Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lieberman Says He Won't Switch

Dem contol of the U.S. Senate is looking more and more likely. That said, Joe Lieberman is saying he'll stay with the Democratic caucus:
"When I give my word, I stick to it, and I'm definitely going to organize with the Senate Democratic caucus," Lieberman said.

If Democrats control the Senate, he would be in line to become chairman of the Homeland Security panel. (AP)

There is essentially no reason for him to switch. He'll get to be the chair of a powerful committee and have all manner of Democrat come begging for his forgiveness over the next few months. He's also going to be in a very powerful position as a potential swing vote. Switching parties wouldn't get him anything except enmity.

"Fresh off victory, Lieberman looks to the future." Associated Press 8 November, 2006.


Anonymous said...

The only capital any Senator has is their word.Lieberman has broken his so many times in the last 6 yrs his is worthless.Noone needs Liebermans forgiveness and noone owes him an apology.The meme of Lieberman will be a huge powerbroker is a joke.

All Joes life he wanted to be known as a Mensch but in the end the word even his own colleages will use when talking privately about him is much more likely to be Putz or even Schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lieberman lost. Deal with it. Why won't you Lamont freaks just get over it. You all had your blogs and other propoganda. Take your freak selfs and Paul Newman back to where you came from.

ProgCT said...

We come from Connecticut. How about you take your lobbiest self back to DC?

Anyway if Joe says he is going to caucus with the Democrats it probably means he plans to join the GOP. I mean he said he wouldn't run as an Indy and he did.

Anonymous said...

All you guys need to move on.

Anonymous said...

The election results are a great thing for CT. Joe can essentially write his own ticket for whatever he thinks CT needs in the future. Expect more earmarks, help in transportation, etc. All because the Dems need him a lot more than he needs them. You might not like the outcome of the CT senate race, but it does bode well for CT overall.


Joe's a Democrat? I AM SHOCKED... SHOCKED... I've got some projects that need some funding.. Where's the line start!

Simmons will win by 14 votes.

justavoter said...

Petty Cash Petty Cash =Joe Liberman over 387,000 dollars and the books are yet to be public.
I hope the FEC takes Lieberman and the truth is know about that money and he loses his Senate seat.
Liberman is nolonger a Democrat but a Republican.He will be again bi-partisan,miss votes and we wont see him to often in the next 6 years if he's not kicked out sooner for his dirty tricks and the Petty Cash deal.Ned Lamont and those who voted for him are here to stay and a new movement of Vote For Change has begun.
I hope Ned runs again for U.S. Senate in 2011,or for that matter President of the United States .
He would make a great world leader.

brickbat said...

This is my favorite part of the article on the "Democrat" Lieberman:

"Other than keeping his seniority, he was asked, what is the reason to organize with the Democrats?

'Well, I've been a Democrat,' he replied.

Any reasons beyond that?

'Seniority is an important factor,' he said."

Now THERE's someone with a set of core principles! He believes own seniority!

As for me, I voted for Ned Lamont, so I'll sleep like a baby - even on the night Lieberman votes for a toad like Bill Bennett to be on the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman certainly isn't going to caucus with the Republicans. They are the minority party out of power. Come on now. Granted, had the GOP won he might have switched caucus's or at least caucused with differnet parties on differnt days - odd days Republican and even days with the Democrats unless something really big was going on then he'd switch. The guy has no moral compass and that's why he makes my head spin when i try to follow the idiot.