Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Norwalk: 5 Dems dodge Council vote in ongoing rift

The Norwalk Hour is reporting that Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting offered the usual display on intra party turmoil when five Democratic Council members walked out of City Hall. This is only the latest in a series of spats, this one apparently over who should be Common Council President.
"Basically the (Democratic) Party decided that they were going to try to change the leadership on the council," said David Watts, a member of the Democratic Town Committee. "These (absent) council members didn't do what they were elected to do. These five council members decided not to participate in the process. I think the citizens of Norwalk wanted bipartisanship. I think Mike Coffey and the rest of the council members were proven right."

Not present for the meeting were Democrats Gwenn Briggs, William M. Krummel, Matthew T. Miklave, Kevin M. Poruban and Douglas W. Sutton. None could be reached for comment afterward.
Watts said the five, during Democratic caucus before the meeting, put forward Briggs to succeed Hilliard as majority leader and Krummel to replace Coffey as president. Watts said Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Galen Wells "most likely" pushed for the replacements.

Republicans on the council were not amused by the absence.

"There's a responsibility, if they are in the building, to exercise their responsibility that they were elected for. We should not have only 10 people here," Moccia said. "But that's their choice."
The five Democrats and five Republicans present unanimously reappointed Coffey president, Hilliard as majority leader, and appointed McQuaid to replace Hempstead as minority leader.

The upcoming municipal elections will present Norwalk voters with an opportunity to vote on whether Common Council members represent all residents or just their party town committee.

"I'd like to say a majority of us look past partisanship and are looking for progress. We've decided to close divides instead of create them, and we've looked to move forward in the best interests of all residents of Norwalk," Coffey said. "Many of us have cast aside partisanship."

Norwalk Hour, 5 Dems dodge Council vote in ongoing rift by Robert Koch 11/15/06


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if the Democratic Town Committee met prior to this meeting to discuss and recommend their slate.

Anonymous said...

I'm would bet on the Democratic Town Committee having met beforehand to decide on the slate. It looks like comeuppance for having supported Lieberman, and prior to that, Hilliard for the party's nomination in the 140th. But how childish to boycott a common council meeting! Make your point and move on. Too bad this behavior won't be noted by most voters. I wonder what kind of statement will they make to justify their behavior?

Anonymous said...

Nice of you go stir the pot again, Turfgirl.

Will you ever let us know where you stand, and what your agenda is? Are you still a registered Republican? (Living in Norwalk.) Whose side are you on, and why?

Personally, I think you owe us a disclosure.

Anonymous said...

Voters can have a long memory ...

Anonymous said...

It looks to have been a mean spirited partisan play that was cooked up by the States worst democratic chair, Galen Wells. She picked her own state central committee puppet, Gwen Briggs to run with Bill Krummel, who is a lacluster race baiting democrat, to run, lose and then exit stage right. Those five council members shirked their responsibility to the residents of their city and it certainly will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

All Turfgrrl ever writes about is Norwalk stuff. This is a Connecticut politics blog, not a Norwalk blog.

disgruntled_republican said...

Wolcott Boy -

Try again without the attack.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29:

Uh, try Connecticut Local Politics. I tend to ignore Turfy's posts anyway, but not because of her long-winded carping on about parochial Norwalk issues.

ctblogger said...
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Anonymous said...

The truth hurts- Galen Wells and her buddies plan did fail-but dont attack Turf Girl. She is only bringing you the what-happs in Norwalk. I depend on her analysis.

God Bless you Turf!

Last time I checked- Norwalk was the 6th largest city in Connecticut! People, have a right to know whats happening.

Ct Blogger please, be nice.

ctblogger said...

Anon 1:35:

Trust me, I've been nice and I know a bit more about Turfgrrl's political background than you.

Trust me, if you knew what I know, you'd have a different view on the person you depend on.

Wolcottboy said...

disgruntled - Thanks for the edit after it spilled out. I think it was somewhat worth it, however I then negated my attack anyway. It would be nice to have moderators in real life. (I take that back! I did? Oh thanks..!) :) (sometimes)

Are there squabbles like this in other towns too?

I'd like to sit on a New Haven meeting sometime since they often come up with some odd proposals not dealing with local politics.

Anonymous said...

Ctblogger do you really know turfy? Because she sure doesn't give you the time of day in this forum. I think I know who she is and it seems that plenty of people get interviewed by her, so it seems you have the hidden agenda here.

Anonymous said...

Ct Blogger you need to relax. I am a Democrat from Norwalk- she is not writing in a bias way. All she is doing is reporting the facts. Not even Fox News hits people as hard as you do. Please, respect a woman-disagree but be nice.

Galen and her buddies are losing ground in this town.

Thank God-for term limits.

ctblogger said...

Anon 3:18: Hidden that's funny. I think the hidden agenda comes from someone who doesn't disclose her role in the local government.

Anon 3:22: I know plenty of Dems and DTC members in Norwalk who don't share your opinion.

...and trust me, I'm being very nice.

Anonymous said...

Ct Blogger- what members- do you know currently serving on the Norwalk DTC? Most are over 60 years old including these sore loser councilpersons- it is unlikely you would find them reading this blog or joining a DFA meet up.

If the good Rev. David Watts says- these council people were wrong-then they are wrong. David Watts is a honest hardworking Dem and he could not cover for these sore losers. I hope Watts runs for some office soon. Norwalk needs new ideas-and bold leadership.

Many hope Watts could run for Mayor of Norwalk!

Anonymous said...

Your missing CTblogger's point. He has stated several times that the problem is that Trufgrrl doesn't disclose what her role is in Norwalk whenever she posts about certain political things in Norwalk.

Case in point, if she worked on Mayor Moccia's campaign, shouldn't she make that clear whenever she uses a comment from him in her post?

The problem isn't the content...I could care less. The problem is her outright failure to disclose her role in Norwalk politics.

Anonymous said...

So how exactly is posting a news article advancing some political agenda. Maybe if all these outraged posters could stay out of the news they wouldn't be embarrassed online.

Anonymous said...

Most of what Turfy wrote- was said by Rev. Watts. Watts is a high profile democrat who just told the truth. Sometimes spin will not work-so he just told the truth. The cover up is worst then the crime. CT Blogger you claim you know people in the DTC so- you are just as bias- as what you accuse Turf Girl.

Go Turf!

Anonymous said...

For the perpetually confused. The story turfgirl posted was FRONT PAGE IN THE HOUR. This is news in Norwalk, and not pretty. The Norwalk Advocate also ran with the story.