Monday, November 06, 2006


It's been an incredible election season. We've seen a lot of amazing things over the past six months or so in our state. For once, it isn't Ohio or Florida that the nation is looking to for a direction, but Connecticut. From a dramatic Senate primary (and less dramatic general election) which pushed the boundaries of online campaigning to three highly competitive bellwether races for Congress, Connecticut has absolutely been the place to be.

We won't see this again for a while, most likely, so enjoy it while it lasts! Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for everyone.

My wife and I will be blogging live from Courtney HQ in Vernon tomorrow night. Other bloggers will be at various locations around the state, including Lamont HQ in Meriden and maybe even Rell HQ in Hartford. We should have great coverage all night, so check back often.

If for some reason the site should go down, I'll keep you up to date at our new emergency backup site:

Bookmark it now, and check in if Blogger goes dark during crucial moments.

And now, there's nothing left to do but go vote tomorrow and wait for the results to come in.


publiusct said...

rell: 61/37/2

Joe: 44/37/7

Larson: Yup

Simmons: 53/47

DeLauro: Yup

Farrell: 52/48

Johnson: 50.5/49.5

CT House D 103/48

CT Senate D 23/13

The under ticket goes green party. Obviously

Chris MC said...

Where's the other 12% in the Senate race?

Shadow said...

> Where's the other 12% in the Senate race?

I think he's forecasting election fraud ;)