Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lieberman Petition Drive in Enfield

I'm stuck at work today, but my wife was good enough to send along this report:
I thought you might like to know that [Lieberman] has petition circulators outside the doors at Shaw's; I ran into them when I walked up there today. I declined, of course! But I did stand there long enough to determine that they are prompting people to provide full and accurate information, though not demanding ID (they informed the signer at the time that she'd provided a telephone number that couldn't possibly be a CT area code, and when she said she'd recently moved, reminded her to double-check her address too). I also inquired of one of them where he lived. He's from Mansfield, CT, and identified himself as having previously worked for the Secretary of State! He also insisted that volunteers are being told that they MUST be CT residents in order to be circulators.

So the Young Republicans who swear they were imported to hand out petitions are either lying or were misinformed. They doubtless exist, and I don't question that they're being imported, but at least as of this late date the Lieberman staff is clearly informing people that non-residents are ineligible - so the YR probably found themselves assigned to do something else.

She also says that the sheets had "a couple dozen names each." The fact that Lieberman's petitioners have remembered that Connecticut extends north of the airport suggests that the petition drive is really stepping up.


Gabe said...

At least they aren't paid. As far as we know.

Anonymous said...

When the circulator signs the petition before turning them in to town hall they are swearing that the person signing it is who they said they were, hence, it is required to see an ID unless you PERSONALLY know them.

These people you saw, as well as others from many reports, are not doing this, providing a fertile environment for many signatures to be challenged.

Assuming of course that they are filed, which is seeming less likely each day...