Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miss A Court Date? New Law Designed Alert Town Officials of It

The Republican-American reports that a new law took effect tuesday that requires the Office of Policy and Management to compile a list of all the people wanted for failing to appear in court or probation violations, and then send the list to the top elected official in every town. . The purpose of this law is unclear, since Police Departments routinely deal with arrest warrants, not the mayors, first selectmen and other elected officials.
State Rep. Robert Farr, R-West Hartford, has a plan to fight crime: Arrest people who do not show up for their court dates.

"When individuals who are arrested for burglarizing homes or selling drugs do not show up in court, it's probably because they were too busy burglarizing other people's homes or selling drugs to their usual customers," Farr said in a press release.
(source: Republican-American)
Does this law also mean that parking violations, speeding violations and unleashed dog citations which require court dates will also appear on this list.
Farr said the intent is to show public officials the scope of the problem and encourage them to put resources toward remedying it. (source: Republican-American)
Part of creating an efficient government is eliminating busy work. While "failure to appear" warrants might be numerous, this law takes a step in the other direction by creating more bureaucratic work instead of focusing on reducing crime long before it gets to a court date.

Republican American, Legislator's proposed warrant list seen as new 'unfunded mandate', by BEN CONERY, 11/16/06


FrankS said...

Why not just publish the list, this seems to make a lot of work for towns when it is really a state function. What impact the added costs and limited housing space of incarcerating these people will have should also be examined.

Anonymous said...

If you just publish the list, you give the criminals an additional heads up that they are at a known address.

This is not a State function. When people are ordered re-arrested, it is up to the town that made the original arrest to go out and find the defendant. This is a low priority for them usually because it takes away manpower from other jobs.

The Mayors are being put on notice so that they can instruct the Cheifs to do something about it. If someone is on the list and the Towns isn't doing anything to find him and he goes out and hurts someone else then the mayor can be held accountable by the voters.

bluecoat said...

Half the towns in CT are patrolled by the state police but no matter that we get another unfunded mandate because Farr is tough on crime - and this shows it. Nonsensical but that's what you get form a family/real estate lawyer that doesn't know jack sh-t about how it really goes out there.