Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Recount - Latest Results

From the Secretary of the State's office:
As of 10:35 this morning our office has received results from 43 of the 65 2nd Congressional District towns, meaning there are still 22 towns which have not yet reported to us. Of those 22 towns, the following 9 towns were scheduled to do their recanvas today:

Ashford (5 pm), Canterbury (6 pm), Chester, Deep River (9 am), Haddam (10 am), Ledyard (2 pm), Old Lyme (9 am), Somers (7 pm), Stonington (9 am)

It is our understanding that the remaining 13 towns – Bolton, Bozrah, Brooklyn, Clinton, Durham, Griswold, Groton, Hampton, Montville, North Stonington, Norwich, Preston, Windham - have done their recanvas ; we are waiting to get their results.

With these 43 towns having reported in, we show Courtney right now leading by 76 votes.

Check in with CT Bob, who is also following this recount.


bluecoat said...

There's still the Stone/Christiano recount in the 134th to come in as well. All politics is local even if the Courtney/Simmons race is getting national blog attention.

cgg said...

Has Stone picked up any votes? I missed last night's DTC meeting which means I missed any news on that front.

bluecoat said...

This isn't like the 2nd CD. Theyll count all at once in Trumbull and the same in Fairifed. The tiem/place was in the CT Post but I don't remeber what it was. I'll see if I can find anything.

MVD said...

As of 3:00 Tuesday afternoon I heard that Courtney was up by 90 votes. The last town to recanvass starts at 7:00 tonight. I hope that someone will post results if they know them. The Courtney campaign is not putting any info on the web site, I'm sure they are all stretched way too thin at this point to even think about it. But hopefully the blogs will have the news tonight!

MVD said...

The recount is over---Courtney wins with a 93 vote margin!!

Anonymous said...

is this confirmed??