some really interesting ones out there.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to include those who are facing primaries.

Anonymous said...

So which of these races is really competitive now, given the fundraising that has happened?

I have my opinion, but what are people's "Top 3" Senate races to watch?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:55,

What is your opinion?

I say 7th, and 16th are the top "2" races to watch. I know those are only two, but I am torn on what to pick for the third.

Anonymous said...

Of the four open seats...I'd say 16 is almost a forgone conclusion. 21 and 18 lean strongly R and 9 leans somewhat D.

That makes 9 the race to watch - if the Republicans can pick up the 9th then they have a clean sweep of the open seats and they end up 2 up on their present 12. If the Democrats hold it then they shut down any likely Rell inspired swing.

Of the challenge seats...7 is certainly one to watch. This could be an R year on the state legislative level, but if the Democrats knock off an incumbent R then all bets are off.

12 and 14 also bear watching, as they are both former R seats ripe for a possible pick up. However, more than likely one or the other ends up falling by the wayside by the end September. Anyone's guess as to which one. My gut says 14.

Beyond that we have 20, 22 and 31. Here it all comes down to what happens inside the district. 22 and 31 are rematches - a lot can be determined by looking at the 04 numbers and comparing them with 02. 20 is new - so anyone's guess on that race. However, we should also be down to just one viable challenge race from this bunch by October. If not, the Dems are in BIG trouble in November. Smart money says 22 ends up being the race to watch.

So, for those following along at home:

9 from the open seats
7 from the R incumbents
either 12 or 14 from R turned D seats (leans to 12)
20, 22 or 31 from D seats (leans to 22)

The REAL story will be if 9, 12, 14, 20, 22 and 31 are ALL in play come October 1st. If so, we might be looking at President Pro Tempore De Luca...

Dave Mooney said...

I'd say keep an eye on 21 even with its (R) leanings in the Northern parts if only because it is open for the first time in 40 years. 40. FOUR ZERO. 40 years folks. When Doc was elected, RFK and MLK Jr. had not yet been assassinated. It was 1966. We hadn't landed on the moon yet! Johnson was President. The price of milk was actually negative in today's dollars -- they paid you to take it away. (kidding, obviously) You get my point. It's been a LONG time.

Nobody has any idea what this district does without Doc on the ballot. Debicella is a first-time candidate and Jones put up really impressive numbers considering he started after the endorsement! He raised that 26k in a month.

The '02 gap, if I recall, was about 6,000 votes between Gunther and the Democratic challenger, Terceno. With Doc off the ballot, anything is possible. Keep an eye on Stratford this year.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Anon 1:09AM.

Three races to watch are:

7th (Kissel)
16th (Murphy--Open Seat)
22nd (Finch)

Why? If Republicans lose 7th, they are in big, big trouble (will probably stay below veto-proof margins). The 16th is "the" swing district of the year (although Caligiuri looks like he has early money advantage). And the 22nd is probably the Democrat's most vunerable incumbent.

Dave, I think you are dreaming a bit to think the 21st is really in play. Jones might have impressive numbers, but Debicella has double the money. Both are unknown first time candidates in an R-leaning district. Unless Jones can outspend Debicella, how can he win?

Dave Mooney said...

I'm not going to speculate on Jones' or Debicella's campaign strategy or how they will fund the rest of their campaigns. But this is clearly going to be an high dollar race and maybe enough people will think 40 years of Republican representation is enough and be more willing to listen to a Democratic message -- especially this year.

Keep in mind, even if it remains a Republican seat, it could be a closer race than we've seen in over a decade, which would have implications for future cycles.

GMR said...

Gregg Hannan is the correct spelling (this is done primarily for the benefit of search engines and such).