Thursday, November 09, 2006

General Assembly 2006: Watch List Final Update - House

This is the list of the House districts we focused on. Note that a lot of them were decided by a lot more than I thought they would be.

House District 2 - Bethel (part), Danbury (part), Redding (part)

Jason Bartlett (D) defeated Phil Gallagher (R) 54%-46% in a race for an open seat vacated by Rep. Hank Bielawa (R). Bartlett lost by a slim margin in 2004. DEM PICKUP

House District 30 - Berlin (part), Southington (part)

Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (D) crushed Ed Pocock (R) 62%-38%.

House District 37 - East Lyme, Salem

Rep. Ed Jutila (D) defeated Paul Formica (R) 56%-44%.

House District 38 - Montville (part), Waterford

Rep. Elizabeth Ritter (D) squished
Brian Vachris (R), 68%-32%. Ouch.

House District 50 - Brooklyn, Eastford, Hampton, Pomfret, Woodstock

Rep. Mike Alberts (R) defeated Sherri Vogt (D) 51%-49% (or about 200 votes).

House District 59 - Enfield (part)

Karen Jarmoc (D) won her retiring husband Steven's seat over Charlie Woods (R), 67%-31% (with 2% going to a third-party candidate).

House District 61 - East Granby (part), Suffield, Windsor (part)

Rep. Ruth Fahrbach (R) survived a strong challenge from Derek Donnelly (D) 51%-49%, winning by only about 200 votes.

House District 89 - Bethany, Cheshire (part), Prospect

Rep. Vicki Nardello (D) defeated Tim White (R) 55%-45%.

House District 104 - Ansonia (part), Derby (part)

Rep. Linda Gentile (D) defeated J.R. Romano 57%-43%.

House District 120 - Stratford (part)

Rep. John Harkins (R) defeated Dave Mooney (D) 54%-46%. Rats.

House District 132 - Fairfield (part)

Rep. Thomas Drew (D) defeated Chris DeSanctis (R) 61%-39%.

House District 133 - Fairfield (part), Westport (part)

Kim Fawcett (D) upset Rep. Cathy Tymniak (R) 53%-47%. DEM PICKUP

House District 136 - Westport (part)

Rep. Joe Mioli (D) crushed Bill Harris (R) 66%-34%.

Other House races of interest:

Linda Schofield (D) defeated incumbent Rep. Robert Heagney (R) 51%-49% in the 16th district. DEM PICKUP

Rep. Ann Ruwet (R) won by only 62 votes in the 65th district.

Republican Ron Burns has apparently defeated Rep. Roger Michele (D) 51%-49% in the 77th. GOP PICKUP

Tom Christiano (D) defeated Rep. Jack Stone (R) by 20 votes in the 134th! DEM PICKUP

William Tong (D) defeated Rep. Donald Sherer 53%-47% in the 147th. Tong will become Connecticut's first Asian-American member of the House. DEM PICKUP

Democrats will control the House 106-45, if current results hold up.


Anonymous said...

No excuses now. Democrats can no longer blame Republicans for failing to live to pass legislation. With over-riding power I expect Dems to offer comprehensive property tax once and for all!! They've been talking about it for years, now let's see it!!!

Genghis Conn said...

That should be issue #1, anonymous. Think Jim Amann is reading?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ed Krumeich (D) almost beating the odious Claudia "Dolly" Powers (R) in Greenwich. GREENWICH!!!

Missed deposing the third-ranked Republican by 132 votes. In GREENWICH

Anonymous said...

I am still stunned by the 30th district race. I can understand the results from Berlin, but how did Pocock lose Southington?

ALittleBitDramatic said...

I take it there are no expectations that anything exciting will happen at the House Caucus tonight.

Anonymous said...

Pocock lost Southington because people genuinely like Joe Aresimowicz, who is a very nice guy and a hard working legislator, and saw through Ed's negative campaign. Along with winning Pocock's hometown, Aresimowicz absolutely annihilated him in Berlin. Interesting that ACR hasn't commented lately (or I haven't seen it) -- just a few days ago he was predicting a clear Pocock win and maligning Joe.