Sunday, August 06, 2006

Left Wing Lunatics

I had the good fortune to attend Drinking Bloggerly last night in New Haven and I was struck by just how normal it was.

Sure, there was a gigantic paper-mache depiction of the President lip-locking Connecticut's Senator sitting across the street in the flatbed of a pick-up. Other than that, I mean.

For a group of people who had been accused of "terrorizing" the Senator, you would have expected to find the bar trashed like the Riot House (circa Led Zeppelin). You would have been disappointed.

Even though "[e]very single weirdo in the left wing" was there, there weren't any obvious weirdos there. Huh. Is it possible that the frame espoused by the Lieberman campaign and by Washington Insiders like Lanny Davis (BTW, check out the first editorial review) is flat wrong?

There were no wild-eyed lunatics, no dirty hippies, no one eating raw meat, and nothing that one would faintly describe as even near "terrorizing" behavior.

There were mothers and fathers, citizens, and students, all gathered together to have a good time and revel in the act of participatory democracy. The most heated discussion of the night, that I witnessed, was a debate between me and TrueBlueCT about the Governor's race. We agreed to disagree and then get on the same ship on Wednesday. Loony.

And, like all gatherings of left-wing lunatic bloggers, there was some leaving early because of family commitments, work the next day, or a busy schedule of electing a Senator. Weird.


TrueBlueCT said...

Thanks Gabe.

Fun Kiss-mobile, etc, pictures,

CT Bob said...

Yes, and don't forget "Insufferable Bob" (my new blog handle, according to Kelly - LOL!)

Lizzy said...

Insufferable Bob? I like Tireless Bob instead.

Thank you Gabe, twas sweet of you.

Gabe said...

Hey, no problem. Thanks for posting the pix!