Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Selected State House of Representatives Fundraising - Second Quarter

This post is similar to yesterday's on state senate fundraising. Number in parentheses is the total cash on hand.

Click on the links for more information about the race. Click here for a list of primaries being held around the state.

District 2

Phil Gallagher (R) $5,635.00 ($4,905.00)
Jason Bartlett (D) n/a

District 3

Rep. Minnie Gonzalez (D) $5,770.00 ($16,866.46)
Frank DeJesus (D) $10,400.00 ($3,895.37)

District 4

Angel Arce (D) $5,890.00 ($1,586.32)
Kevin Roldan (D) $28,905.00 ($19,572.04)

District 19

Beth Bye (D) $13,914.00 ($12,589.21)
No GOP candidate?

District 30

Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (D) $3,125.00 ($9,515.02)
Edward Pocock (R) $5,540.00 ($21,918.71)

District 37

Rep. Ed Jutila (D) $1,300.00 ($6,924.11)
Paul Formica (R) $7,470.00 ($7,470.00)

District 38

Rep. Elizabeth Ritter (D) $8,170.00 ($6,825.57)
Brian Vachris (R) $350.00 ($152.00)

District 50

Rep. Mike Alberts (R) $9,285.00 ($9,489.79)
Sherri Vogt (D) $6,714.64 ($5,011.31)

District 53

April Teveris (R) $2,103.00 ($2,740.83)
Bryan Hurlburt (D) $2,655.00 ($2,161.47)
Susan Eastwood (D) $3,790.00 ($2,737.37)

District 59

Karen Jarmoc (D) $9,570.00 ($6,086.82)
Charles Woods (R) $1,650.00 ($1,650.00)

District 61

Rep. Ruth Fahrbach (R) $12,134.00 ($13,183.85)
Derek Donnelly (D) $8,045.34 ($13,714.03)

District 65

Rep. Anne Ruwet (R) $2,275.00 ($2,275.00)
Paul E. Cavagnero (D) $1,200.00 ($1,200.00)

District 72

Larry B. Butler (D) $1,490.00 ($428.00)
Monroe Webster (D) n/a n/a
Rodney Parker (R) n/a n/a

District 73

Jeffrey Berger (D) $9,510.00 ($22,880.60)
Anthony Piccochi (D) $8,760.00 ($11,238.36)

District 79

Rep. Kosta Diamantis (D) $100.00 ($1,219.90)
Frank Nicastro (D) $50.00 ($430.40)
Henry Raymond (R) n/a

District 86

Vincent J. Candelora (R) $9,135.00 ($7,136.00)
Ashley Clow Joiner (D) $1,000.00 ($1,000.00)

District 89

Rep. Vickie Orsini Nardello (D) $7,875.00 ($6,974.15)
Roger Kergaravat (R) $1,605.00 ($1,585.00)
Tim White (R) $1,461.00 ($982.77)

District 93

Rep. Toni E. Walker (D) $2,725.00 ($2,725.00)
Darnell Goldson (D) B-4 (self-funding)

District 100

Rep. Raymond Kalinowski (R) $5,522.00 ($8,826.55)
Hope P. Kasper (D) n/a

District 104

Rep. Linda Gentile (D) $350.00 ($2,160.90)
J.R. Romano (R) $4,015.00 ($5,314.75)

District 117

Rep. Paul Davis (D) $1,605.00 ($5,965.53)
Larry Czajkowski (R) n/a

District 120

Rep. John Harkins (R) $10,580.00 ($9,015.94)
Dave Mooney (D) $6,925.00 ($20,635.72)

District 127

Rep. Jack Hennessy (D) $5,255.00 ($10,537.32)
Thomas C. McCarthy (D) $17,605.00 ($7,040.42)

District 132

Rep. Thomas Drew (D) $6,845.00 ($6,778.56)
Chris DeSanctis (R) $7,900.00 ($8,797.80)

District 134

Rep. John "Jack" Stone (R) $2,350.00 ($1,098.93)
Tom Christiano (D) $20.00 ($20.00)

District 136

Rep. Joe Mioli (D) $9,010.00 ($6,653.50)
William "Bill" Harris (R) n/a

District 140

Rev. Bruce V. Morris (D) $5,010.00 ($1,525.80)
Carvin Hilliard (D) n/a
Richard A. McQuaid (R) n/a


Anonymous said...

