Monday, November 06, 2006

Where's Scott MacLean?

Seems the Republican candidate for congress in Connecticut's 1st district has disappeared!

This story in the Hartford Courant explains it.

"MacLean has raised about $1,000.

MacLean complained that Republican leaders have not offered to help his campaign.

Because of the lack of support, MacLean said recently that he plans to leave the party after the election and try to form a centrist party that would appeal to the "Great American Middle."

In the last week before the election, MacLean said he has virtually stopped campaigning, focusing instead on forming the new party."

Interesting concept - the man couldn't raise even $2,000 but thinks somehow he can form a new party? Seeing as he and all of his `major' supporters could fit into a phone booth with room to spare it'll be interesting to see just how far he gets with his new venture.


Chris MC said...

Now, that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Another comment on the anemic GOP State Central effort. This guy raised only $1,000? What possessed him -- or State Central -- to attempt this farce?

Shadow said...

An interesting tidbit for perspective, this means Republican Congressional candidate John Larson somehow raised only 4% as much money as the Cliff Thornton for Governor Campaign. I find this kind of showing by a national party anywhere to be a shocker; I mean I know it wasn't exactly a contested seat, but still, it's hard to believe there wasn't more than $1,000 of Republican money in the entire first district to go to the GOP candidate.

Shadow said...

Sorry, I clearly meant to say Republican Congressional Candidate Scott MacLean in the above analysis.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>it's hard to believe there wasn't more than $1,000 of Republican money in the entire first district to go to the GOP candidate

I made sure of it - it'll be over my dead body we support a bigot (ie: supports (sends money) Hamas) like MacLean.

GOP no habla moron bigots

Anonymous said...

ACR - At least MacLean had the guts to run and try to make a difference for future generations. All you seem capable of doing is spreading mis-information. It is your kind of politicking that stops good men and women from running for office. If you want a candidate that is truly for the people, get out today and vote for Scott MacLean.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Another comment on the anemic GOP State Central effort

I don't believe Gallo ever returned any of MacLean's calls. (If he did I'd never speak to him again)

Most of state central supported Miriam, unfortunately a few members in the 1st CD had other ideas and worked against my efforts in the primary.

MacLean's private comments to Mrs. Masullo (a Cuban-American) were seriously bigoted and focused on her Spanish accent.

Anonymous said...

Most of State Central supported Miriam Masullo? No wonder the CT GOP is imploding and will be more irrelevant after this election than it was before. MacLean is right, Moderate Republicans have no place to go but the Centrist Party route.

Shadow said...

Talk about a unique political position; a guy that is bigoted towards Spanish speaking Americans, yet supports Hamas, but runs as a Republican? Sounds like he'd be the perfect candidate for Lieberman's new "centrist" party; his platform is a ridiculous fake at moderation which actally includes positions that, in totality, no reasonably sized block of voters could ever get behind.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
ACR - make a difference for future generations.


I began working against Maclean in early September of last year due to the content of his emails to members of GOP state central in the 1st CD.

I would rather be struck dead by lightening than to ever support the likes of MacLean.

Thanks to his ilk I already had to change churches; I'll be darned if he and his type will ever get a foot hold in my political party too.

Not on my watch.

Shadow said...

I'm not saying there never could be a centrist party, but it won't be started succesffully by people like Joe Lieberman, Michael Bloomberg, or Scott MacLean; if it were ever to happen, it would require people who are actually credible as centrists, like moderate Republicans such as Lincoln Chaffee and former Reagan Democrats such as James Webb.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
Most of State Central supported Miriam Masullo

We're not taking the 1st, so get over that idea right away.

However in CT the GOP receives around 10% of the Hispanic vote which when compared to our national average of slightly over 40% is dismal. Hence running a Cuban woman with degrees out her ears made more sense than running a white male liberal with white hair against a white male liberal with white hair.

We could have run her around Danbury with Nancy, Norwich with Rob, etc. She would have done us no harm and received more attention than MacLean ever did.

Besides, Maclean wants to ban handguns altogether - not a normal Republican stance on that Constitutional issue.