Pocock in the 30th distirct has more than s 2 to 1 advantage in cash on hand over Rep. Joe Aresimowicz. I though Joe has a huge union following? Does that money come later on in the cycle? Last time I checked I don't think Pocock is getting much union money at all.

Genghis Conn said...

He's not the only one to be out-raising an incumbent. Of great interest is Derek Donnelly, who is slightly ahead of longtime incumbent Ruth Fahrbach in cash on hand.

disgruntled_republican said...


That may be but DD started raising money earlier than Ruth did and she has quickly closed the gap as can be seen by her receipts this quarter...I would expect she go ahead in the next quarter.

bluecoat said...

Harris, the Westport R in the 136, has only been in the race for a week or two; i expect he'll be able to close the gap with Mioli.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

The 104th is interesting as well; Romano, who came close to winning last time, is leading Gentile in COH and walloped her funds raised in the last quarter ...

Anonymous said...

What the heck happened to Gentile in the 104th?...is she giving up...350 dollars that is it?

is that the worst in the state?

The Architect said...

Raymond's (79th) report is on CFIS. Might want to check those other n/a entries too... just a suggestion.

Wow at Romano - dominating Gentile this quarter. Amazing!

bluecoat said...

upstart Tim White in his Primary challenge to the convention endorsed R in the 89th appears to be having a little fun trying to get the RTC's to do a little Lincoln-Douglas with their endorsee...

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said... "
I don't think Pocock is getting much union money at all."

Eddie (Edward Pocock III) E-3 to everyone in his hometown) is avoiding a lot of special interest money.

Tim White said...

Blue... thanks for the plug. I've already gotten a call from the Meriden paper. I think my request for a debate is not only fair, but I believe all candidates are obligated to provide their views to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Hey ACR--I noticed in an earlier post that you assailed Dick Foley's expertise as a political consultant for Schlesinger. Now we see that you're jumping all aboard the Pocock train. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Foley Pocock's consultant??? At what point are you going to bail on him?

Dave Mooney said...


In the 120th, Rep. John Harkins only raised $2,150 in Q2. The $10,580 on his candidate committee report includes $8,430 he raised in Q1 for his exploratory committee.

We both started at the beginnnig of the year so that makes two out of two quarters that I've garnered more support than a ten-year incumbant that won in 2004 by only 5% (~500 votes).

We're keeping busy down here in Stratford.

Anonymous said...

Kinda lame, although not illegal, for a candidate to post boosting their own candidacy?

Anonymous said...

Barbara Carpenter announced yesterday that she will be running against Beth Bye in the 19th district - http://www.courant.com/news/local/hr/hc-whdcarpenter0718.artjul18,0,5153525.story

Although she didn't get Carl Donatelli, the WH Republican town chair, to step down, she may be able to name her replacement on Town Council (if she wins).

This will be an interesting race.

Genghis Conn said...

Fahrbach probably will pull ahead of Donnelly pretty soon, but that he's raising significant amounts of money at all suggests that there's actually going to be a good race in the 61st this time around.

CFIS has been its usual surly self. I'll try to catch a few of those I missed tomorrow.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said... "
Foley Pocock's consultant??? At what point are you going to bail on him?"

Against my advice too.

However Eddie and I are long time personal friends, in fact I've known his dad for around 30 years.

I don't bail on my friends and never have.

capitalwatcher said...

Us lobbyist types have been watching the 30th race, among a few others. I saw with some interest the post by ACR, who, while out to lunch sometimes, has made a few points. Pocock is not actively seeking special interest money. It is starting to bother us people who do this for a living. We understand that he likes the trade unions...we have been working like heck now to figure his stance on things--. I talked to a person who lobby's up here and this person said flatly, "Pocock likes to play a babe in the woods" but this person told me that Pocock has been to Washington DC to push his enviromental causes, namely water shed protection. We can't peg him.